The IELTS exam is promisingly and quintessentially the greatest exam to test your abilities, competency, skills, proficiency, and knowledge of the English language. It enables you to make your mark in the group of professionals and achieve greater heights in life.

We all are aware that English is the most common language and this exam is conducted to test your skills in English to let you get admission to the most prominent institutions and universities in the world.

In the writing task, you need to be clear, grammatically perfect, and convincing. You must use correct phrases and sentences along with the vocabulary. You must be aware of building your essay in the perfect way that can impress the examiners.

You should have a worthy and honest approach to the essay. So let’s start learning about the major points that are needed to score higher in this test.

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Essay Writing

You need to write an essay in writing task 2. You must know the building fundamentals of essays. You should include an introduction, body with small paragraphs, and conclusion to support your essay. You must be aware of the mistakes that should be avoided along with the structure of the essay.

Let’s get into the details of the eight points process to gain 8+ bands in the examination. The assessment criteria and type of questions for essays are covered in this article.

This section is important to achieve your target as writing is necessary to assess your English language skills. You must prepare for this portion before the test by writing essays on different topics and taking mock tests.

Pen down important points during the preparation time to include them later in the examination. The more factual, creative, and worth-reading your essay is, the more scores are provided by the examiners.

IELTS Writing Task

The IELTS writing task 2 contains the topics to write an essay. To score band 8, you need to produce an essay in this section through all the positive and worthy points contained in the band 8 assessment criteria. Let’s have a look at these significant points.

#. Coherence and Cohesion

#. Grammatical range and accuracy

#. Lexical resource

#. Task Response

In the article ahead, you are going to go through the 8 different steps which are generated by using the band descriptors as a guide. This is to get you on your way to band 8 in Writing Task 2 of the IELTS examination. You will learn about the task response before going through all the criteria in the article. This is to show you what an examiner will be looking for in your response.

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#1. Organization of Paragraphs

The paragraphs must be used by each candidate to be clear and concrete while structuring your essay. You must ensure the organization of the essay as it shows your delivery of the content as well as the writing capabilities. Keep the paragraphs short and make sure that each paragraph has a minimum of 2-3 sentences. Use some different aspects or point in each paragraph.

If you get confused, remember the word “PEEL” to build your essay. It stands for Point, Example, Explain, and Link. To show that you can represent your thought positively and logically, you must use enough paragraphs to represent your response to the topic. Let’s look at the table below to understand the question types and required paragraphs.

Organize the Paragraphs

Question Type Paragraphs Distribution of Paragraphs
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? 4/5 Introduction

The reason why I agree/disagree

Another reason why I agree/disagree

Concession paragraph reason why I don’t agree/disagree


Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 5 Introduction

One view

Another view

Your opinion


Why is this so? Give reasons for this and solutions? 5 Introduction

The reason why it is so

Reasons for this

Solutions for this


Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages? 4 Introduction (more advantages)

Advantages (3)

Disadvantages (2)


Why is this so? What effect does it have on the individual and society? 5 Introduction

Why this is so

Effect/s on individual

Effect/s on society



#. Start with an introduction and end with the conclusion.

#. Make paragraphs for each topic and aspect.

#. Build the content with the help of paragraphs.

#. Make sure that you leave spaces between the paragraphs.

#. Use linkers. It should be there between and within your paragraphs.


#. Form the content with single-sentence paragraphs.

#. Write too long paragraphs that can cover the entire page.

#2. Answering Every Aspect of the Question

After reading the question carefully, you must decide what should be included in the answer along with giving the answers to each part of the topic. Look below to know how many parts are in each question. Remember, you have to answer according to your opinion on the given topic. Don’t get confused and provide messed-up content. Be confident, clear, concrete, and coherent.

Question Types

Question Type Parts Requirements of Opinion
To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? 1-part question Yes, agree or disagree, or decide why you agree/disagree equally.
Discuss both views and give your own opinion. 3-part question – discuss both views as stated Yes, present your opinion, it may be one of the views or a combination of both.
Why is this so? Give reasons for this and solutions? 3-part question A position is presented on why this is so, the reasons for this issue, and solutions to solve the issue.
Do the disadvantages of international tourism outweigh the advantages? 2-part question Yes, you must clearly say if there are more advantages or more disadvantages.
Why is this so? What effect does it have on the individual and society? 3-part question Yes, you must give reasons for the statement and then present the effect it has on 1) the individual and 2) society.


#. Write over 250 words.

#. Look for plurals. If you are asked to write about advantages or disadvantages, write a minimum of 2.

#. Use the conjunctions to provide comments or content on more than one element.

#. Gently read the question and decide the parts to answer. Also, include your perspective and carry it throughout the essay.

#. If the topic demands both views, put them equally.


#. Write a short essay and avoid any part of the question.

#. Use the first-person narrative to show what your opinion is. Use “I think”, “I believe”, etc.

#. Ensure that you tell the examiner about your opinion and ideas.

#3. Effective Vocabulary and Spell it Correctly

The vocabulary is a crucial part of the writing and speaking section. You must use precise words to complete a sentence. Your choice of words lets the examiners understand the content. Also, they come to know about your proficiency and perfection. Don’t make the flower bed of heavy words, rather keep the correct words in the content and use simple terminologies.

Don’t use tough words to just showcase your proficiency. Use relevant words to the topic. Don’t make typos and spelling mistakes along with using slang and words like things/stuff etc. Don’t use idioms, contractions, and merging American and British spelling. Work on all the English building aspects.

#4. Essay Should be Relevant to the Topic

You should answer what has been asked in the question. Don’t write useless paragraphs. You must construct an essay relevant to the topic. Ensure that your ideas, words, and sentences along with the examples are related to the topic or should benefit the topic. You must not generalize the content, rather be specific about the thoughts otherwise the effect will be shown in the scores. You must let the reader understand your vision and examples.


#. Expand the essay to support the topic with relevant examples.

#. Include several ideas to extend the specific content.

#. Ensure that the answer is directly related to the given topic.

#. Use familiar ideas, perceptions, and examples to relate to the topic.


#. Over-generalize the content.

#. Be irrelevant to the topic.

#. Construct a memorized essay

#. Include recent research or statistics in the essay.

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#5. Composition of Essay with Logic, Progression, and Phrases

Your perspectives must be constructed sequentially in the essay. Start from the introduction and move through to the conclusion. The organization of an essay must be logical, progressive, productive, creative, and it should have linking phrases and sentences. If the topic demands both views, put your vision in the beginning and carry it through the essay.

Provide both views and then say about your thoughts to complete the answer. Include valid and reasonable elements to support your answer. Move through the essay professionally and logically. Put the ideas for each view equally. You can support one perspective at the end. This makes your content highly readable as well as understanding.


#. Use a wide range of linking phrases.

#. Make your answer coherent by using punctuations.

#. Instead of single basic linkers, use adverbial phrases.

#. Ensure sequence of the ideas.

#. Avoid repetition. Use substitutions and referencing.

#. You must make sure that your ideas are easy to understand and follow and have some logic.

#. Font merges the conclusion and introduction with somebody’s paragraphs. Keep them in different paragraphs.


#. Overuse the linking words or phrases.

#. Use abbreviations, symbols, and numbers.

#. Use subheadings or headings.

#. Avoid underlining the words or phrases.

#. Initiate the paragraph with a linker.

#. Construct the essay with one-sentence paragraphs.

#. Begin the sentence with a linking device.

#6. Avoid Memorised Phrases, Language, and Examples

You must not use memorized phrases or examples in your essay. These things are easily catchable by the examiners. You must avoid the overused phrases, cliches, language, idioms, etc. Make your essay readable and likely to understand.

Bad Good Bad Good
Nowadays In recent times Crux of discussion The main/key issue is…
Can’t Cannot Stuff/Thing Use the correct word!
Controversial issue Major issue e.g. For example,….
The pros and cons Benefits and drawbacks Every coin has two sides/faces There are both disadvantages and advantages…
Firstly The primary reason why A double-edged sword The solution can also cause issues as…
Secondly Lack of education is another reason why… In a nutshell In conclusion….

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#7. Utilization of Complex Sentence Structures

To attain band 8, you must know how to present your ideas and opinions. You must be aware of a wide range of structures to accurately form an essay. You should show the skills to the examiners through your content. Make it error-free and best among all the candidates.

The best candidate is the one who forms the essay with an amalgamation of simple and complex sentences. But remember, the complex ones should not be complicated and large. Use the full stops, commas, and other punctuation adequately. These things can’t go wrong when you are aspiring to study or work in an English-speaking country.

#8. Check the Essay

Make a checklist to ensure your best performance while writing an essay. You can score band 8 by relying upon these 8 steps. If you don’t follow the steps religiously, it will be troublesome for your success. Ensure your best performance to get the best results. The checklist helps you in maintaining the standard of your content as per the examination. Work hard on your dreams and make them a reality.

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Every aspirant dreams to get higher scores/bands. This is a great opportunity for you to grab it. If you have gone through this article, you must know the requirements for scoring maximum in the IELTS test. Work in the correct direction and make your dream come true.

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So, reach out to the perfect platform for your preparation to get 8+ bands. Hurry up!! Let’s learn exponentially and elevate our chances of success!

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