How to prepare for the IELTS speaking test? Many competitive exams have a speaking test or simply an interview round. Speaking test is very essential for exams like IELTS and TOEFL which are English language tests. In the IELTS speaking test, there will be a judgement on the basis of the speaking ability of the aspirant and his confidence about the topic he is speaking about.

There are basic requirements for the test. The preparation of IELTS is not a big issue. Confidence and determination are all that is required for appearing for the speaking test.

In this article, you will get to know how to prepare thoroughly for the IELTS speaking test even if you are starting the preparation too late. The all necessary things which can be covered at home in just 2 days before the. Do read the article till the need to get a clear idea.

What is the IELTS Speaking Test?

The International English Language Test (IELTS) is mainly established for studying or working abroad. It is designed for aspirants who are willing to work in a country where English is the native language. Few popular countries where IELTS is approved are UK, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the USA. Many universities of these countries accept the IELTS for admissions of the aspirants coming from their natives.

For the IELTS speaking test, you will have a conversation with a certified Examiner. The duration of the test is about 11 to 14 minutes comprising three sessions.

Pattern for the IELTS Speaking Test

The first session is all about yourself, you will be asked simple questions about your work, lifestyle, family, hobbies and interests.

In the second session, you will be given a topic to talk about. A task card will be given to you, which will ask you to speak about a certain topic. A preparation time of one minute time will be given before you speak. You have to speak about the topic for one to two minutes.

In the final session, you will be asked questions related to the topic you spoke about. There will be a further discussion on the topic with the examiner.

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How to Prepare For IELTS Speaking Test at Home?

Many candidates prefer to prepare at home. Many institutions offer short term coaching for the IELTS test. The IELTS speaking test doesn’t require many efforts. An aspirant can prepare for the speaking test comfortably at home.

Preparing for IELTS speaking is nothing but preparing yourself to be a good and confident speaker. You just need to improve your English speaking skills that are all required for the test.

How to Improve Speaking For the IELTS?

Speaking skills required for IELTS are nothing but basic English language skills. If you are excellent at the command of the English language, then your preparation for the test is done.

Given below are few strategies to be followed to improve your speaking skills for the IELTS test. Analyse the necessary facts to be a good and confident speaker.

Get Excellent Command of English

To be a confident speaker, one should have an excellent command of the language. There are several ways to improve your language skills before appearing for the IELTS speaking test. A few of them are given below.

#1 Have all discussions in English. Have self-conversations and point out your own mistakes.

#2 Watch movies in English, this can improve your language skills. Involve yourself in English language news.

#3 Think in English. When you imagine something in your mind. Try to make a scenario in English. This will develop your language skills in your mind without speaking or putting in great efforts.

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Know the Perfect Pronunciation

It is very important to pronounce the words correctly while speaking. You may know many, but not aware of the correct pronunciation. The listener must understand each word clearly what you are speaking. There are many students who pronounce certain words wrongly. They should know the proper pronunciation of every word they use while speaking.

Improve your pronunciation by watching videos and self conversations. Know the proper stress of the syllable in the word and try to pronounce it accurately.

Develop Your Vocabulary Skills

Increase your vocabulary skills. Learn new words every day, maintain a vocabulary book. Try to get unique words from books, movies, songs, group discussions, or a newspaper. Learn as many words as possible.

Set a daily target of learning three to four new words. Write all the words with their meanings and make use of those words while speaking.

Fluency of Your Tongue

When you speak something, the listener will first judge how fluently you speak out the words. Your voice is the main attraction for the listener. A bold, and clear voice is all required for becoming a good speaker. Read as much as possible. Watch videos to know how to speak fluently. Write down the important points. Record and know your voice and try to improve the tone accordingly.

Know What You are Speaking

Many students byheart long answers without any logic and keep speaking on. This is absolutely wrong. Maybe in other theory subjects, you can by heart answer word to word. But, in the English language, you have to be logical as well.

Speak logically, you need to understand what you are speaking, your facial expressions and body language should match your words.

Enhance Your Thinking

Expand your brain cells. Try to think broadly, grab knowledge from everything around you. Maintain a positive mindset. Keep yourself updated with the current affair.

Be confident enough to talk on any topic may it be a boring one or not much informative. Think creative, speak in a productive way.

Read as much as Possible

Reading is the best tool to rectify errors. Read as much as you can. Read newspapers, magazines, novels or any book of your favourite author.

It will not only enhance your vocabulary but also increase your knowledge in all aspects.  Collects a few books you would like to read. Make a habit of reading a book every week or every month.

Write and Practise

Writing not only enhances your grammar skills but also strengthens your vocabulary. Ask someone to give you a topic or just choose a topic by yourself on anything. Try to write about 200 to 250 words.

Make sure to check your grammar mistakes. Check where you are going wrong and improve your writing skills accordingly.

Vanish the Fear

Many students fear speaking in front of a new person. They shiver to speak anything. To be confident you have to vanish the fear. Practise speaking in front of a new person. Have conversations with people around you.  Never get nervous, have a positive attitude always, discard the negativity in you.

Confidence is Everything

The greatest barrier to develop speaking skills is confidence. If you’re confident, your half of the preparation is done.

To be confident you need to calm down while speaking. Take a deep breath and smoothly speak with the flow. Never show any fear on your face. Even if you don’t have any knowledge, pretend that you know everything and speak with confidence. That’s the main attraction to the listener.

Recreate a Story or a Situation

Take a challenge to recreate a story or a situation you heard before. Rephrase the words you heard in your own words. Show off your ability to put a situation in your words.

You can also translate stories into English. Any story or situation you heard in another language, try to put it in the English language.

Alternatively, you can select various words to recreate a simple story in English. Begin from the basics, reading something like a storybook. Anyway will be helpful to enhance your English communication skills

Practise Speech Shadowing

In short, this method is about imitation. Choose an informative video of your choice, watch it with subtitles several times to understand thoroughly how everything is explained in the video.

Try to imitate the same gesture of the person speaking in the video. Explain it in your own words. Use the pattern as given or make your own that’s up to you. Record your speech and listen to it. Compare it with the original video and know the difference. Figure out the errors and resolve the issues accordingly.

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How to Prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test in Just Two Days?

To prepare months in advance is highly recommended for the IELTS speaking test though, it is not always acceptable. There will be many reasons for not getting any time for preparation.

Because of your tight schedule, you forgot that you booked your IELTS speaking test a few weeks ago, and now, there are only two days left. You are getting panic, how to prepare and appear for the test.

Here’s the best solution for you, know how to prepare for the IELTS speaking test in just two days. Do follow the procedure and crack the test in just 2 days.

Know the Pattern

To prepare first you need to understand the exam pattern thoroughly including all three sections. The duration of the test. The essential points required for the test. Get yourself fully aware of the guidelines.


Go through various topics asked in the IELTS speaking test. Read it thoroughly. Grab easy new words which you can remember. Search for synonyms. Don’t read much, make it short and simple.

Self Talk

Have short self conversations. Choose a certain topic related to anything. Give yourself a preparation time of one minute. Then, start speaking about the topic in front of the mirror and figure out your mistakes and clarify. Develop questions from the topic try to answer them in short and to the point.

Take Feedback

Take the help of a friend or any of the housemates. Ask them to ask questions on a topic. Tell them to judge your speaking skills and give feedback. Take their suggestions and try to improve yourself.

Take Tests Online

There are many sample IELTS speaking tests available online. Make an effort to give it a try. Practise few tests and check your ability before appearing for the exam. This is extremely effective for students who are preparing at the last moment.


Expecting that the above content helped you know everything about the IELTS speaking test. All the important points and guidelines regarding the preparation of the speaking test have been covered thoroughly.

Do make an effort to follow the given steps and the preparation strategy. If you are preparing at the last moment, don’t panic. Even, if you have two days it’s still enough to cover the preparation. There are many things which can be done in just two days.

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