Candidates will be expected to write according to the questions in the PTE writing section of the PTE Academic Exam, and their written responses will be evaluated. The PTE academic writing module is separated into two pieces, and we will present recommendations for each sub-section.

The PTE-A exam has five sections: writing, reading, listening and speaking, and we’ll focus on the writing section in this article. Continue reading to learn about writing tips and modules.

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How to Improve PTE Writing Section?

For candidates who want to ace their examination, here are the top 4 PTE Writing strategies.

#Examine the task at hand.

#Recognize the prompt’s terms.

#Recognize the topic at hand

#Focus on significant issues in the essay and give content that demonstrates your point of view.

PTE Writing Section Exam Pattern

Candidates should be aware that the writing and speaking parts of the test have been integrated. Part 1 of the exam will evaluate your writing and speaking abilities. The speaking and writing section takes between 77 to 93 minutes to complete. The recording will end automatically if you remain silent for more than 3 seconds, and you will not be able to re-record.

PTE Speaking and Writing Section Question Topics PTE Question Format (current) PTE Question Format (starting November 16, 2021)
Personal introduction 1 1
Read Aloud 6 – 7 6 – 7
Repeat sentence 10 – 12 10 – 12
Describe image 6 – 7 3 – 4
Retell lecture 3 – 4 1 – 2
Answer short question 10 – 12 5 – 6
Summarize written text 2 – 3 1 – 2
Write Essay 1 – 2 1 – 2
Total questions 39 – 48 28 – 36
Time Allocation 77 – 93 minutes 54 – 67 minutes

PTE Writing Tips

Summarising the Text

#With good vocabulary and grammar, one can get a perfect score of 90 out of 90. Aspirants should anticipate getting a score of roughly 73 if their vocabulary and grammar are average.

#Try to keep the responses to 35–45 words. Avoid using overly complex and jeopardising sentences because the scoring may not be able to accurately evaluate them.

#Pay close attention to the punctuation marks.

#In a sentence, make sure you cap all the first words and nouns.

#If one is asked for examples, don’t give them.

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Write an Essay

The essay is the most important portion of this section. We provide some of the best essay suggestions for our readers to use to master the PTE writing essay question. Before beginning their essay, candidates should learn to analyse the task at hand. Candidates should be able to recognise keywords in the prompt, comprehend the topic, choose significant aspects to focus on in the essay, and finally, present and discuss different points of view in the essay.

PTE Exam Preparation with IELTS Ninja

The most important aspect to comprehend is the marking criteria because if you are completely familiar with this region, you will be able to react effectively. You will have completed 25% of your work if you understand the criteria of PTE on which you will be judged. All that’s left for you to do now is focus on those areas to improve.

The dream might become a reality by getting aboard the right platform. The IELTS Ninja website is the finest choice for you because the experts will assist and guide you in every element of the PTE exam.


This is the most important part of the examination. During this period, you should consider whether or not you require the services of a tutor. By going through the entire PTE paper procedure, including the pattern and questions, you may make your decision. If you believe you want assistance, you can go to the IELTS Ninja website to choose a permanent instructor.

If you have any questions or concerns about this test or any area of the paper, you should go to the IELTS Ninja website. Experts will provide you with the best advice for your goals and future. Also, please leave a remark in the box below with your thoughts.

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