There are many circumstances where you will be asked to speak on the spot. Well, some will be confident enough with full knowledge to speak, but some will don’t know what to say and some may freeze on the spot. But, when you prepare for IELTS, which assesses you based on four tasks: reading, speaking, writing and listening.

The IELTS exam gives you an on the spot topic, and you will only have a minute to decide what to speak. One should be ready for it and should be well prepared beforehand. This article will provide you with a sample cue card with two answers to describe a good law in your country, so that you will have an abstract idea of what to speak. Read the full article to prepare well.

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Describe a Good Law in Your Country

You should say-

What is the law

How you came to know about this law

Whom does it affect

Why is it good

Cue Card Topic – Describe a Good Law in Your Country Sample Answer One

What Is the Law?

Thank you for this topic. Laws are an integral part of human existence, which the government forms so that this society runs smoothly. Without the laws and rules, one will be living in chaos and destruction. There are many laws that are implemented for society’s peace and harmony, like banning smoking in public places, ensuring safety while driving, strict actions against women assault and deforestation.

I am going to talk about the law which states the law banning the use of polyester bags and their use in the market. This was the breaking news that came on TV a week ago. This law will affect everyone in the country.

How You Came to Know about This Law?

In 2016, India prohibited the usage of carrying bags below 50 microns thickness, but it was not brought into force well, because of the absence of possibilities.

Nonetheless, in June 2018, on World Environment Day, the topic was “Beat Plastic Pollution”, and so the administration has schemed to be authoritarian in the commission of this law.

Whom does It Affect?

Honestly, this year, India was the worldwide host of World Environment Day. So, our PM Mr Narendra Modi invited every union territory and state to undertake an enormous movement against the use of plastics. Plastic in all forms such as plastic bottles, carry bags and drinking straws have been prohibited and strict penalties are imposed on the people who sell or use plastic of this law.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance that is very harmful to nature. It is not decomposed by microorganisms and that’s why it stays on the earth, releasing chemicals as it gets corroded. It spreads various types of pollution like chemical pollution, soil pollution, air pollution and water pollution. It even affects the flora and fauna, by destroying them.

Why is it Good?

This law is a very good law towards this biosystem and ecology. But, the government can only pass the law, the implementation is in our hands. We all should abide by the law and spread awareness to let people know what it means and what is the requirement for it. People should make a habit of carrying a jute/cotton bag to the market and say no to plastic bags.

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IELTS Speaking Sample Answer Two – Describe a Good Law in Your Country 

What Is the Law?

India in April 2014 had made corporate social responsibility law.  This law has been enforced for all the corporate world, like the companies which have the profit margins and exceed them by 2% to make profits towards their professional motives. This law is excellent enforcement by the government, as this will help to vanish the line between the poor and rich, to a greater extent.

How You Came to Know about this Law?

I have a habit of reading the newspapers everyday because it is like a tradition in our house and everyone has this habit. While reading the paper on one fine day in April 2014. This law was the breaking news that day though there was an amendment called the Companies Act, 2013. This act is for the corporate companies which obtain wealth. There are many IT giants in our country which and this law was brought in at the correct time.

Whom does it Affect?

Several corporations have been found to be unusual in paying their taxes and tariffs. So this law is a helpful strategy to involve these corporations in nation-building. There are honourable motives behind the enactment of the law. Corporations will be paying some money towards an ethical factor such as eradication of illiteracy, enhancing health disorders etc. This law will help every corporation to add objective and signifying to their constitution. Be it direct investment or commission through partnered federations, this law has assured that the needier categories of the nation obtain some substantial usefulness.

Why is it Good?

Some corporations have enforced proposals involving their workers. So people at functions can also feel comfortable about contributing to the population in some way. When corporations work hand-in-hand with NGOs, we can anticipate greater relief strategies for the needy.

The entire nation is interested to know the productivity status of this commission. It has already developed an uproar and is probable to be more profitable. I’m sure that many more nations will follow suit.

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IELTS Speaking Exam: Follow Up Questions

Do You Believe this Law is Favorable to the Nation?

This law is very favourable to the nation and everyone should accept this. There is always pollution which needs to be decreased and it is also harmful to our biosystem. There is always a growing density of environmental issues in society and one should make efforts to preserve nature.

Is There any Circumstance Wherein People May Violate the Law?

There are many situations where people disobey the law and sometimes violate it. The initial reason that people are not willing to follow the law is for their own greed and benefits. These laws may cause inconvenience to them and that’s why they give up.

Do People Like Civil Servant Officers in Your Country?

Yes, several people in my nation like being a civil servant officer. Every year there are various people who take the examinations to become a civil servant officer. The competition that stands for such exams is an obvious pointer that many people attempt to serve as a civil servant and serve their nation.

What Qualities should a Civil Servant Have?

A civil servant should have many qualities. He/she should be physically healthy and energetic and should possess an enthusiasm to serve the people and the Country. Some additional qualities are honesty, willingness to investigate for the reality and bring righteousness to people, some abilities like martial arts or other such fighting techniques to fight the robbers, strength, boldness, perseverance, and several extra such aspects.

Why do You Think Some People want to be a Lawyer?

Several people choose to be a lawyer because they want to guarantee that everyone obtains justice and is administered lawfully by the law. They may have a desire to struggle for others’ freedoms and guarantee that everyone receives a fair opportunity to justify their litigations. Some people select this career because of the possibilities of obtaining wealth and prestige.

Should there be Strict Actions Against People Who Talk on the Phone While Driving?

These days automobiles are well prepared with a network wherein you can connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and you can be handsfree, without actually lifting the phone and still use your smartphone. However, if a driver is speaking or texting on the phone while steering he/she should be heavily penalised and strict actions should be taken.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to answer the speaking questions in IELTS. IELTS is an exam to ensure you have a decent language capability so that you don’t have any problems while you stay in an English-speaking country. There are numerous articles and courses on IELTS Ninja, which will help and guide you so that you can score your desired band score. The articles are also divided as per the tasks provided in IELTS so that you can move freely and can view them as per your comfort.

If you have any doubts, queries or questions, please feel free to drop them in the comment section below, we will be glad to assess and guide you. All the best for your examination.

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