International students who study at approved universities must be completely equipped for their future career courses. But what if you’re not quite ready to start a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme because you don’t meet the prerequisites or your English isn’t up to par?

Don’t be concerned! That’s where training classes come in handy! More institutions are now offering foundation programmes to help overseas students bridge the gap and prepare for their future dream courses, particularly in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

You can get the necessary foundation knowledge to prepare for IELTS and a university degree course at an international study destination by taking preparation courses, which help to build a common ground for the many educational systems around the world.

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Entry Requirements for IELTS Foundation Course

Business, social science, finance and management, engineering, computing, medical, law, art and design, science and pharmacy, media and humanities are just some of the areas that foundation courses can prepare you for.

Certain foundation providers and centres have agreements with colleges and can ensure a student’s admission if they get satisfactory results. Many programmes will place students on campus, giving them full university status and access to equipment, libraries, and athletic facilities.

Why Take IELTS Foundation Course?

Students who want to study at a university in Canada, Australia, the United States, or anywhere else in the English-speaking world must normally show confirmation of their English language skills. This course is aimed to assist students in meeting the requirements of their preferred university, college, and/ or course.

Our Foundation course will provide students with the English language abilities they need to pass the IELTS exam and complete an English-language university degree. Students learn about Irish culture as well as how to write academic essays and listen to long lectures, so they know what to expect when they enter university. The foundation course is intended to help students achieve an IELTS band of 7 or above.

Why Choose IELTS Ninja?

#Twenty reading and writing tasks aimed to improve writing, reading, and vocabulary skills.

#More than ten IELTS-focused grammar activities to target and enhance English skills, which are required for the IELTS.

#20 listening and speaking projects aimed to improve language acquisition, listening skills, and speaking exam ideation.

#20 IELTS error recognition, essay rewriting, and learning how to avoid them, as well as language and style strengthening

#Regular practice sessions to prepare for every topic or subject that may appear in the IELTS exam.

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Enhancing Writing, Speaking, Listening and Reading Skills

#Creating simple statements that are free of aunty errors.

#Simple opinion sentences to write.

#For conveying thoughts through complicated language, vocabulary and sentence structure are required.

#Idea generation and brainstorming to offer feedback.

#For expressing an opinion, use vocabulary and sentence structure.

#Creating compound sentences that are devoid of errors.

#Creating error-free reasoning sentences.

#Providing examples and writing opinions

#Learning vocabulary and phrases for communicating about oneself.

#Phrases and vocabulary for discussing concepts

#Providing a combination of sequential and integrated thoughts.

#Communicating Complicated Arguments: Vocabulary and Phrases

#Creating little and basic text.

#Environment, Education, and Healthcare are three of the most important aspects of our lives.

#Public policy, healthcare, and social significance are all important topics.

#Understanding the various types of paragraph structures.

#Taking tricky paragraphs apart.


This training session starts with a detailed assessment of your present English language skills and an IELTS Exam adequacy assessment. This assessment is carried out/analyzed by a professional trainer who provides you with a plan to get your desired IELTS band in one attempt.

Multiple trainers and specialists are assigned to you based on the senior trainer’s assessment and calculation of your strengths and shortcomings. These trainers will help you work on your weaknesses.

You will be routed to IELTS exam-specific instruction and guidance if you have improved your language and vocabulary skills sufficiently. Finally, you’ll be put through a detailed mock test regimen. You’re ready to choose an exam date once you’ve started scoring your target IELTS bands in our internal sample practice tests.

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