In today’s blog, we will be discussing a recent IELTS Writing task 1 question that appeared recently at Jaipur in September 2022.  A map of a town named Willington had come during this task. The town was depicted in the form of a map in three different years. Changes in the town in terms of its geography were visible in the three maps. 

We will analyze this question along with discussing ways of dealing with this question. We will then attempt an ideal answer so that you understand how to write the appropriate answer.

Writing task 1 that comes for the IELTS Writing exam is usually a depiction that needs to be analyzed. Once you understand what these representations are trying to say, you will be able to write accurate answers during your IELTS exam. IELTS Writing is an important part of the IELTS exam that takes place and writing task 1 needs to be handled with tact.

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Analysis Of  The IELTS Writing Task 1 Exam Question – Map of a town

The maps above display changes that have taken place in a town named Willington in three years- 1780, 1860 and 2000.

In the year 1780, there was a river in the town along with woods. There were about 100 homes and two villages in Willington and most of the town was covered in farmland.

In 1860,  a bridge had been constructed over the river body and roads too were visible. The number of homes had doubled from 100 in 1780 to 200 in 1860. The farmland had reduced into half and the woods too had reduced in terms of area.

In the year of 2000, the river body had paved some of the way for a wetland for birds. The bridge remained intact and more roads were constructed. The homes had increased to 500. There were shops in Willington along with schools and sports fields. It had turned into a commercial town by 2000.


In the introduction, you must state what the three maps of Willington depict. You must also talk about interesting features that you notice in the three maps and how the town has changed over time. 

In the other two paragraphs, you should talk about all the features that you notice in the three different years- 1860, 1780 and 2000. Just mentioning the changes that you observe will be sufficient as far as the report is concerned. Do not write any conclusions regarding what you see.

Ideal Answer

The map depicts changes that have taken place in a town named Willington in the years 1780, 1860 and 2000. The only thing that has remained unchanged is the river body. We can see that the town has gradually become commercial over the years as it has facilities such as schools, shops, sports fields, bridges, new homes as well as roads.

In 1780, there was a river in the town and the woods area was also more. There were just 100 homes in the town and most of the area was covered in farmland. By 1860, the town had turned more residential and there was a bridge that was constructed over the river body. The homes had doubled from 100 in 1780 to 200 in 1860 and there was a road. The farmland and the woods area had shrunk.

In 2000, the town had turned residential and commercial both. There were more roads and the number of houses had reached 500. Shops had opened up along with schools for children and sports fields. The facilities had increased considerably in 2000. There was also a large lake towards the south side of the river. 

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