For the IELTS examination, one is provided with a time period of 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete all the sections of the examination. There are various different sections of this examination and for those, one needs to learn some really smart techniques to speed up their work while they are giving the IELTS examination.

Smart techniques can help one in increasing their greater accuracy. So, when you are starting with the preparation of this examination, you can note down some of the simple techniques to help you carry forward your practice sessions.

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IELTS Essay on Education – Part One

Education plays an extremely important role in the overall progression of any country. Numerous individuals may intensely depend on quality training as groundwork for genuine business and encounters. Notwithstanding, there are different variables that are expected to push a country towards progress.

Part Two

We should recognize the way the schooling arrangement of a nation plans most people by furnishing them with different abilities. Before acquiring the capability to rehearse certain callings like instructing, nursing or bookkeeping, it is fundamental for the people to go through thorough preparation. Declaration and confirmation programs just as college degrees are genuine instances of that. A few alumni may even decide to seek after additional investigations to accomplish certain prerequisites to have the option to rehearse their picked calling.

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Part Three

The schooling framework is without a doubt significant in planning people to take on jobs prompting the advancement of a country. In any case, it appears to be that creating graduates alone isn’t an assurance of the progression of a country. There are different elements that should become an integral factor, and the inspiration of people is one. Without inspiration, individuals may forget about what they mean to do to add to the improvement of a country. Inspiration drives individuals to accomplish and amplify their possibilities since they are resolved to improve at numerous parts of their life, ultimately yielding improvement for their whole country.

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IELTS Essay on Education for Band 9

The debate about where to allocate valuable teaching resources probably started with the first educational institutions that were there in the country. In my opinion, converting sports classes to some more traditional subjects can have various advantages as well. The very first thing about this will be that it is a more effective use of a student’s time. Secondly, in the future, academic skills can be a lot more useful to individuals.

Exchanging time spent on sport in a school to time spent on more scholarly exercises is an insightful and savvy arrangement. Right off the bat, scholastic examinations are inalienably more affordable to perform when contrasted with actual instruction.

For example – If one wants to play any kind of sports, one has to invest in the appropriate types of equipment that one needs in order to play that sport. These could range all the way from shorts, t-shirts, to badminton rackets or tennis balls, if you have decided to play that sport in the future.

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IELTS Task 2 on Education

For the IELTS Writing Task 2 on Education System, there could be a number of topics that one could choose from in order to appear in the IELTS examinations.

Type One

The different questions being included in the IELTS tasks can be:

#1. Puzzles, board games, and pictures can be a great way to help your kid in the successful development of their mind and brain and can contribute a lot to the development of any child. Also, this can prove to be a great topic for the IELTS examination and one must include this topic in their IELTS exam preparation while they are doing one. What would you want to give your child to help him/her develop and why? Give details and examples in your explanation.

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Type Two

#2. It is oftentimes being noticed that students perform better in schools, universities, or any other field of education where they are rewarded rather than being punished for the same activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Discuss both the views and also provide your opinion on the same.

Type Three

#3. Some people think it is a better option to educate your kids at school and it is more entertaining than ever before while for the others, their simple belief is that kids need to be educated no matter how that education is conducted. Which one do you agree with? Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


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