The IELTS Speaking Part 2 examines your proficiency to speak about a topic, your opinions about a topic, and appropriate use of grammar and vocabulary.

The test taker will provide you with a ‘cue card’ or ‘task card’ with prompts written on it. The test taker will ask you to speak about the cue card topic and you have to contain the points that are related to the topic in your speech. The topic can be about a personal occasion. Read on to learn more about IELTS Speaking Part 2 Questions.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Questions

For IELTS Speaking Part 2 questions, You will be provided with 1 minute to get yourself ready to speak. You will also be provided with a paper and pen to prepare your own small notes that you can use during your speech (kindly don’t write on the cue card). You should speak for 1-2 mins about the cue card topic. You can utilize the notes that you have made to help yourself. After that, the test taker will raise a few questions related to the same topic that you are given.

IELTS Cue Card

A cue card or task card is given by the examiner in the International English Language Testing System Speaking Test. You can not change the cue card. You have to speak on the task topic for a given duration. To learn the trick on how you can secure more marks in this section read on.

Questions and Answers

Try to practice and frame your own questions and answers before appearing for the IELTS speaking test. You can first keep a sound recorder with you along with a pen and paper. Read the following question and then prepare for it for around 1 minute. Then, you can start speaking and recording your voice.

IELTS Cue Card Topic Advertisement

Describe an advertisement that persuaded you to buy a product

# What advertisement it was

# Was it shown on TV, radio or newspaper

# What was good about that advertisement

Explain why do you think that advertisement attracted you to buy the product

Following is a sample response to the above cue card question of IELTS speaking.

Sample Answer One

What Advertisement It Was? Was it on TV, Radio or Newspaper?

In my opinion, most of the advertisements are merely a waste of time as they do not actually do any good for the common people. However, there was one advertisement that I suddenly came across, which persuaded me to think otherwise.

It is an advertisement about drinking tea. I came across such good content after a very long time. In my opinion, it was the best advertisement that I have seen so far. I think like that because it was created in a very realistic way to convey an understandable message through some conversation and simple jokes. For the first time, I saw this advertisement on TV a few years back.

What was The Advertisement Story?

In this tea advertisement, they made the set up very nicely that was giving a pleasant vibe. The stage was flawlessly set for a wonderful evening for four people, involving two husbands and two wives. They all were engrossed in talking and smiling with one another while enjoying a few snacks at the same time. So it was time for hot tea to complete the wonderful evening.

So in this scene, they were zooming on the brand while they were putting sugar in their cups. Then they noticed that one of the wives wasn’t putting sugar in her tea. She was asked then what’s wrong she smiled and replied I like to keep my sugar and husband under control.

Everyone started laughing at the joke and with that scene the advertisement came to an end. It persuaded me to buy the product.

What was Good about that Advertisement?

Anyhow, I actually loved the advertisement and found it practical, mostly because it is attempting to convey a very realistic message to its viewers about maintaining their consumption of sugar also in order to keep track of their diabetes while enjoying their tasty cup of hot tea as much as they can.

Also, I loved the advertisement because it disclosed a very beautiful but age-old clash between a wife and husband as to “who dominates whom” in a romantic bond.

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Sample Answer Two

Question – Describe an advertisement

What Advertisement it Was? Was it on TV, Radio or Newspaper?

Each day we see many advertisements on the radio, newspaper or TV, it doesn’t matter if you like them or not it will still appear. A few of these advertisements are completely dull, a few are average while some of them are very creative and interesting. A few months back I came across an advertisement that impressed me and it was quite thoughtful.

It is an advertisement about the urgent requirement of a graphic designer. The company was hiring a graphic designer so they put an advertisement in the newspaper. I saw this advertisement a few months back in the newspaper.

What was the Advertisement About?

I was looking for a job and I thought of going through the newspaper to see if they put job vacancies in the newspaper or not like they used to do before. That’s how I came across it.

So the advertisement was very simple yet very catchy. They didn’t put much effort into it but they conveyed the message to the audience in an effective manner. So what the company did as they were in need of a graphic designer, they wrote it on the Abode app’s blank page as an urgent requirement and pasted a picture on the newspaper and gave the description where to contact if interested. It was simply funny but the concept was very creative.

What was Good about that Advertisement?

I love the advertisement because it was not some boring lines in the newspaper, it caught the eyes of the audience. They kept it simple so that the message doesn’t get lost in creativeness. We all know how hard it is to read the newspaper for our tech generation but still, sometimes it’s important to go through it once.

So even if the companies put an advertisement in the newspaper people will hardly be attracted to it but this advertisement did its job. It grabs the attention of the audience at first glance.

Sample Answer Three

Question – Describe an advertisement that persuaded you to buy a product

What Advertisement it Was? Was it on TV, Radio or Newspaper?

We come across many types of advertisements on mobile applications, TV, social networking sites, billboards, mobile games and on the Internet daily. Most of them are very boring, filled with speeches about marketing and on average are always a waste of time. Their main goal is to show the positive aspects of a commodity to boost their sales.

However, some advertisements are informative, creative, humorous, memorable and fascinating.

So there was an advertisement for oats. I came across this advertisement many years back on TV but I still remember it because it was very funny and still very persuasive. I don’t think it’s broadcasted anymore on TV. Because the company changed the advertisement with a new storyline which is not impressive at all.

What was the Advertisement About?

The advertisement showed a realistic version of the Indian food lifestyle. So the scene in the advertisement was set up like an office and how colleagues used to have lunch together, talking about personal and professional life.

So one of the employees in the scene was saying no to all the oily tasty foods such as samosa, fried rice, and a few more which were offered by her colleagues. Since the employee was working out she was forced to eat that basic oatmeal which she hated but still had to eat.

She missed eating the tasty Indian street foods. She became sad. One of the male employees who care about her a lot offered her the new tasty oatmeal which was healthy.

The camera is zooming on the brand and then zooming on her enjoying the oatmeal and following her healthy routine. That’s how the advertisement came to an end.

What was Good about that Advertisement and How it Persuaded You to Buy the Product?

I was fully persuaded by the advertisement because it portrays the actual version of the life. How we can follow a healthy lifestyle even after eating tasty food. I bought those oats for myself and ever since I have been consuming them. It is very healthy and tasty just like they showed. I liked the advertisement because it showed the real version of the Indian people.

How the Indian people love to eat, want to follow a healthy routine and love to share foods. Also gave a good example of how colleagues understand the situation and help you out at the time of need.

They made the advertisement end on a positive note, they kept it short and simple which grabbed the attention of the audience.

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IELTS Speaking Test

In the International English Language Testing System part 2, you have to speak. You will be asked to speak for a specific duration by the examiner. Many people call this section “The Long Turn” as it is the candidates turn to talk for a longer period.

Two minutes does not seem like a long duration to speak, but if you have given speeches before you know it feels like forever. Even for the good speakers. So practice as much as you can before you appear for the examination.

What Happens in Speaking Part 2?

In the International English Language Testing System Speaking Part 2, the test taker will give you a topic to speak on for between a few minutes.

The International English Language Testing System test taker will provide you with a task card. On the cue card, there will be a brief description of a task, with a few ideas for what to contain. The task will be connected to personal experience, for instance, a place you know or an occasion you took part in. The test taker will provide you with exactly 1 minute to make yourself ready to speak. The test taker will provide you with a pen and a piece of paper to jot down a few ideas. You can create a list of keywords and suggestions, or make a mind map.

Once the 1 min gets over you have to start speaking.

You won’t be interrupted by the test taker while you are speaking, they will just nod their head as a gesture and listen to it carefully whatever you are speaking. Once the duration is over the examiner will interrupt you and raise a few questions related to the topic. How you speak and how you answer the examiners’ questions will make a good difference in your scores.

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IELTS Band Score

Below are some important notes that will help you secure a high IELTS band score.

In the International English Language Testing System Speaking Part 2, the test taker will examine your speaking test keeping in mind the exam norms. In total there are four areas on which you get marked: pronunciation, fluency and coherence, grammatical range and accuracy, and lexical resources.

To secure a high IELTS band score, this is what you need to attain in these four areas:


When you speak on the topic your pronunciation should be understandable. Otherwise, you won’t secure the marks that you are aiming for. You need to use a mixture of pronunciation forms, like a steady pace of speech (don’t be too slow or too fast follow a normal pace), intonation, word and sentence, and connected speech. When you speak too fast you are not clear with your words which decreases the IELTS band score.

Fluency and Coherence

Try to talk fluently without taking an awkward pause in the middle. When you get a little nervous and miss out on words or when you take a pause to get some idea it is acceptable. But it should not be a very long pause. You should speak related to the topic and should be well structured.


Try to make fewer grammatical errors or avoid making them. As it puts a bad impression on the test taker if you have frequent grammatical errors.

Lexical Resource

Try to use a broad range of language suitably with a few lines of informal languages (a few errors are acceptable). Your vocabulary has to exhibit that you can speak about several different topics. This is what is implied by the flexible usage of language.

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Hopefully, this article will help you get a clear idea about IELTS speaking questions part 2 cue card answer format. Keep an eye on this page for more such cue card sample answers. Do let us know how you like to prepare for this part of the IELTS exam by commenting in the below box.

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