What will you speak when someone describes a piece of local news that people are interested in? Well, IELTS asks topics like these and many have no idea what to speak because speaking accurately and fluently is important. They will give you a minute to sort your data out and come with the information to speak. One needs to understand that though the language is important, it also measures your knowledge.

Aspirants need to understand that, they need to develop a habit of speaking in English daily and have conversations on various topics and themes. One can go for live sessions which are trending on various social media platforms and speak up there. Put your views and ideas in your speech. This article will help you boost your speech with adequate knowledge for the IELTS exam preparation. The speaking topic will have two sample answers so that you will get a clear idea. Stay tuned till the end.

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Describe a Piece of Local News that People are Interested In

Describe a piece of local news that people are interested in

You should say-

What was it about?

Where did you see/hear it?

Who was involved?

And explain why people were interested in it?

Answer One: Cue Card Topic – Describe a Piece of Local News that People are Interested In

What was It About?

Vietnam is a prominent Southeastern Asian province with a tropical temperature. The nation has a varied population with their respective civilization and nationalities but one aspect is very popular here and extraordinary – bond with the house and family members.

Previously, a local TV broadcast has attracted many people’s attention to the case of a household. It is assessed in Vietnam that household is the most significant aspect to adore and therefore all the Vietnamese their peak importance to the house and family members. They adore caring for their households and in fact, they do everything for their households. The bonding and love among the house members are outstanding. The TV broadcast also reflected how numerous families are residing under the exact shed for years.

Where did You See/ Hear about It?

Usually, I watch TV in the night hours every day and primarily watch the news and the summary on the Vietnamese community draws my attention and in fact all the people living in my country. I am adequately conscious of the rituals and cultures of my nation but I was unfamiliar with the speciality and individualism. The news revealed the incidents and also took conferences from some of the house members to assure the genuineness of the summary. This is entirely a very good habit of the nation that still the households live jointly while the outline is distinct in the other nations. Family breakdown is a widespread problem for them and the majority of the households are nuclear. But both the nuclear and extended households are seen here.

Who was Involved?

I was familiar with the principle but it was for the original time for me to learn that this was our distinctive cultural ritual. In reality, I am a bit shy about not realizing the reality and had to learn about it from the TV broadcast. But I am delighted that we can live together in a household and happily which is difficult for others. It is an extremely normal event in my nation, Vietnam, where a dad is staying with his son and his household. There are no quarrels or difficulties with any of the problems. Life drives peacefully. The earning member of the household receives the dough and shares it with everyone else, even those who are unemployed. Additionally, when it is time for the others to do something for the household, they do it flawlessly.

Why are People Interested In It?

The announcement was intriguing to me in many ways. Firstly, I was unfamiliar with this different cultural element. I have been residing in an extended household with my grandparents, and paternal uncles with their spouses and kids. I could not retain the thought that this stood as a cultural ritual for the country. So, originally, the TV broadcast felt fascinating to me and for the whole nation. Secondly, I was pleased with this point that the statement was being glimpsed by a huge number of people and they would come to understand the distinct culture of my region which is a topic of pride for all the Vietnamese society.

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Answer Two: Cue Card Topic Describe a Piece of Local News that People are Interested In


The news is an important and crucial part of my town’s residents. Residents are extremely interested in reading and watching the news. Our town is one of the highest literacy rates in India. I would today, be glad to talk about a recent article in our local newspaper that attracted the whole town

What was it About?

The news was about a theft case which happened at a Museum which had many precious and ancient artefacts which is the most popular site in our town. The whole town was in shock because the place was heavily guarded and armed. The place would have high-security systems and also people were checked thoroughly every day, not even a clip was allowed inside. The CCTVs were thoroughly checked but no evidence of any tape nor any other evidence. There was no one found suspects and the theft was clean with no fingerprints.

Where did You See/ Hear about It?

I was sipping my morning coffee when I read this news. But, then they had found the computer systems being hacked and then they reviewed the footage. Hopefully, they got it and this came in our local news channel. The thieves used many advanced techniques for the robbery, but at last, they were caught.

Who was Involved?

The news said that two of the robbers were the guards that worked there and the other people had a computer engineer and two worked in a bank nearby. They had sneaked the other two in and the computer hacker had hacked the CCTV footage while the guards had wiped the fingerprints clean.

Why are People Interested in It?

People were more drawn to the fact that all these thieves knew each other because their professions and living areas were very far and distinct. Even though the choice was different, they picked more paintings rather than picking up the valuable pots and artefacts which were not even touched. People say that thieves like this aim to destroy our history by doing a favour to greed.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3: Questions with Answers 

These are some questions that might be asked after speaking part two

Number One 

Do people read the newspaper or watch the news in your area?

Ans- Yes, people in my town read newspapers daily, and our literacy rate is also high. The town has also recorded the largest number of sales of newspapers in this year. We all are prone to reading and increasing our knowledge as much as possible. The city dwellers in our town are mostly educated and many town-halls have frequent debates, discussions and meetings about these articles.

Number Two 

What do people prefer, local or multinational news?

Well, when there was a statistical analysis last time down in our town during a meeting, it roughly showed 49% preferred international news while the other half preferred local news. The international news was preferred because the business page and local news helped them know about their town’s status.

Number Three

Do you believe it’s significant to have a national personality?

The answer is yes, and I think that it’s very important to have a national identity. After all, you need an ID card to prove your existence and identity on this planet. A national identity creates an altar that can be used to excel in our future. In Olympics, players have two identities, which is personal and national.

Number Four 

How can one cultivate their national identity?

I think there are numerous paths to construct national identity. The shortest one would be to dress like an aboriginal countryman. It makes people say that you are your nation. The next one would be to go and prepare your permit – Your gateway to a seamless journey!

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Hopefully, this article provided you with all the speaking answers for the cue card topic. There are even follow up questions and they will help you to answer your speaking around 3 questions. There are more articles to help you on IELTS Ninja, all the best.

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