The IELTS exam is the biggest opportunity for candidates to make their future. This exam gives them time to prepare adequately for future endeavours. The English-speaking countries have different renowned universities for you to get higher education and form your career as per your desires. The writing task in the IELTS exam should be given in 40 minutes. You are required to be creative and fluent in the language.

This article has some claims that men are naturally more competitive than women. Let’s get an idea of what should be written for such opinion-based essay topics. Here are the model answers to let you understand the topic and answer-writing methods.

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IELTS Preparation

The IELTS exam requires an efficient level of preparation to attain good scores. To reach a higher position in terms of rank, this section is necessary to be considered and practised.

Some tips for the writing task include understanding the question properly. You must ensure that you know the sequence and material to be added to your answer. Also, write a thorough answer. You need not make a flower bed for words in your content, rather use simple vocabulary with precise words and phrases.

You should focus on language and write specific points for the necessary or universal questions. You should not write extravagant digressions about the topic.

First, understand the question perfectly and think about the spheres that you can add to your answer, and then write an incredible answer. Look below to know about some claims that men are naturally more competitive than women.

Effective Writing Strategy

Writing strategy is extremely important to know for the IELTS exam. Know what you should do while solving the writing task in the examination. You must plan an outline of the essay according to the given topic. The points that you need to include in the essay must be decided first. You are required to write a suitable introduction for the topic. You must write the proper points in the introduction which should be compelling and attractive for the reader. In the body of the essay, put relevant ideas in the key paragraphs to build the topic.

Moreover, write a summarizing conclusion at the end which should define the source of the essay and its core idea. The essay is complete by including all the necessary points in it with efficiency. You should write at least 250 words in the essay. Let’s learn from the given model answers.

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Some Claim That Men are Naturally More Competitive Than Women IELTS Writing Model Answer One

Part A

It is a traditional argument that men are naturally more competitive than women. They put more effort into winning than women. I tend to disagree with this statement. The reason for disagreement is that competitiveness cannot be measured accurately based on gender. It is wrong to analyze the potential or competition of a person by his/her gender.

It is generic, not genetic. The argument started from the traditional period when women used to handle household chores rather than going out for a job. It becomes a perspective of the people that men are more competitive.

Part B

Earlier, it was common to visualize that particular activities and jobs were assigned to people based on gender. Moreover, the works were defined according to gender. For example, while women were confined to cooking and household chores, men did agriculture and performed outside activities.

Both of them were seen as very competitive in their respective fields but we can’t signify a woman less competent because she is managing the inside functionalities. During that period, a belief got established that men and women show more competitiveness in distinct fields or, perhaps, women are less competent.

Part C

However, people’s lives change with time and this is the time when both genders handle equal functionalities. A man cooks for his family when the woman goes out for work and the social stigma of male dominance has dissolved by the women conquering the areas where men had supremacy and prestige.

Today’s scenario is witnessing women as politicians, pilots, artists, entrepreneurs, and even space travellers. This has made society realize the competitiveness of both genders.

Part D

Competitiveness is quintessentially based on opportunities, circumstances, and mindfulness rather than gender. Competitiveness comes with the situation. For example, when women are given a chance to be potential at politics, she becomes competitive in the aura and place.

Similarly, a man becomes competitive in the household chores when he effectively works on it in the absence of her partner due to her job. So a person exhibits his/her skills in the sphere in which he/she is. It does not depend upon gender.

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Conclusion Part

Therefore, it is crystal clear that competitiveness can’t be measured by gender, rather it has different factors to be evaluated. The women are even greater in competitiveness as they can manage multitasking along with excelling in every field. All the genders are equally competent for different spheres.

To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

Part A

Men are stereotypically considered to be more competitive than women by society. This is due to the traditional beliefs and perspectives of people living in the patriarchal society. I believe although this is ostensibly true, in fact, competitiveness just finds different expressions in women.

Men are considered more often in the economic state which deliberately makes them more competitive. Since the early ages, women have been looked down on because of the management of relations and houses. The competitiveness, however, doesn’t come from the genetic composition.

Part B

It is true according to the traditional discussions that men are predisposed genetically to aggressive traits. Talking scientifically, men have high levels of testosterone hormone which gives them an aggressive mark to fetch their belongings or desires. In human prehistory, men used to battle for dominance and prestige. It is an evolved adaptation that they had to require a surplus amount of strength and energy to hunt for their family.

This showed a high magnitude of competitiveness in males. In the modern world, several studies, as well as tests, have discovered and confirmed that the surface level of this argument is valid. The elevated aggressiveness is reflected today in their desire to excel in their respective areas.

Part C

All the factors responsible for the competitiveness of males put the different competent outlets of women subservient. The traditional era has suppressed the women to show their interests in politics, sports, or their ambitious spheres. The societal prejudices have often distressed and discouraged women to have choices that can have a vision of their competitiveness.

Now, It has become common for women to embrace their competitive drive, strong mental abilities and strive for goals similar to men and choose their career paths.

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Part D

The women were competent from the traditional period. This is prominently a redirection of vital innate desires that were already present in their soul which is visible now as they have the choices to walk along with their opinions. Although the above facts related to the hormones and aggression of men are true the women have the competence that is showed differently.

The fact is that instead of competing in traditionally competitive fields, females in the early generations emphasized their energies towards more domestic matters which was hard to consider for the society. Their functionalities might not have been as seemingly competitive but women nonetheless had to compete against each other. This competition was to gain the highest possible position in society available to them at the time. They always had the massive tasking capability which makes them even more competitive and great.


Therefore, to conclude, I would put forth the point that despite the evolutionary evidence to support the natural competitiveness of males, I strongly believe that the sexes or genders are generally equal in the competitive era.

Although women express their desires more subtly or according to the situations, they are proving their competencies in different zones. According to me, such narrow stereotyping of both genders is often overly simplistic and out of the zone because it depends on the opportunities and circumstances rather than gender.

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Liked What You Read?

Therefore, you must give your ideas and perspectives in the essay. It should be honest, creative, eye-catching, and the language must be top-notch. This is a vast topic. Everyone has different opinions but you should put forth your points confidently with a pinch of good phrases and creative writing skills.

If you need guidance over any section of this significant examination, click on your device and visit IELTS Ninja. It is a one-stop destination to all the queries popping up in your head as the experts will resolve each confusion along with giving you the right advice for the direction to walk. This exam is not only a competition to crack but decides your future. So you must choose the correct platform to prepare for it and excel in the examination. All the very best!

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