IELTS is an exam of checking your English skills and this exam has four parts – listening, writing, reading and speaking. To achieve a good score in the IELTS test, it is absolutely important to give proper attention to each of the sections and prepare equally well for each of those.

No matter whatever the exam is, one has to practice on a regular basis to crack that. For effective practising in 2020, one must get hold of accurate sample questions of the IELTS speaking topics part 3.

Here in this article, you will find IELTS speaking part 3 questions and answers 2019 that will help aspirants in mastering the IELTS speaking test questions.

IELTS Speaking Test Questions

The following follow-up questions were asked to a student who gave his IELTS speaking exam. You can first read the question, answer it without looking at the sample answers and later on, you can compare your answers with the given sample responses.

IELTS Speaking Question

What are the advantages of working under pressure?

IELTS speaking answer- One advantage if an employee is made to work under pressure is that he can complete his targets and all the work in a disciplined environment within the specified deadlines. Another advantage is that the employee becomes more efficient and productive as he works comparatively fast, being able to deliver his tasks well on time.

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Question from IELTS Speaking Topic – Workplace

Does it have any disadvantages also?

IELTS test answer- Yes, it can be disadvantageous as well if an employee who is working under excessive work pressure can lose his temper and may outburst by expressing even no willingness to do the work. Every employee has his own way of dealing with pressure and the extent to which he can deal with it.

For example, if a short-tempered employee is pressured a lot, he may lose his temperament easily as compared to others who keep a lot of patience at work. Thus, it depends upon the individual but it is also true that there’s a limit to pressurise an individual.

IELTS Speaking Test Questions

What is the importance of having days off?

IELTS speaking topics part 3 answer- It is extremely essential to have days off since an individual can perform better if he takes enough rest for which he needs a weekend off. It would be a mind relaxing time for an employee who is spending time with family by watching TV, playing games or doing other recreational activities.

From Monday to Friday, employees are already working for 8 to 12 hours. They do not get time for their family members and other activities at home. Hence, 1-2 days off on Saturday and Sunday rejuvenates them enough that they get ready to perform the daily tasks next week as well.

Question from IELTS Speaking Task 3 Topics

What is the best way through which an employee can be compensated for working extra hours or days?

IELTS speaking answer- I think the best way an employer can compensate the employees for working some extra time is with money only. Such employees should be paid incentives or extra wages for spending extra hours. This would help them to stay motivated for working more.

Other than this, these employees can be appreciated by their bosses in the office for doing extra work. If they are recognized for the kind of work they do, they would love to keep on doing so in the future also.

Question from IELTS Speaking Topic

Do you think that technology reduces work pressures nowadays?

IELTS speaking answer– Yes, I agree that technology has drastically improved the way man used to work earlier. With advanced technological devices such as a computer, printer etc., it was tedious to perform calculations and storing files manually.

But now with the availability of the internet and electronic devices, all the work gets done so easily. These devices are more efficient than the humans and hence, this has reduced workload on manpower.


IELTS speaking questions can be of different types and there are many IELTS speaking task 3 topics from which any questions can appear. To achieve a good score in it, aspirants have to prepare well and practice even better. Hopefully, this article will help you achieve your desired score. Best of luck!

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