If you are aiming to go abroad for professional reasons or want to pursue higher studies in any English speaking country then you have to give proof of your English efficiency. IELTS aka International English Language Testing System is one of the most popular and widely taken tests for proving English proficiency.

To prove one’s English efficiency, one has to go through four sections of the test such as speaking, reading, writing and listening. One has to prepare and perform well in all the parts of exams to get an overall good band score.

As this is a test for checking the English proficiency level, one has to use good words in his/ her tasks. Vocabulary words for IELTS speaking play an important role in achieving good marks.

Here in this blog, you will find a list of topic-related vocabulary and linking words for IELTS speaking. So let’s begin the journey of finding the best words for IELTS speaking.

Topic Related Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

Here is some topic related vocabulary for the IELTS speaking test. By learning and using this vocabulary for IELTS speaking you can secure good marks in your IELTS test.

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Travel & Holiday Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

Words to use in IELTS speaking Usage
Wildlife safari I have a dream of going on a wildlife safari someday.
Youth hostel In our college days, we used to stay in youth hostels whenever we went for small budget trips.
Tourist trap He has visited many tourist traps.
Travel agency They went to a travel agency and then booked their trip package.
Travel on foot/ horse I have never travelled on a horse but I really wish to.
Stunning landscape It is his passion to capture stunning landscapes through his camera.
Places of interest We usually make a list of places of interest and then start our trip.
Package tour They manage a package tour business.
Picturesque village She has a nice cottage in a picturesque village.
Breathtaking view The breathtaking view of the mountain mesmerized us.
Accommodation They are looking for some budget accommodation.
Busman’s holiday They used to spend the busman’s holiday.
Self-catering Many find self-catering to be very efficient.

IELTS Speaking Hometown Vocabulary

IELTS speaking hometown vocabulary Example in sentence
Residential area We are looking for a peaceful residential area to rent a house.
Inner-city My cousin lives in the inner-city.
High-rise flats Our locality is full of high-rise flats.
Pavement cafes He runs a pavement cafe.
Sprawling city He lives in a sprawling city.
Upmarket shops We have the upmarket shop in the centre.
Local facilities They are looking for good local facilities.
In the suburbs My parents prefer to live in the suburbs than in busy city areas.
Poor housing The company is making a list of poor housing complexes present in the city.
Traffic congestion Traffic congestion is a major problem in many areas.

Hobbies Vocabulary IELTS

Hobbies vocabulary IELTS Usage of good words
Camping They are interested in camping with us.
Climbing She wants to learn climbing so that she can go on adventure trips.
Photography Photography has always been my passion.
DIY I like to watch DIY videos and learn different things from those.
Antiques He has a great collection of antiques.
Jogging They have joined a jogging club.
Hiking Hiking is a good kind of exercise.
Skiing We went skiing in our last to last winter vacation.
Play He plays badminton regularly.

Family Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

Family vocabulary words Usage of good words
Sibling rivalry Sibling rivalry is very common between siblings having lesser age gaps.
Close-knit family She belongs to a close-knit family.
Get along She doesn’t get along well with her cousins.
Gathering Even though we live in separate cities, we still try to manage family gatherings on various occasions.
Get-together As she moved out of town last year, she missed most of the get-together.
Immediate family All my immediate family members live in the suburbs.
Extended family He lives in one of his extended family member’s houses.
Relatives Not all relatives are well-wishers, some enjoy watching others struggle.
Run in the family Singing talent runs in the family.

Leisure Time Vocabulary

Leisure time vocabulary  Usage of best words for IELTS speaking
Spare time What do you like to do in your spare time?
Relax It’s important to relax sometimes because that keeps your mind in peace.
Spend I like to spend my leisure time in the library.
Hobby Dancing is my hobby.
Mood Exercise uplifts my mood.

IELTS Holiday Vocabulary

IELTS holiday vocabulary Usage
Destination We have to choose an amazing destination for our next holiday.
Plan A proper plan is necessary for a good holiday.
Summer holiday In our childhood, summer holidays used to be the most enjoyable thing.

Linking Words for IELTS Speaking

Below mentioned are some of the linking words for the IELTS speaking test along with their proper usage in sentences.

Best Words for IELTS Speaking for Adding More Information

Linking words Usage in sentence
Also Besides talking over the phone, he was also packing his bags.
And The boy was arrested by the police and his family also disowned him.
As well as He is intelligent as well as sober.
Another reason is He wanted to stay there and that was another reason behind buying a house there.

Time Phrases for IELTS Speaking Part 1/ 2

IELTS speaking useful vocabulary Example in sentence
Now Now, there are hardly any big trees on the side of the road.
At the moment At the moment, leaving the premises will be the best idea.
At present At present, he is maintaining the shop.
These days These days he seems to be lost in his world.
Nowadays Nowadays we do not go there.
Years ago Years ago there used to be a couple who were deeply in love.
When I was younger When I was younger, I had a bad habit of nail-biting.
In the past In the past, there were only single-screen cinema halls, unlike present day.
Right now Our aim right now is to motivate most of the young people to quit smoking.
Then Then she decided to move on.

Ideas Expressing Idioms and Phrases for IELTS

Useful phrases for IELTS speaking part 1/2 Example
I guess … I guess we should wait for half an hour more.
I think … I think there must be some problem in the meter box.
I suppose … I suppose you love the work and try to be efficient at it.

Cause and Solutions Words to Use in IELTS Speaking

Good words Example
I guess it’s because I guess it’s because of the traffic that they still have not reached.
I think the best way I think the best way to escape from this trap is to act dead.
Because We couldn’t go there because of my father’s illness.
It was caused It was caused due to malnutrition.
The main reason The main reason behind her death is still not found.
I reckon I reckon that I will reach the office by noon.
To solve They are demanding CBI enquiry to solve the murder mystery.

Example Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking

Vocabulary for IELTS speaking Usage
For instance We need to be more caring towards nature, for instance, planting more trees.
For example A few measurements are yet to be taken, for example, the length of the desks, etc.
Such as There were plenty of colour options available, such as red, blue, violet etc.
Like They used to go to various places together like the church, library, shopping centre, etc.

Being Clear English Words

Topic related vocabulary for IELTS speaking Example
What I mean What I mean to say is that it is important to hear what both the parties have to say before coming to any conclusion.
As I was saying As I was saying, the importance of mother nature should be taught to the kids from an early age.
What I want to say is What I want to say is that we must look after the kid even if the parents have been arrested,


Hopefully, this article will help you learn good words that you can use while speaking. By using these words properly you can definitely get a good band score in your IELTS exam.

Do share your tips on learning new words, by commenting in the box below.

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