In order to evaluate the command of an English language applicant in all aspects: reading, writing, speech, and listening, the IELTS 2021 Syllabus is divided into four sections. IELTS examination is a widely recognized English proficiency test, approved by leading universities around the world. The IELTS is a recognized language test. In all four sections of the exam, applicants must make every effort to ensure their total score is high enough for them to be accepted to the desired institution. In order to be able to achieve a good score, candidates must schedule an IELTS test based on the IELTS test program and pattern found on our website.

What is Flow Chart in IELTS Task 1?

The flow chart is a diagram that describes the process workflow. An algorithm is represented by a traditional flowchart while the IELTS Academic flowchart can also be about a procedure where you can find some kind of process being described that has some questions for you to answer. A candidate requires to write at least 150 words for the questions given on the basis of the flow chart.

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How to Write a Flow Chart?

To attempt the flow chart question there are few points that you have to keep in mind to achieve good marks in the writing section. You can get the flow chart of any process, machinery, or construction, so you have to prepare your writing piece according to the following points. Check out the flow chart IELTS explained below.

Understand the Flow Chart

It is very important for you to see and read the flow chart very carefully, if you just see it through and do not understand you can lose your marks. Spend a few minutes on understanding the flow chart. To understand the flow chart candidate needs to observe it closely, follow through it, and understand the stages and key concepts given in the flow chart. Make sure along with following through you are interpreting it all the way.

To understand the flow chart you also need to structure it according to the essay. Make sure what you are getting out of it is clearly understandable.  A report must make sense to the reader, with details presented in a logical order and appropriate links used to demonstrate relationships such as time, cause, and effect, as well as an effective division of the whole into paragraphs. Coherence and cohesion, in other words.

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Flow Chart Report Format

When you are going through the flow chart, understand it with the help of these points, what will be the introduction of the flow chart? What will be the overview of it, what will you write in the main body, and finally the conclusion. When you think this way, the task becomes easy to do and you have a structured answer in front of you. For the introduction, you can paraphrase the question itself as that is a gist of what the flow chart is all about. Give a great focus on the flowchart overview as it constitutes 25 % of the score. An overview should include a brief explanation of the flow chart with the key stages that are processing in it or mentioned in it. For this it is very important for you to understand the flow chart in great detail, if you misunderstood it in a hurry then you might end up losing hard-earned points.

Organize the Description of the Flow Chart

The structure of your answer holds great importance, you have to make sure that you don’t write the description just like that. Follow the points given above and go with the information given in the flow chart. Make sure when you are giving the overview you don’t miss any step in between or don’t try to adjust one point at the bottom. This will make you lose your marks. Try to link the elements of the flow chart together so that it makes a meaningful description.

You should keep in mind that you have to describe the flow chart in such a way that a layperson is able to understand it then only you will be able to write in a precise manner that will fetch you marks. You can use the linking words like After that, secondly, firstly, the next, or finally. Using these words will help you put focus on the process that is taking place. You can use connectors as well like at the same time, while, concurrently.

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The reader’s impression of you is always influenced by the tense and manner in which you speak. Try using the simple present (both active and passive forms) and the present perfect. Because we most likely use them to explain processes. You should exercise caution when using active and passive verbs. You should answer your description in a structured manner for a good impression.

Remember that you don’t have to give your opinion here, rather you have to just give your understanding of the information given in the flow chart in the answer. Your opinion is of no use here. So when you are concluding make sure you include all the elements and all the important points without missing out any.

Candidates for the IELTS writing tasks are always encouraged to show a wide range of vocabulary and to use less common items whenever possible and appropriate. Try not to repeat the sentence as it gives a bad impression and the examiner thinks that you just want to increase the word count. In other words, one way to get a high score is to be able to use synonyms and demonstrate lexical variety.

Flow Chart Sample Question and Answer

The flowchart depicts the various steps that a high school student must take in order to enter university.

After graduating from high school, students must submit an application for university admission. This is available for download from the university’s website. The application should then be submitted to the administration.

Applicants receive a response within two weeks, which may be a provisional acceptance, a rejection, or an acceptance. If a rejection is received, students can either cancel their application or submit an application for another course to the administration office.

A provisional acceptance indicates that additional documentation is required. Applicants in this situation should complete and submit the additional documentation to the office. When an acceptance letter is received, the applicant should fill out the enrollment form, choose which subjects he or she wants to study, and register with the dean. When all of this is completed, the applicant will be able to enrol in the university.

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It is important for a candidate who is planning to fly abroad to pursue his/her dream, to give the IELTS examination. IELTS examination has 4 sections and you have to give importance and practice time to each section. For the writing section, you get two tasks to complete in 60 minutes. You have to dedicate particular time to both the tasks, which is 20 minutes to task 1 and 40 minutes to task 2 to complete the section. For Writing task 1 that can include flow charts, you will get the tips to attempt this question above in this article along with sample questions and answers.

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