The Cue Card is the 2nd task in the IELTS Speaking examination. When answering the examiner’s question, you are required to retain a few abilities and one of the abilities is phrasing the answers depending on the cue card topic.

At the time of the IELTS Speaking Test, you will be provided with a cue card, which is known as a task card, containing three to four questions and some guidelines that will lead the way on how you answer the queries put on in the cue card. You won’t be provided with a choice to shift the question, you have to talk about the cue card topic that you got in the Speaking task. But you will be provided with a min or two, to assume the answer and what to speak on it.

You will be given the option of writing a few points on a piece of paper before speaking on the topic which will help you in your speaking test. Read on to learn more about the IELTS cue card topic – describe a time when you were waiting for something special that would happen.

Describe a Time When You were Waiting for Something Special that Would Happen – IELTS Cue Card Sample One

The candidates are provided with precisely 1 min in the International English Language Testing System Speaking test to get themselves ready for a certain cue card topic. The interviewer will ask you to speak on a topic for 2 mins until he/ she tells you to stop. After that, the interviewer will ask you a few questions related to the given cue card topic.

So in this article, we will discuss the given cue card topic: describe a time when you were waiting for something special that would happen, you have to speak about the below-mentioned points:

# Introduction

# What were you waiting for?

# Where did you wait?

# What was so special about that moment?

# Explain your experience of waiting?


According to my experience, every good thing takes time and there is no point in being impatient because it destroys the whole process of waiting. To be honest, our generation is very impatient with things, they want everything on the tip of their hands. But the real fun is in the journey rather than the destination. There are a few events in my life where I was waiting for something special but never lost my patients. That’s the reason why I enjoyed it the most when I achieved that thing.

What were You Waiting For?

I was waiting to get into college. It might not be special to many but it was to me. I did my high schooling in the northern states of India. As my father was in defence so usually, we get transferred from one location to another. Never stayed in one state for more than 1-2 years so I wasn’t able to make friends by the time I got to know a person, we got the notice of our next posting. So I never had a stable life.

Where did You Wait?

I was in Punjab when I filled my admission form for the college in Assam as it was my hometown and my father was getting retired soon, and they wanted me to study in Assam even though I had good grades in my 12th I could easily get into a good university but it wasn’t planned in that way. Just for the sake of my parents, I took admission to Assam’s university.

What was So Special about that Moment?

Getting into college was special for me because I realised I will get enough time to make new friends and I will have fewer restrictions. As we know the army parents are very strict so growing up with them had lots of rules and regulations that needed to be followed without any question. So going to college will give me a little freedom and I can do things that I love (Good things, don’t think negatively).

Explain Your Experience of Waiting?

The waiting got tough when my 12th board’s examination got postponed by a month because one of the commerce papers got leaked and the CBSE decided to re-conduct the examination, and the result was delayed. During that period I started thinking about my new college life which helped me to get through the time as I was thinking about good things instead of the duration that I have to cross.

Ending: So I finally completed my graduation and I had a lot of fun, created a lot of memories and learned a lot of new things. My college life will always be the most special 3 years of my life.

Describe a Time When You were Waiting for Something Special that Would Happen – IELTS Cue Card Sample One Follow-up Questions

It is instructed to the aspirants that they should adequately prepare themselves beforehand with the possible questions that may be raised by the Examiners. Given below are some questions that can be asked by the examiner:

# Did you mention this event to anyone?

# What do you learn from that event?

# Do you still cherish that moment?

Did You Mention this Event to Anyone?

I mentioned this event to my college mates when we were sharing our experience of our high school life and why we are studying here in this university during the orientation program.

What do You Learn from that Event?

I learned that patience is the key, and everything has its own time. You learn from the experience you go through to achieve the goal you set in life.

Do You Still Cherish that Moment?

Yes, I still cherish that moment when I first filled the form for the college and my first day at the university. The past 3 years of my college life are the most memorable period.

Describe a Time When You were Waiting for Something Special that Would Happen: IELTS Cue Card Sample Two

Describe a time when you were waiting for something special that would happen IELTS cue card, you have to speak about the given below points:

What were You Waiting For?

I participated in Miss Assam 2021, and I never had any idea of this kind of fashion event but I still took part in it. So during the competition, I was eagerly waiting for the results not because I wanted to win but because I wanted to know who the deserving candidate was. Everyone in the event was a cutthroat competitor.

Where did You Wait?

The event took place in ITA Machkhowa Assam, where the IIFA awards took place. The audition took place in different districts of Assam and few candidates were selected and all the participants came to ITA Machkhowa for the competition. So I was waiting for the results in Machkhowa.

What was So Special about that Moment?

The moment was special to me because after having a healthy competition with all the worthy participants I won the title of Miss Assam all the hard work I did finally paid off. The journey was very memorable, I learnt a lot and I had a great experience.

Explain Your Experience of Waiting?

The experience was indeed memorable and worth all the effort. The knowledge about the fashion industry that I got is going to help me in the long run. The moment I got crowned was very emotional. I have mixed up emotions of winning, of all the efforts that I put in, of getting over such a beautiful journey. Everything that happened during crowning still gives me goosebumps.

Ending: All the people that I met at the event were great and some became friends with me and we still are.

Describe a Time When You were Waiting for Something Special that Would Happen Sample Two Follow-up IELTS Questions

Did You Mention this Event to Anyone?

I told my friends and family about the title of Miss Assam because I was so excited about this uncertain achievement. Even though I worked hard, I didn’t have much knowledge about this fashion field so I thought my chances were less or zero.

What do You Learn from that Event?

There is a lot for me to learn, and there are a huge number of opportunities in life, one just needs to be dedicated and hardworking. Every effort you put in will result in good outcomes. Be steady and thrive in your dreams.

Do You Still Cherish that Moment?

Yes, I still cherish the moment of me winning the title of Miss Assam. The goosebump I got while crowning can never be replaced. I wish to learn from events like this and exceed more in life.

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IELTS Speaking

The IELTS Speaking test is one of the sections in which most of the candidates get stuck on how to begin with the topics and what to speak. Without the right preparation strategy, one can score a good band in this section. The duration for the International English Language Testing System Speaking Exam is around 11-14 minutes.

The interviewer will give you 2-3 minutes to prepare yourself and think about how to speak and what to speak. The examiner gives you the option of writing down the points on a piece of paper for your help. It depends on your choice whether you want to note down the points or not. The interviewer checks your English language speaking skills. Try to avoid grammatical errors, be precious and talk about things related to the topic.


The IELTS exam is held 4 times a month and 48 times a year. The International English Language Testing System is conducted for the candidates who want to study, work or migrate to a nation where the English language is spoken widely. This exam examines the candidate’s English language skills in four different sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. So that they don’t feel any kind of difficulties abroad while communicating.

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IELTS Preparation

Several candidates face difficulties in the International English Language Testing System Speaking Test. Even though they are good with their English language speaking skills, they lack confidence which causes lots of errors in their sentences while speaking. So here is where your preparation plays a major role. When you prepare effectively and precisely you gain confidence and you can answer all the questions raised by the examiner fluently. There are few points that you should follow to prepare for the International English Language Testing System examination:

Know The Structure Of The Test

The candidates must learn the structure of the test because it will help them in their preparation and most importantly what to prepare. So that you can focus on important topics and avoid a random start of preparation.

Make A Schedule

You should make a timetable for what to study so that you give sufficient time to all the sections for better understanding and you won’t be missing out on any topics. Give yourself some free time or break as well to relax.

Time Management

Time management is very important in your preparation as well as during your examination. Giving too much time to one topic will lead to leaving other topics which might have the possibility of appearing in the exam and during the examination if you stick to solving one question for too long you might not have sufficient time to complete the other questions so think over it do you want to complete one answer or the whole paper. Time management is required and you need to work on it.

Read, Watch, Listen And Speak

Read English Grammar books, novels, magazines, newspapers, watch English movies, videos and channels, Listen to English songs, podcasts, Speak with your friends and family in English. All these will help you improve your English language Abilities.

Take Mock Tests

Mock tests are best to find out how your preparation is going. Try to take a mock test once or twice a week and be regular with it. You will be able to identify which topic you need to work more on and which are your strong points so that you can enhance it more.

Examine The Last Year Question Paper

When you check last year’s question paper you get a little idea about what kind of questions are asked in the exam and you can prepare in that way.


In the above article, we discussed the cue card topic of the speaking test, how to start and end, what to speak about and how to answer the possible questions that can be raised by the examiner. You should concentrate on your preparation because how you prepare for the examination will be visible in your result. So for precise preparation, IELTS Ninja helps you with all the guidance you need to clear the exam.

IELTS Ninja makes sure your learning should not stop and you get access to your course anytime anywhere you want at your ease. So hurry up and join now.

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