The listening section is the final component of the PTE exam, and it assesses your listening skills as well as your comprehension of the English language. Let’s have a look at the different types of questions and how they’re graded before we get into the approaches.

The PTE Listening portion has a total of 8 question types. It will put your vocabulary, grammar, and spelling skills to the test. Depending on the number of questions you receive on exam day, you will have between 30 to 43 minutes. Let’s look below for preparation tips and strategies.

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How to Improve PTE Listening Section?

If you don’t pay attention to the prompts and don’t prepare well, this section can be difficult. This article will be an excellent reference for you if you are looking for the section material to study with.

The following are the tasks for the PTE Test:

#Compile a summary of the spoken text

#Choose from a variety of answers when listening to multiple-choice questions.

#Fill up the blanks with your answers.

#The correct summary should be highlighted.

#Choose a single response from a list of many choices.

#Choose a term that is missing.

#Underline the wrong words.

#Write down what you’re told.

PTE Listening Tips

To overcome your concern about the sections of the PTE exam, make it a habit to listen to the watch TED speeches or English news channels daily. You will initially feel demotivated and dejected, but this is a natural reaction when you are new to the English language and attempting to adjust.

If you stick to the routine, you’ll notice a difference in a week. During the initial practise period, try to assume the words. To overcome your fear of the part, you can try these approaches by taking the IELTS Ninja to practise test.


What is this, a podcast? What role will podcasts have in my section score? And there is a slew of others. However, podcasts are an excellent way to enhance your abilities and establish the groundwork for future exercises.

The key to this section of the podcast or audio is that the actual question pattern is almost identical to the podcast’s setting, in which the speaker attempts to narrate the story on a single topic. Make it a habit to listen to one podcast per day.

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PTE Exam Preparation with IELTS Ninja

IELTS Ninja provides the best exam preparation material. Here’s more about it:

#An in-depth examination of the section test design.

#Techniques for taking a section exam.

#In the last part test, dealing with distractions.

#With a native English accent, you can improve your concentration and attention speed.

#Paraphrasing skills for the listening segment are being developed.

#The conclusion of the table Questions.

#Tests on the listening segment, including analysis and discussion, should be practised.

#Drills on weak areas and grammar courses

PTE Listening Module

Online movies might assist you in becoming acquainted with a different accent. So, if you want to develop your listening skills, don’t be afraid to try new things.

You can also take a PTE practice exam to learn about all of the above-mentioned question kinds. Students might also benefit from taking the PTE practice test to boost their section results.

Here are some benefits if you practice IELTS Ninja’s mock test:

#7 Mock tests, each with extensive analysis and in-class discussion.

#10+ Individual Reading and Listening Practice Tests

#There are around 25 sample tests in the areas of speaking and writing.


With the help of this course, you can focus on improving your listening speed while listening to a native English accent on your headphones. It will also assist you in developing and improving your paraphrase skills for the listening part, as well as solving critical table completion questions.

Well, we hope you’ve gotten all of the information you need on listening preparation for the PTE exam. To prepare successfully for your paper, you must immediately enrol in the course on the IELTS Ninja website.

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