The cue card section of IELTS Speaking can be an easy one if you attempt it right. With a preparation time of just 1 minute, you have to come up with the answer by using your brainstorming abilities. The topic can be related to anything possible so it’s better for you to practice a lot of cue card topics before the main exam.
In this article, we have a cue card topic for you which is “Talk about your level of English”. Read the sections carefully to learn how to answer a topic like this.

IELTS Speaking Topic: Talk about Your Level of English Cue Card

While answering a cue card topic, you should say these:
What is it?
How and when you started to learn English?
Are you satisfied with your current level?
What would you like to improve your current language ability?

IELTS Speaking: Talk about Your Level of English Cue Card Sample 1

Well, I am now a multilingual (linguist) who is an experienced user of Punjabi and Hindi and considers my skill in English to be mild.
I was not fortunate enough to attend an English medium school, so I began learning English in sixth grade. Mr Singh, my English tutor, taught me the fundamentals of this language while I was in school.
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How and When You Started to Learn English?: IELTS Preparation

His teaching style was really fascinating, and he made us realise how important it is to be fluent in English. Aside from classes, I practised my English by watching English movies and reading novels. Well, I can keep a discussion on most subjects, as I discovered during my brief vacation to Delhi, where I spoke with a tourist for the very first time.
But even so, I believe I still lack faith, and I sometimes make grammatical errors, particularly while talking. That is why I want to continue honing my language skills and gaining command of it.

Add a Conclusion to Your Cue Card Answer

Since I want to study abroad in the future. So I’m thinking about enrolling in a language school and becoming a fluent speaker, which will undoubtedly help me communicate better while I’m overseas.

IELTS Speaking: Talk about Your Level of English Sample 2

People may add a new feather to their hat by learning a foreign language. It is now more important than ever to speak English because it is widely spoken all over the world. As a result, speaking English makes people feel more proud and optimistic. And about me, I can speak fluent English and enjoy speaking in it. When I started kindergarten, I learned the language for the first time.

Break the Paragraph and Continue with Your Answer

My mentor used to train us in English by introducing us to Phonics tones. As a result, I eventually understood. Now I can talk like anybody, and I don’t have an identity crisis as all of my peers do because of their inability to speak it. I may speak well with an emphasis on grammar, but I also maintain that I blow things out of proportion, which I must limit in order to speak flawlessly. I’m hoping this will go away soon because I’ve begun to work on it, and I know that practise makes better.

Follow Up Questions: Talk about Your Level of English 

Have You Learned a Foreign Language?

Yes, I learnt a foreign language because it is commonly used around the world, and I now do all of my work in English. If a person is speaking English, it is assumed that he or she is literate and fashionable. As a result, a person’s ability to converse in English earns them respect and elevates them to the ranks of gentleman and gentlewoman.

Do You Want to Teach English in Future?

Yes, I want to teach English in the future because I am already doing so, and I would like to continue doing so in the future. I plan to teach in rural areas where students are unable to communicate in English. So I believe that by doing so, I would be able to eradicate students’ apprehension about learning English and allow them to speak fluently.

Why Do Some People Learn Faster Than the Others?

Since no 2 persons are similar, it is dependent on the understanding of the people. Some people learn easily because of their aptitude, ability to learn, and sound grammar. Others lag behind whether they are shy, hesitant, or fearful of knowing it.

IELTS Speaking: Talk about Your Level of English Cue Card Sample 3

English is an enigmatically descriptive tongue. English has become an essential part of our lives as a result of modernization. Its importance can be seen in nearly any sector. I’m interested in studying new languages, to be sure. I am a multi – lingual person. I am fluent in three languages: English, Punjabi, and Hindi. I’ve also talked with native English users a few times and found it easy to talk with them. I am also fluent in English. To be more specific, I attended a Punjabi school until the sixth grade.

Ass Detail to Your IELTS Speaking Test Answer

As a result, I was not fortunate enough to begin learning English in kindergarten. As time went by, I began to create a lot of curiosity in this language. My teacher educated me on the many advantages of studying English. I began watching YouTube videos to develop my vocabulary and grammar. Over time, I accumulated enough understanding of the English language to be able to speak it confidently in front of others. My English standard is intermediate, I’ll admit. Nearly every day, I am learning new vocabulary to expand my understanding of this language. And I assure myself that one day I will be better at speaking English.
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IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic 2021

Describe a short-term job you would like to do abroad.
Talk about something or someone that made a lot of noise.
Describe an unforgettable bike trip you had.
Talk about an unforgettable car trip you had.
Talk about an unforgettable road trip you had.
Describe an occasion when you wasted your time.
Talk about an occasion when you utilized your leisure time.
Talk about an interesting discussion that you had with someone.
Talk about a toy that you liked when you were a child.
Describe a time when your computer broke down.
Talk about a time when your computer was infected with the virus.
Talk about a time when you visited a farm or met with a farmer.
Describe a time when you saw a wild animal.
Talk about a time when you encountered a wild animal.
Describe a prize you want to win.

Cue Card Topic 2021 IELTS Speaking 

Talk about a prize you won.
Describe a person who wears unusual clothes.
Talk about a person who wears ethnic clothes.
Describe a person who wears traditional clothes.
Talk about a person who wears branded clothes.
Talk about a new public building/place, which you would like to visit.
Describe a mistake you have made.
Talk about a goal that you achieved, which was set by yourself.
Describe a dinner that you enjoyed last night.
Talk about a lunch that you enjoyed.
Describe a breakfast that you enjoyed.
Talk about your first day at school.
Describe your first day at the institute.
Talk about your favourite weather.
Describe your favourite singer.
Talk about your favourite clothes.

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Cue Card Topics for IELTS Preparation

Talk about the first time when you used a foreign language to communicate.
Describe an old person you know and respect.
Talk about an old friend that you got contact again.
Describe an occasion when you stood in a long queue.
Talk about an occasion when you forgot something important.
Describe an occasion when you ate something for the first time.
Talk about an interesting tradition in your country.
Describe an interesting ritual in your country.
Talk about an intelligent person you know.
Describe an ideal job you would like to do in the future.
Talk about an event you experienced in which you didn’t like the music.
Talk about an energetic person you know.
Describe a lazy person you know.
Talk about a hilarious person you know.
Describe about an art exhibition that you visited.
Talk about a museum that you visited.
Describe about a library that you visited.
Talk about an area of science that interests you.

IELTS Preparation for Speaking

Struggling with the IELTS speaking preparation? Follow these preparation tips and see the change for yourselves.

Be Fluent while Speaking

Don’t be afraid; it’s fine if you don’t have a large vocabulary. Avoid pauses and pay attention to grammar and diction. Don’t speak too quickly, and make sure you’re clear when you do.

Sample Questions for Practice

There are several sample IELTS speech resources available for instruction. Choose a subject from the sample question paper and attempt to talk about it. Take notes on what you say. Then, recognise the flaws and devise a strategy to solve them.

Ask Questions

There really is nothing wrong with telling the examiner to clarify a question if you don’t grasp it. If you have any query about the question, you can ask the interviewer to repeat it for you. You would not lose marks for questioning doubts.

Incorporate Emotions into Your Speech

Choose your vocabulary carefully when doing the speech exam. Bring in emotions anywhere they are needed. Make an effort to sound like a fluent English speaker.

Increase the Length of Your Speech

If the interviewer requests you to talk on a certain subject, do not do so in a single statement. Make an effort to cover the whole subject.
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Don’t Panic if You Make a Mistake

Do not be alarmed if you make a mistake while speaking. Instead, attempt to undo the error. If the reasoning process is sound, no points will be deducted.

Set Aside Some Time to Think about an Answer

Pay close attention to the issue. If you do not know what this means or are uncertain about the answer, tell the examiner straight away so that he can give you another subject. Alternatively, request more time to consider the response. The examiner does not hesitate to grant you more time.


Now that you have learned how to think of a cue card topic answer and speak it out in a perfect way. Don’t forget to follow the tips given in this article which will enhance your IELTS speaking preparation to a next level.
If you still need more help and guidance regarding IELTS speaking or any other section of IELTS, you can visit IELTS Ninja. In IELTS Ninja, you will find a wide variety of courses along with specialized mentors to get you your dream band.
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