It’s critical to understand the most enticing, outstanding, and successful approaches to respond in the IELTS speaking section. If you’re taking the IELTS test, you might be looking for sample answers to IELTS cue card questions.

Candidates must understand that this segment is the most important since it is the part of the interview when you must talk in front of the test-takers.  Today, we will learn how to solve a cue card topic – describe a foreign person who you have heard.

Describe a Foreign Person Who You have Heard

Before we jump into the sample answers for this cue card topic, let’s make a note of the points that one should cover while answering in the IELTS speaking exam.

#Who is the person?

#How do you know him/her?

#What kind of person is he/she?

#Explain why you think he/ she is interesting?

Let’s waste no more time and begin the first sample answer.

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Describe a Foreign Person Who You have Heard IELTS Cue Card Sample One

Who the Person Is?

The foreign person who I have heard of is my friend Dakota William. She is a very humble, sensible, and brilliant girl. She studied at my university for six months. She is a blessed soul when it comes to singing and speaking. She is a great orator.

She studied law at my university and met me in the cafeteria for the first time. I will talk about her today.

How Do You Know Him/ Her?

I know Dakota as she came to my university in the Student Exchange program. She was from Washington DC and was studying law at my university. Moreover, she was living in the room next to mine in the hostel.

Our conversation began at the cafeteria where she was having coffee and I was having pasta. She smiled at me which was very welcoming and we started talking. After that, we both came to know that we are residing too close to the hostel.

This way we generated and built our friendship. I know her pretty well. She is an amazing orator and a melodious singer along with being a mindful and humble person.

What kind of Person He/ She Is?

She is a cool, calm, sincere, and humble girl who managed to make her mark in the teachers’ as well as her classmate’s hearts. She used to talk to everyone in the class and hostel along with participating in different competitions.

She is bold and confident. She has a different and positive approach to everything. She was so genuine, social, and polite that she became my friend so soon. She is a fantastic person to know.

Explain Why You Think He/ She is Interesting?

A person is interesting when he/ she has the ability to manage the environment around him/ her. According to me, Dakota is very interesting because of her skills of oration, singing, and different perspectives. I have learned a lot from her to analyse the things in life with a different view.

People get stressed too early and don’t enjoy life. She told me to manage everything so that I don’t regret missing out on any moment in life. She has different abilities to attract people and above all, her confidence and elegance was something very interesting about her.

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Describe a Foreign Person Who You have Heard IELTS Cue Card Sample Two

Who the Person Is?

JK Rowling is a British author, producer, screenwriter, and philanthropist. The fantasy series Harry Potter is renowned by the whole world and she has won multiple awards for it.

How do You Know Him/ Her?

I have read the Harry Potter series and since then I have been a fan of hers. Luckily on 7 February 2019, when the annual Harry Potter book night was held I got the chance to meet her. This event was organized by Bloomsbury’s publication, and that year it was held in London St. James Church.

Luckily I was in London with my parents at that time. And when I got to know about that event, I cancelled all the plans of the day and went straight over there. I was surprised to see how friendly she was with every fan.

What kind of Person He/ She Is?

JK Rowling is an inspiration for all those people who are depressed by their failures and think they have nowhere to go. She has an extrovert personality and loves to travel and is adventurous by heart. She is a multi-talented woman and was the first author to become a billionaire through selling books.

She is also a very intelligent and empathetic woman. According to her, her personality closely reflects the character of Hermione.

Explain Why You Think He/ She is Interesting?

The success journey of JK Rowling is really inspiring. In 1995 her life brought her to a devastating phase. She was divorced, jobless and a single mother. She was suffering from extreme depression too and at one point she decided to end her life.

But the infant’s face didn’t let her do so. She then completed the draught of Harry Potter and took it to 12 major publications. But around 12 major publications rejected her script.

Yet she didn’t have this courage and took it to a small publication which was ultimately accepted and then she rose like a Phoenix.

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Describe a Foreign Person Who You have Heard IELTS Cue Card Sample Three

Who the Person Is?

Sandra Jeenie Kwon is a digital creator and ex-cabin crew member for Emirates airlines. She was born in Canada. She is a prominent social media celebrity who is widely recognized for her TikTok account where she posts videos about her life as a cabin crew.

How do You Know Him/ Her?

I know her because I am also interested in the airline’s industry, so her content usually pops up on my Instagram account. So one day I checked her account out of curiosity. The content she creates is mind-blowing, it is funny yet very informative, she covers small details which makes her content different from others and the information she shares is 100% genuine.

What kind of Person He/ She Is?

We can’t know a person by what they post on Instagram. But Sandra Jeenie Kwon is somewhat different, I followed her when she hardly had any followers as her reach to people increased. She became more famous but she remained a humble person as she was in the beginning.

During the covid time, she had to close down her small business which was solely built for charity purposes. But she didn’t stop her charity work. She tried to help as many people as she could with what she had.

She didn’t do all that to get fame, she did all that because she wanted to give back to the world. She thinks when we take birth in this world all we do is take so it’s our responsibility to give back as well.

Explain Why You Think He/ She is Interesting?

I think Sandra Jeenie Kwon is an interesting person because she is a very transparent person. I remember one of the phases where she was sharing her journey of IVF. She was making other expecting mothers aware of things related to pregnancy, and not to lose hope.

Later on during her journey of IVF, she lost her baby, and rather than getting disconnected from the social world she came out bravely and addressed all her followers. She also shared her pain without thinking of getting judged. That’s where I was moved because she didn’t want to hide the sadness and only show the bright side. That’s what makes her different from others and an interesting person.

Describe a Foreign Person Who You have Heard – IELTS Cue Card Follow-up Questions

# Do you have any international friends and do you believe that making international acquaintances is a good approach to learn about different countries?

# Do you believe that knowing the culture and language of a nation before visiting there is essential?

# What are your thoughts on persons who work for multinational corporations?

# In order to work in an international firm, what skills are required?

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IELTS Preparation for Speaking Section

Know What the Examiner Wants

It is critical that you comprehend how the exam will be graded.

There are four criteria for grading:

# Coherence and fluency

# Grammatical range

# Precision pronunciation

# Lexical resource

Each criterion is worth 25% of your grade, and you’ll be graded on a nine-band scale. You will be graded on your grammar as well. You should utilise a variety of suitable grammatical structures and make your sentences as error-free as feasible.

Finally, your pronunciation will be assessed. Your speech should be coherent and include all aspects of pronunciation, including intonation, sentence focus, and weak sounds.

Establish Your Current Band

You should determine your present speaking band so that you may determine what you’ll need to improve.

Finding an experienced IELTS instructor and asking them to tell you is the best method to achieve this. There are some online tutors that can assist you in determining your score and preparing for the IELTS speaking test.

If you can’t locate anybody to assist you, the IELTS speaking band descriptions should be able to assist you in determining your level.

Set Your Target & Make a Timeline

You should establish your objective and develop a schedule now that you know your present IELTS speaking band. At this point, it’s critical to be realistic.

To go up half an IELTS band usually requires 200 to 300 hours of study time. As a result, improving your score by 1⁄2 a band would require between 3 to 5 months if you trained 20 hours each week.

It should be emphasised that everyone is unique, and the statistics above are intended to be used as a guideline only. Some people progress more rapidly than others, while some people take a bit longer. Also, the 200 to 300-hour guideline applies to someone who is attempting to develop all four abilities; if you are only attempting to improve your speaking, you may be able to accomplish so in less time.

Make a Study Plan

You should develop a study strategy and stick to it now that you understand how long it takes you to obtain the grade you need. Some people choose to enrol in an IELTS school and only study there, but if you truly want to improve, you need also practise at home.


This article will teach you how to speak English effectively in front of examiners and others in an efficient and faultless manner. We hope you’ve armed yourself with the most up-to-date information and advice about the IELTS speaking part.

This section of the test is extremely important to your success. Did you get the idea of how to solve the cue card topics step by step? You can leave a comment below if you have any questions about any portion of the IELTS exam.

Find more cue card solved topics in the blog section of IELTS Ninja.

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