The UK is the second most prominent university, which has over 395 universities. It is the education hub for students coming from various corners of the world. It welcomes more than 5 lakh, international students. Aligned with academic knowledge, you gain insight into their rich culture. Pursuing MBA from the UK is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you should grab before it slips out of your hand. The Country’s degree is accepted and recognized worldwide, bringing many of the best opportunities for you. After the Master of Business Administration, many students are able to achieve their dream job and even become entrepreneurs.

Why MBA in the UK for Indian Students?

For Indian Students, pursuing an MBA in the UK would be a great choice for many reasons. One important reason is the duration of the Master of Business Administration degree in this country, it is for one year, whereas the Master of Business Administration in other countries is of 2 years. This saves a lot of your expenses and your time. Indian Students will learn the practicality of the functions performed in the corporate world irrespective of their specialization. You can with or without the experience can pursue an MBA degree from the UK, giving a huge jump to your career. Completing an MBA degree from this country will give you a competitive edge that will differentiate you from others.

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Salary after MBA from the UK

MBA degree completed from the country is highly revered worldwide. You not only get into your desired company but you get a much higher package. Your motivation to pursue a Master of Business Administration is, undoubtedly, to get a job of the higher package, and after spending so much on the cost of living in the country and the tuition fees, your expectation will be much higher than what you would expect in India. Completing an MBA degree from a university in the UK adds a competitive advantage to your CV, and the practical knowledge that you will get, through its curriculum will be able to get you a higher package.  A piece of good news for you here is that the average salary that a person earns after completing MBA is $133,000. The Salary will differ according to the specialization you have opted for and the position you are getting into in your job. But the package is higher than what is offered when you complete the degree from a College in India.

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Requirements to Study in the UK for Indian Students

To study in the UK, Indian students need to fulfil some of the requirements. These requirements are mandatory, and when you are applying for the process, make sure you have all the documents as well. Make sure you fulfil all the following requirements to pursue MBA:-

  • A Bachelor’s Degree
  • GMAT: Many business schools require a GMAT (Graduate Management Admission test). GMAT has 4 sections:- Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude Verbal
  • IELTS Score: minimum IELTS required is 6.0-6.5, any score less than that will not be accepted
  • Experience: For universities that need experience for their MBA curriculum, you have to provide proof of work experience. Other universities have their degree opened for the freshers as well.

IELTS requirement to study MBA in the UK

IELTS is a test used as the selection criteria to pursue an MBA in this country. This test is used to evaluate your English proficiency, as the language used in the UK is English. So, the minimum IELTS score which you need is the 6.0 band, any score under this band is not accepted in the UK universities. So once you have planned to move to this country for pursuing an MBA degree, start your preparation for IELTS as well. IELTS has 4 sections:- Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. The total time given to complete the test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. So, in IELTS you have to work on your analyzing, understanding, and speed ability to get the desired result.


Pursuing MBA from the UK is a great opportunity for a student coming from India. There is a huge education system difference between the two countries. Where India focuses on the theoretical aspect, the country’s Education is entirely focused on the PRactical aspect of the subject. And in Master of Business Administration, you would like to get the practical knowledge of all the functions performed in the corporate world.

To pursue a Master of Business Administration from this country, you need to fulfil requirements that are asked by the university. So do thorough research about the requirements for a particular university. You will also need to achieve a band of 6.0 in IELTS, which is used to assess the English proficiency of the candidate. Completing a Master of Business Administration from the country also gets you a good package in your desired organization.

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