The IELTS assessment is one such test that every person has to reach if he desires to move to their native country to any place abroad. Each year a normal of 3 billion quizzes are carried out all over the world with moreover 10,000 institutions worldwide that assist the IELTS test.

The exact period of the writing sector of this quiz is 60 minutes long where the nominees have to settle down in an exam room and note their portion of the responses. The aspirants have to finish 2 assignments that have been provided in the question sheet.

Read the article till the end to find out the IELTS writing task 2 sample answers for the topic – why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

IELTS Writing Task 2

Writing task 2 of the IELTS assessment is the second component of the IELTS writing quiz. You are illustrated with an argument or viewpoint and you need to compose an essay in reply. The writings should obey a formal style, should maintain at least an extent of 250 words, and you should strive to obtain it within 40 minutes of duration.

Pupils often worry whether they are capable of scoring favourable points in the writing quiz, but writing abilities are something which we are reasonable at, as we are habitual to writing since childhood.

Below given is a topic of writing task 2 of the IELTS writing quiz with sample answers. Analyse the question closely to understand and compose the solution. Check out the model answers to get a notion of the pattern of framing the answers.

Why do Some People Enjoy Extreme Sports? IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answer One

There are many dangerous yet fascinating sports all over the world like parachuting, paragliding, bungee jumping, rafting, canyoning, and motocross. Most people celebrate these extreme sports without any fear. Nowadays, people like taking challenges and risks in life.

On the other hand, they are people who fear taking extreme sports which are quite prevalent. Weakly hearted people cannot bear these sports. Extreme sports help to motivate yourself and overcome fear. They invite people to get out of the daily boring routine and have a good time. It works as a good experience for athletics too, as they always look out for adventurous and active sports.

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Lead Towards the Conclusion

Tourists enjoy extreme sports the most. Visitors from all over the world like visiting places having good sports. Some of the places where people enjoy extreme sports the most are Goa, Manali, Mysore, Ladakh and Meghalaya. Adventurous people won’t hesitate to take challenges and risks.

Children and teenagers also rejoice in extreme sports. Most teenagers are found venturing around with their friends. Sports like skydiving and parasailing are very fascinating and entertaining. After experiencing such activities, people feel free and relaxed which has a good impact on their mental health. Extreme sports also help in reducing stress and making the mind fresh.

Why do Some People Enjoy Extreme Sports? IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answer Two

I assume for many people, it is a path to get some enthusiasm into their existence. When the population was thousands of years old, they frequently confronted dangers like wild animal assaults, but now many people just consume their stamina sitting in an office.

By partaking in extreme sports, people can feel active and get a wave that they can’t feel in normal contemporary life. Good mental health and peace play an essential role in the well being of people. Extreme sports and rides are a good source of joy and happiness specifically for kids and teenagers.

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People nowadays are fascinating and thrilling. They like experiencing new and exciting activities and rides. Extreme sports like canyoning, paragliding, scuba diving and rafting are a few of them which are greatly enjoyed by people all over the world. In foreign countries, even adults relish these sports. It’s quite good entertainment for families and friends.

Teenagers usually show more interest in water sports like scuba diving, skiing, surfing, sailing, rafting, cave diving and underwater diving. Although, the risk in extreme water sports increases yet people undertaking precautions likes to experience it. Sports are an adequate holiday getaway for all generations.

Why do Some People Enjoy Extreme Sports? IELTS Writing Task 2 Model Answer Three

Apart from minor activities like cycling, trekking and hunting, they are numerous drastic sports activities for people of all age groups. Children and teenagers love to take sports rides. Few adults fear taking the rides due to certain health issues or other reasons. On the other hand, they are adults and even old age people who love to take risks and challenges in life.

They don’t care about their comfort zone and try to experience something new every time. Apart from dry sports, people are fascinated by water sports too. Surfing, skiing, diving and many more activities are available for people to overcome anxiety and cherish the precious moments of their lives.


Safety measures and precautions are being exercised by the management of the rides which ensures people know more about their safety and good ride. People of all age groups undertaking all the protection and guidelines enjoy activities all around the world.

Sports are available in all countries like Mexico, Alaska, England, the USA, Brazil and Dubai. Tourists usually travel across these countries with the intention to try some new and unique experiences. Some sports are not available all over the world due to some rules and restrictions of the government which encourage people to travel and become adventurous about sports activities.

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Tips for Mastering the Writing Task 2 of the IELTS

Below are a few guidelines for the candidates for IELTS preparation on how to tackle the essay topics in writing task 2 of the IELTS. Read it till the article to get a clear impression on how to master the writing section.

Understand the Topic Carefully

Many candidates don’t comprehend the theme and then go wrong to write the content and that’s why knowing the topic properly and precisely is a significant rule so, before composing the explanation read and analyse the question twice.

Formulate Core Themes

After you have comprehended the theme carefully the following step is to concentrate on the questions by developing or raising two core questions related to the main theme of the essay. Don’t develop any unnecessary questions which are not concerned with the topic given.

Construct Your Body Paragraphs

The normal format of an essay or article consists of the three main subcategories:

# Introduction

# Main Body (Paragraphs)

# Conclusion (The bottom line)

While planning your answer, find out how many paragraphs of the body you would choose to include. Generally, the body passages shouldn’t be lower than two and can be further than three. Always try to aim for having 2 to 3 passages depending upon the key questions you developed from the main topic.

Elaborate Your Core Questions

After discovering the number of paragraphs of your body and after mapping 2 to 3 sections for your body, spot it under the core questions. Assuming each paragraph as an answer to the core themes. Elaborate on the issues and write everything on point concerned with the inner topic.

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Follow the procedure of Point, Explain and  Example

Earlier you have noted your primary questions and the central points, you must comprehend about sub-points to enhance and improve your ideas. The model of point, explain and example is a useful mechanism for those who endeavour with this task.

You first put down the fact, then comprehend it more and deeper and also describe to boost your opinion. Later you have broadened funding questions to your crucial points, this is what your planned writing answer should be.

Commonly Asked Topics for IELTS Writing Task 2

Many candidates frequently have the question that the writing themes repeat or not, if they repeat what are the familiar questions that arise and the easy answer to this is a big no, as the themes may be related but not the questions and especially the essay questions.

Yes, there will be similar topics like health, education and entertainment and arts but not the questions, so don’t expect that one will be obtaining the same questions, and one should always prepare for the main theme, not the questions, because questions may fluctuate.

Below are a few topics enlisted that are expected to be asked in writing task 2 of the IELTS examination.

# Globalisation

# Public Transport

# Criminal Justice

# Health

# Environment

# Education

# Development

# Youth Crime

# Technology

# Government Spending

# Communication and personality

# Crime and punishment

# Language

# Media and advertising

# Reading

# Transport

# Travel

# Society

# Sport

# Work

# Economics

# Family

# Children

# Food

#Empowerment of women

#Social Issues


# Crime

# News

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Common Asked Questions for IELTS Writing Task 2

Below are the frequently asked questions on the common topics mentioned above. Analyse and try to prepare answers to the following illustrated questions to have success in the writing task of the IELTS examination.

#Some people believe that writing is no longer helpful in the modern world and should not be taught in academies. To what level do you admit or complain?

#Why are there some people who leave school fast more successful correlated with those who accomplish their examinations. Furnish justifications why they are more successful and what are the restrictions for success?

#Countries with prolonged regular working hours are economically better at success than those countries which do not regulate long working hours. To what level do you admit or disagree?

#Some speculate that advancement in technology is stimulating the gap between the rich and needy while others assume the contrary is arising. Analyse both facets and express your viewpoint.

#Some people assume that councils should ban dangerous sports. Others desire that they should have the liberty to choose their favourite activities. Examine both principles and demonstrate your belief.

Some More Common Asked Questions

#Many pupils around the world don’t choose science studies at a university. Give the outcomes for this and illustrate the impact on the people?

# In today’s life,  job options are different and employees cannot rely on conserving the exact job and functioning circumstances throughout their life. What are some possible reasons? Reflect on some ways to a technique for the opinion under these conditions.

#Some people think that it is necessary to travel abroad to get information about other states, but others think that it is not important to travel abroad because all the knowledge can be examined on TV and the internet. Analyse both viewpoints and give your perspective.

#More and more communities are realising that it is increasingly important to wear fashionable clothes. Is this behaviour of wearing outfits a favourable development or unfavourable? Keep your views.

#Some people believe that smartphones are destroying public associations today. To what extent do you admit or disagree?


Expecting that the above article was beneficial for you to know everything about writing task 2 of IELTS. All the familiar questions and most significant topics are enclosed carefully in this article. Aspirants who are preparing for the IELTS exam should keep all these ideas in mind and should adapt these before the assessment. The familiar writing task 2 questions, the agenda for essay writing of task 2 and many more are wrapped here and one should constantly keep in mind that while formulating for IELTS there may be many obstacles that you might encounter, but one should keep on moving.

One should always know that they should never lose their dignity and if you are looking for online tutoring then you are exactly on the right website, IELTS Ninja delivers you with the best equipment and coaching classes. In case you have any feedback or queries related to the article above, feel free to drop your viewpoints below in the comment section.

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