The IELTS test assesses your abilities to listen, read, write and speak in English, in a time duration of fewer than three hours. The test measures the proficiency of students who wish to study or reside where English is the language of communication. It measures students on a nine-band scale to identify the different levels of proficiency. An individual with little to none English proficiency will have a band score of 1 and an expert will have a band score of 9.

Students preparing for the IELTS exam often wonder about the preparation strategy and whether there are free IELTS practice tests available online? To know more about the IELTS preparation strategy, pattern and mock tests continue reading this blog.

What Is the Pattern of the IELTS Exam?

The IELTS exam is divided into four sections: Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. The duration of the IELTS exam in 2 hours 45 minutes. The Listening section lasts for 30 minutes and is divided into 4 sections. The candidate needs to answer 40 questions in this section.

The reading section lasts for 60 minutes and you need to answer 40 questions in this section. The questions generally pertain to the issues that the students will face while completing their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The writing section consists of two questions and the students need to answer these questions by writing essays, with a word limit of 250 words. The candidate has one hour to complete this section. The speaking section lasts for 11 – 15 minutes. The section will consist of a face to face interview with the examiner and then it will check whether you can communicate effectively in English.

Why should You Attempt Practice Tests?

Students preparing for IELTS often think that reading the material thoroughly will be enough for them to secure a good band score in the IELTS exam. That where your assumptions are inaccurate. There are multiple advantages of attempting a practice exam:

  • Time management: Candidates get a proper idea of how to attempt the exam within a proper time frame. Time management is an important factor while preparing for a competitive exam. Students need to understand how much time they need to give to each section properly to perform well in the exam
  • Assessment Criteria: Students get a proper idea of how and what criteria they will be assessed.
  • Answering Strategies: Students get an idea of how to attempt different sections and they can try out different answering strategies.
  • Changing Exam Patterns: Patterns of the exams are constantly changing, and attempting these mock exams is always a good idea to keep in touch with the changing exam patterns.

Is Attempting Online Mock Tests better than Preparing for IELTS Offline?

When you are looking for a source to attempt the IELTS practice test then you will have two options to choose from, offline and online. So, whether you should choose offline or online? Many aspirants believe that giving offline tests is better than online tests as you can face whatever fears you might have during the examinations. But attempting the IELTS online practise exam is a far better option than you think.

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Benefits of IELTS Online Practice Tests

There are multiple benefits of attempting IELTS mock tests online, free or paid. You don’t have to worry about the speaking and listening section of the IELTS practise exam online, because there are multiple tests available for you to attempt on various sites. The benefits of attempting an online test are as follows.

  • You get the Result at the Same Moment

It generally takes time to calculate your result if you are attempting an offline test series. But in an online test, you will get instant results which will help you analyze the mistakes you made, at the same instant. Analyzing your test and mistakes is an important step while preparing for the IELTS exam as it will ensure that you don’t repeat the mistakes you made in the previous test. These mock tests aim to ensure constant improvement. 

  •  Low Cost

Online tests series charge extremely low costs. If you do not wish to pay for the course, you can only pay for the test series as well. A lot of websites also provide you with free courses which are extremely convenient to take as you don’t have to pay anything extra. 

  •  Multiple Options

It is not easy to choose an offline test series as you have to pay for them generally. You don’t know which option to choose or will it be worth it after choosing the option. Whereas online IELTS mock tests free or paid, are available in a variety of options and you can choose from any of the available options with just a click. You can save a lot of time and resources for this method.

  • Attempt Multiple Tests

While attempting an offline test series you don’t know about the quality of the test and the marking scheme until you have attempted the test. As there are no demo tests in an offline test series, if you don’t like the test there is no way you can leave the test series as you have already paid for it. But when it comes to online tests you can sign up for a demo test before attempting the test series. In an offline test series, you can take only a single test on a day, but in an online test series, you can attempt multiple tests in a single day as per your convenience.

The Best Online Platform to Attempt Mock IELTS Test

There are multiple platforms available to take the IELTS mock test for free. The official IELTS website provides two free mock tests after you register for the IELTS. You can also find other websites that provide you with a free IELTS practice test.

You can also check out IELTS Ninja’s question paper section. The section contains model test papers on each of the four parts of the exam which you can attempt at your own convenience. You will get a detailed report about your performance and you can focus more on the topics you are weak in.

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For IELTS, like any other competitive examination, your practice needs to be thorough and good. There are various practice tests available for every exam, and the same is the case with IELTS. You can make the most out of various test series available on the internet. If you are still not convinced with the advantages of enrolling yourselves in an online test series, you can always opt for an offline test series. The final choice is yours. There are multiple paid as well as free test series available on the internet so you must do your research.

To know and read more about the IELTS exam, keep visiting the IELTS Ninja website or click here. 

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