If you want to improve your IELTS score, then you must be wondering – “What sort of vocabularies should be used for the IELTS?”. One of the primary aspects you need to keep in mind is a good vocabulary. If your vocabulary for IELTS writing is good enough, there is a chance that your band score will be reasonably high.

Although there are no separate tests for the same, examiners always observe vocabulary during the reading, writing, and speaking assignments. It is quite essential for anyone appearing for the IELTS writing test to have a vast writing task vocabulary as the examiners consider the tasks. A good IELTS vocabulary is quite important, especially if you’re looking to achieve a higher than seven band.

Here are a few tips that will help you in improving your IELTS vocabulary.

  • Read More Books and Journals:

    Most of the time, you would be advised to read more books and magazines, watch TV shows and movies in English. It is for you to know how people speak in English. While it is a good idea, especially for the speaking assignment, you need to read academic books to learn more scholarly words.

When you see a word that sounds tough and hard to pronounce, please don’t skip it. Find out the origin of the word, its meaning, pronunciation, and see if you can use it in a sentence. Once you know the meaning, pronunciation and usage, it becomes part of your vocabulary. This is a great way to boost your IELTS speaking vocabulary.

  • Maintain a Notebook for IELTS Writing Vocabulary:

    Maintaining a notebook might seem like an old-fashioned and impossible task. But like students sitting for their board exams, even you would find it easy to maintain a notebook to write down the important words.

Write down all the new academic words you come across with their meaning and a couple of sentences that make use of these words. You can make use of this book for revision when the exams draw nearer. It is a less tedious task than carrying a dictionary with you. Writing down these words help you in familiarizing yourself with them and learning them quickly.

  • Practice Makes Perfect:

    Once you make use of a notebook to learn a new word, you need to try applying the word to a sentence in real life. For your speaking skill test, you can pick a topic and try the exercise, ensuring that you use that word in a sentence at least once or twice in your speech.

For the writing task, you need to ensure that you don’t overdo using these words in a sentence. But using them once or twice can strike a healthy balance. One key factor to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t dwell too much on a single word. Strike a healthy balance and find many related example words and sentences. That way, the examiners will be able to realize how serious your efforts are.

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  • Make Use of Apps:

    It is uncommon to find anyone without a smartphone. There are many apps on Google Play Store or on other App stores that can help you improve your vocabulary. Making use of apps on your mobile means, you can do it even during your leisure hours.

With the internet, a quick Google search will tell you everything you need to know about the word, its pronunciation, and more. It means you can update your IELTS vocabulary book at any time you desire. It saves time and doesn’t even need to be a part of your schedule.

  • Utilize YouTube for Better Knowledge:

    YouTube is everyone’s best friend these days. It’s one of the most in-demand mediums for entertainment. It should come as no surprise that several channels provide you with the skills needed to improve your vocabulary for IELTS.

Every channel has a different approach, using different academic words and other important methods you can use for your vocabulary. You can learn more than 2000 words easily if you use a good YouTube channel for this purpose. If you learn at least 100 words, then you’re in the right place when it comes to your academics.

  • The Newspaper is Your Friend:

    ‘Reading the newspaper is good for your grammar’, and we are all familiar with it. As school students, this is a lesson drilled into our heads by our English and Social science teachers. Reading is the best method to help you learn new IELTS vocabulary words..

You can subscribe to a newspaper online or get a physical copy and read it with your breakfast. When you read articles, make sure you highlight academic words that you don’t understand. Check the word in your dictionary and write it in your notebook. Following this habit will help you in preparing for your IELTS quite a lot.


Understanding academic words is as important as understanding conversational words. For the latter, you can make use of TV and fictional books for good understanding. But as far as academic words are concerned, you need to find different sources for learning them. With good preparation, you will be able to do an excellent job on your IELTS tests.

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