The practice is required for every exam, no matter what the exam is all about. If the IELTS exam is concerned then to achieve a good band score, one has to dedicatedly prepare for the test and has to give proper and equal attention to each part of the examination.

Just like any other section such as listening, reading or writing, IELTS speaking questions part 2 also demands a high level of attention and dedication as there can be various cue card topics which one has to answer properly.

In this article, one IELTS previous year question papers from IELTS speaking part 2 topics along with the sample answer is offered. Let’s have a look at those.

IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card Questions

A candidate who appeared in the IELTS speaking exam in the past reported a cue card topic that was asked to him by the examiner. You can practice it first and then compare your response with the following model answer.

IELTS Speaking Topics Part 2 Cue Card Question

Talk about a time when you had to get ready for a special moment

  • What moment it was
  • What did you do then
  • Who helped you for it

Explain whether you became successful

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Sample Answer for IELTS Cue Card Question from IELTS Speaking Task 2 Topic

Last year, I had to get ready for my cousin’s marriage. It was held in the month of December and I still remember that it was too cold on that day. It was an extremely special moment for me and my family members since my cousin sister was getting married. In order to get ready, I had purchased a beautiful traditional saree along with matching accessories such as earrings, necklace, earrings, sandals and others.

Explain your IELTS Speaking Answer

Another cousin of mine helped me to get ready wearing everything properly. I wore a pink coloured Indian saree and matching high heel sandals. The saree had very beautiful embroidery on the border which was red in colour and hence I chose to wear red accessories with it.

It was an auspicious occasion and I wanted to dress up nicely. The way my cousin assisted me in getting ready for the day was really helpful. Also, she herself is a beautician and knows all the tips on how to look good with great makeup and style for the wedding event.

Conclude Your IELTS Speaking Task 2 Topics Answer

In the end, I got successful in being dressed up the way I wanted as I got appreciation from everybody in the wedding party with good comments on my dressing style and the accessories that I wore for the day. It was truly a memorable day for me.

Tips for IELTS Speaking Test Questions

Here’re some tips that will help you achieve your desired IELTS score in the IELTS speaking test.

  • Practice note-making within a minute. Underline important words in each IELTS cue card and write 2-3 keywords against the IELTS speaking task 2 topics to build up that point.
  • For IELTS speaking, it is important to practice talking. Practice it for at least 3-4 minutes at a stretch. Pick any IELTS speaking part 2 topics and speak about that aloud for 4 minutes. Do this regularly.
  • Pick any IELTS question and start answering that while you stand in front of the mirror. This will help you monitor your body language. Your body language mist shows your confidence.
  • Keep in mind these things to avoid while answering IELTS speaking test questions – pausing, answering in one word or single sentences, showing a low level of confidence.


To conclude, aspirants must understand that an examiner might even pardon a slip of tongue if the candidate looks confident in his or her skills. So, no matter what the IELTS speaking test question is, you have to be confident.

Hopefully, this previous year’s IELTS speaking question will help you understand the format better. Try answering this question using a stopwatch and see how much time you are taking. Best of luck!

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