So the IELTS exam consists of four skills, one of which is writing task 2, which is very important and contains a variety of questions. We wanted to talk about a recent exam question that we can better explain, and you can use it as a model for writing other topics.

Let’s see what the topic is and how one can write the writing task 2 question so that they can get a band 8. Follow the instructions given below thoroughly.

Recent IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions about School 2021

Because many children are not able to learn foreign languages, schools should not force them to learn foreign languages.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some believe children should be taught to give speeches and presentations in school.

Why is this?

Should this be taught in schools?

Many students find it difficult to focus or pay attention at school nowadays.

What are the reasons for this?

What can be done to solve this problem?

Sample Answer One for Writing Task 2 Topic 2021

Children should not be forced to learn a foreign language in school, according to some. Although I believe that learning a foreign language is important, I completely agree that children should be encouraged to do so rather than forced to do so.


To begin with, encouraging children to learn a foreign language during their school years will benefit their education. For starters, they will learn about that country’s culture by studying the language, and some schools even arrange exchange visits for students to immerse themselves in the culture of the foreign country whose language they are learning. Second, children have the ability to access information in a different language.

Forcing schoolchildren to learn a foreign language, on the other hand, would be counterproductive. One reason for this is that children will not learn effectively if they are forced to learn.

They must be inspired to do so, which can only be done by enthusiastic teachers who choose engaging language-learning activities. Another reason is that students will be hesitant to learn a foreign language if they cannot see how it will benefit them now or in the future.


To summarise, while many students struggle to learn foreign languages, it is always beneficial to teach them languages that are expected to play critical roles in the global communication sector, just as science and math are taught in schools.

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Model Answer Two for Writing Task 2 Topic

According to one viewpoint, teaching children how to present is the responsibility of the entire school. Including these skills in the curriculum, in my opinion, not only boosts children’s confidence but also helps them develop social skills. For starters, the presentation would help a child’s self-esteem.


The primary goal of incorporating presentations into schools is to improve future skills. Throughout their academic careers and in most work settings, children will be expected to present individually and in groups.

To give a competent presentation, children must first gain confidence speaking in front of others, followed by repeated practise, careful preparation, research, and, in many cases, teamwork skills. Each of these characteristics will come in handy later, and the earlier students start, the more likely they are to excel in areas where many adults still struggle.

You must present yourself in every workplace. You’ll be pushed into a corner if you don’t speak up. You will always come across situations where you either explain it in a minute or don’t get what you want, regardless of whether you work in editorials, marketing, PR, or own a startup.

You will be given opportunities to speak from time to time, whether for presentations or pitches and if you don’t use them effectively, you risk losing what you already have.


Every child’s future is in the hands of the institution to which he or she belongs. They learn to form habits that can make or break their lives through their culture, environment, and examples.

Finally, educators frequently teach public speaking to help students prepare for the future, and this multidisciplinary approach is beneficial. Presentations and speeches are also useful for combining and reviewing previous material.

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Model Answer Three for Writing Task 2 Topic for 2021

Teachers’ behaviour, school administration, and a lack of interest in studying are some of the main reasons why children find it difficult to concentrate in the classroom and school environment in today’s world. In the following paragraphs, I will briefly discuss the main causes of this problem and offer some recommendations for dealing with this sensitive issue.


Due to a natural predisposition and the pervasive impact of screen time, students struggle to stay engaged. Students have always wanted to get away from their schoolwork throughout history. This is due to the fact that learning is difficult and provides little pleasure in comparison to passive and active activities such as socialising with friends, listening to music, watching TV, or participating in sports.

Furthermore, the ubiquitous internet era, as well as portable devices such as smartphones, has had a massive impact on attention spans and diversionary priorities.

Children nowadays pay less attention to school activities than they did previously. There are a variety of reasons for this, including a demanding curriculum, a demanding schedule, and mischievous behaviour.


For all of the aforementioned reasons, however, there are a variety of options. To begin, a change in the school schedule is required. The entire term should be made up of games and art classes, as well as any other scientific or mathematical approaches.

This would at the very least provide some effective and efficient interest activities, breaking up a monotonous routine of theory-based practices. Second, the school and parents can organise small tours to museums, zoos, and science centres to pique the interest of young children in history, living species, and scientific procedures. This would also pique and satisfy their desire to have fun while learning.


To summarise, despite certain causes for children’s lack of attention in class, parents and teachers can effectively address the problem if proper precautions are taken. As a result, I hope that the relevant authorities will consider these methods while students are experiencing such difficulties.

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IELTS Preparation Tips to Score Band 8

Answer All Parts of the Question

You must write an essay in response to a statement or premise in IELTS Writing Task 2. You must read the question carefully and respond to all parts.

For example, to get a higher band on the question below, you must do three things, demonstrating to the examiner that you have addressed all aspects of the task.

#Give one point of view.

#Present the opposing viewpoint.

#Give your viewpoint.

Present Your Views Properly

You must present a clear position in your essay, despite the fact that you are presenting various points of view. This simply means that you must express your thoughts on the question to the examiner. For the duration of the essay, your position must be clear. In the end, don’t change your mind.

Examples: Both points of view are valid, but I am convinced that…

Many people, however, believe that… I believe that wild animals should not be kept in zoos…

Structure Your Essay

Writing an essay does not have to be a difficult task. Use paragraphs to present and develop each of your ideas in a structured manner. To assist you in structuring your essay, consider the following points.

#With an introduction paragraph, show the reader where to begin.

#Present the most important ideas first, then expand on them.

#Finish the essay by expressing your thoughts on the topic.

#Within each paragraph, develop a clear idea.

#Allow space between each paragraph to make the examiner’s job easier.

Use Transition Words

Linking devices, also known as transition words, are connecting words and phrases that help to tie your response together. It’s the substance that holds your sentences and thoughts together. The table below lists some of the most commonly used linkers in essays.

On one hand On the other hand
Firstly Another
However Despite
Although Regardless
For example Therefore
Whereas Because
Similarly Finally
Nevertheless Consequently
In conclusion In addition
As a result Undoubtedly

Use a Wide-Range of Vocabulary

Writing allows you to share your thoughts and ideas with the reader. As a result, use vocabulary that is simple to comprehend. Also, only use words that you are confident in your ability to spell. Use collocation (words that naturally go together) and idiomatic language/phrasal verbs in your essay.

This demonstrates to the examiner that you have a diverse vocabulary. Finally, after you’ve completed your writing task, double-check for spelling mistakes and typos.

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Examples of Collocation

#Tourist attraction

#Alternate ways

#Rare species

#Natural habitat

Examples of phrasal verbs

#To be cared for

#Close down

#Make money

#Chance to see

#Looked after

Use Grammatical Structures Correctly

If you want to get a band 7, you’ll need to be able to understand both simple and complex sentences. Also, keep in mind that you must write a lot of sentences that are free of errors. So, how do you think you’ll go about accomplishing that? Yes, with a little practise.

Examine sample test papers to see what errors you commonly make. We are confident that if you continue to practise different sentence structures, you will be able to write a better essay on any topic.

IELTS 2021 Writing Questions for Preparation

Given below are some handpicked topics from the entire year 2021.

Economic growth has recently aided many people in both developed and developing countries to become wealthier. Those in developed countries, on the other hand, are not as content as they once were.

What is the reason for this?

What lessons can be drawn from this?

Some argue that governments should invest in minority language preservation, while others argue that this is a waste of money.

Many people believe that living in a city has more advantages than living in the country.

Employees’ working hours have been limited in some countries by legislation.

Why have these laws been enacted?

Part Two

Because it is impossible to help everyone in need all over the world, governments should concentrate on their own citizens.

Instead of displaying work from other countries, museums and art galleries should focus on local history and culture.

Nowadays, an increasing number of older people seeking work must compete with younger people for the same positions.

What issues does this bring up?

What are the alternatives?

Some people believe that sports have a significant social impact. Others consider them to be nothing more than a recreational activity.

People nowadays are more likely to have children later in life.

Do the benefits of this outweigh the drawbacks?

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Part Three

Some people believe that today’s people are more reliant on one another. Others believe that people are becoming more self-sufficient.

Some people believe that all forms of advertising should be prohibited.

Some believe that medical services should be managed by governments rather than private companies.

Sporting events are used by large corporations to promote their products. Some believe that this will have a negative effect on sports.

People nowadays prefer to watch TV, movies, and other programmes alone rather than with others.

Are the benefits of this development greater than the drawbacks?

Re-check Your Essay Thoroughly

Even if you write a flawless essay, you may make careless grammatical and spelling errors. If you thoroughly check your essay, you can easily eliminate these. After you’ve finished your writing assignment, ask yourself the following questions.

#Is it true that I answered all of the questions?

#Is it true that I used paragraphs?

#Is it true that I used linkers?

#Is it true that I used punctuation?

#Have I double-checked my work?

#Is my spelling correct, and did I use a variety of words?

#Is it possible that I used complex sentence structures?


The IELTS Writing Task 2 is a critical component of your overall IELTS score. I hope these responses have clarified the pattern for you. Visit IELTS Ninja for more such responses. IELTS Ninja is a website dedicated to helping people prepare for a variety of English language exams. Hopefully, you found this article useful, and if you want to find more similar blogs and articles, click here.

Also, feel free to ask if you have any doubts or questions.

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