The cue card section will let you gain high bands to get admission to the best universities in the world. You should learn the best answer-delivery ways to impress the examiners. Here is an article on the topic to describe a time you were friendly to someone you didn’t like. This topic is a tough one because you can get confused about telling the truth but you should be honest and mindful.

The IELTS cue card topics are simple yet difficult to answer at the moment. Only a few minutes are allotted to think over the given topic. This is the reason that an individual must prepare for it earlier to answer the topics. If any topic is asked that you have not prepared before but you have generated the skills to speak fluently by practicing the other ones, you will get the throne over this one.

Have a glimpse of the sample answers given here to develop your answer-giving talent.

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IELTS Speaking

IELTS speaking is the portion that lets you learn the basics of representing yourself before professional people along with developing your senses and presence of mind. Vigilance and mindfulness are very important traits in life. This section enables you to develop both of these qualities.

The speaking will grow your intelligence to meet professionals and treat them with respect and magnificence. In this section, the candidates are allowed and asked to talk about the given questions and topics in fluent English with correct pronunciation, punctuation, grammar, and diction. You will be put on the high ranks if you get high scores in this section.

The IELTS exam has four sections: Reading, writing, listening and speaking out of which this section is the most challenging and wonderful. If you want to know the answer to describe a time you were friendly to someone you did not like the IELTS cue card topic, read below.

Significant Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

A proper format and sequence of speaking make you a better, proficient, knowledgeable, valuable, and confident person. Each question or topic has major aspects to discuss. You should be aware of the answer-delivery ways in the proper format to cover all the spheres and get your choice of an educational institution.

You should be perfect to answer: describe a time you were friendly to someone you did not like the IELTS cue card topic. More cue card topics are there for you to get an idea of what could be asked by the examiners. Get an edge by preparing for most of the topics and speak amazingly before the test-takers.

Do not miss the chance of grabbing unimaginable information. Look below to gather every aspect to describe a time you were friendly to someone you did not like.

#. When and Where did it happen?

#. Who he/she was?

#. Why didn’t you like this person?

#. And explain why you were friendly to him/her on that occasion.

Describe a Time You were Friendly to Someone You did Not Like: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample One

When and Where did it Happen?

This gesture of mine happened when I got friendly with one of my schoolmates who I didn’t like then. I strongly believe that most people prefer to make friends, talk to people, and spend time with those who are like-minded because it is not easy to adjust to opposite personalities. Nobody likes to sit with the one who has nothing similar in behaviour, mindset, or any other thing. I recently got friendly with my schoolmate on the phone. I will discuss it today.

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Who He/ She Was?

He is my friend from school. I didn’t like his behaviour and spirit. His name is Andrew and we hardly used to talk when we were in school. He has a different approach to everything than me and I don’t like his vibe. He is a very serious and dumb kinda person who always gets distressed about petty things in life. I am the opposite of his ideas, behaviour, and approaches.

Why didn’t You Like this Person?

I didn’t like this person due to his wrong way of reaching out to different things. He is a serious, dumb, distressed, and mysterious kind of person who overthinks every topic along with doing unnecessary conversations. I am a happy and outgoing person. I didn’t like him because of his activities and thought process.

Explain Why You were Friendly to Him/ Her on that Occasion?

I was friendly to him for a couple of weeks as he was depressed due to the harsh COVID scenario. His mother is a single parent who was tested positive for the deadly virus. He was very upset and disheartened. I helped him during that time to take him out of depression as he was the only one to take care of his mom. I took care of his mother and was friendly with him for the entire time. This made me satisfied to have helped a person to come out of his vulnerability.

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Describe a Time You were Friendly to Someone You did Not Like: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample Two

When and Where did it Happen?

I recently helped one of the people who I didn’t like in my school days. I have been friendly to her in the hospital. This was around two months ago when she met with an accident. She is my neighbour too. I will discuss this here today.

Who He/ She Was?

The person who I have been friendly with recently and didn’t use to like earlier is my neighbour and schoolmate. Her name is Aditi. She met with an accident while going to college.

Why didn’t You Like this Person?

I didn’t like this person because she is an egoistic and self-centred personality. She used to let people feel inferior to her in school due to her richness. She is extremely rude to people and doesn’t respect anyone. I am the opposite of her activities and thoughts. This is why I didn’t like her at all.

Explain Why You were Friendly to Him/ Her on that Occasion?

I got friendly with Aditi recently because she met with an accident while going to college. Her both legs got fractured along with hand and face injuries. When I visited the hospital, she was in very pathetic condition. It made me feel sympathetic towards her. I took care of her like a sister for a few weeks.

I used to visit the hospital regularly along with making her laugh at some jokes and giving her good food. Her parents were managing the tough time as Aditi is their only child. It gave me happiness from within to have helped a person in coming out of the difficult phase by being friendly to her.

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Let’s Learn about the Follow-up IELTS Cue Card Questions and Answers!

#1. What Kinds of People are Usually Friendly?

Answer: I think that the people who are usually friendly with everyone have the image consciousness and challenges to face the harsh behaviour of other people. To answer the question, I would like to say that you may consider me naive, but I honestly believe that the majority of the people in the world are friendly.

Friendliness comes from the environment and company of the people. If you are living in an environment where people like to talk to each other politely, you tend to become friendly with them. I have noticed that the people in rural areas tend to be friendlier than urban areas, but that is just because of the fast-paced and stressful life in cities.

#2. What do You Think about People Who are Always Straightforward?

Answer: Being straightforward is the best quality in this world. You don’t put things forward by coating them into sugar when you are a straightforward person. It makes you a person of your words and dignity as you do not change your remarks and sentences. I believe these people are the best people in the world for one can always expect an honest answer from them. You will never notice diplomacy and double standards in these kinds of people.

However, I also believe that it is nearly impossible to be straightforward all the time. You have to change your mindset for some people. It depends on the situation to be diplomatic or straightforward but this is exponentially great to be straight in your choices and words.

#3. Is it Good to be Friendly or Polite to People Who You don’t Like?

Answer: Well, I think that you must be fair and truthful towards yourself and your choices. If you do not like a particular person, you should not talk to them and be straightforward. Sometimes you might have to be friendly with those people for work or personally, you can do that for situations but if you can you should avoid the person to be truthful to your thoughts and perspectives.

You must not feel awkward talking to these people or be friendly with them for some particular occasions or times. It depends on you to be friendly or polite with others.

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#4. Why are People Friendly with the Person they don’t Like?

Answer: I believe that the main reason behind this mindset is that people do not want the person to know that they don’t like him/ her. This is considered a bond breaker perspective or being wrong in the eyes of people.

The people feel that they might need a favour from the person in the future and if the person knows that they don’t like him/ her, he or she won’t help them. The other person would not help them in the future or think wrong about them if they show the truth. This is the reason that people are friendly with the person they don’t like.

#5. What are the Differences between Being Friendly and Polite?

Answer: Both of these traits can be managed and carried out when you like the person. To find the differences between both of these words, I think politeness is about words while being friendly is about our actions. If you talk to a person in a humble tone whether you like him/ her or not, it is called politeness but if you help somebody and be with someone in their times of need, it is called friendliness. I can decline something politely, but I wouldn’t consider myself friendly if I do so.


This article is provided to you for understanding the value and need of sequential speaking and learning grammar perfectly. We hope that you have earned knowledge from this one about each factor responsible to upgrade your skills for this section. This will help you immensely in fetching higher scores.

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