Visa processes and institutions often ask for an SOP to check your intent. It is a good SOP that makes a person stand out from the crowd. If you are planning to study in Canada, it is important that you know how to write a good SOP. Both Canadian universities and Canadian student visa applications ask for a student visa as part of their regulation. Now you must be wondering, how to write SOP for a Canada student visa? Read this article till the end to find your answer.

What is an SOP?

An acronym for “Statement of Purpose”, SOP is a 1000-1500 word long essay, elaborating the reader as to why one is applying at the institution or program. An SOP mainly has three parts –

Who is the person?

What qualifications does the person hold?

Why should they choose the person?

A strong and vibrant SOP helps the institutions judge how good a fit you are for that role or position. Within that, we can add elaborating the SOP for the Canada student visa.

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Is SOP required for Canada Student Visa?

Unlike other countries, Canadian universities and student visa applications require a good SOP to validate your intent of studying or staying in Canada respectively. Although University SOP and Visa SOP are a little different from one another, the basic concept behind them remains the same.

Point 1

For Visa applications statement of purpose is an essay to explain why out of all other countries a person chose to stay in Canada, their academic background, plans after completing their education, and their reason for choosing the university. The SOP for Canada student visa is considered mainly distinctive from the others.

Point 2

People who want to renew their student visa or reapply for the same should clearly mention it in the SOP.

Point 3

Many Canadian universities request three essays or a video essay justifying the application.

Point 4

The SOP should have something out of the box, something which isn’t mentioned in the application and reflects on someone’s most memorable endeavours. The best sop samples for the Canada student visa are briefed below for the applicants.

Point 5

Lastly, the statement of purpose must reflect on what someone is trying to achieve with the course they are about to undertake.

Sample SOP for Canada Student Visa

A typical excerpt of an SOP from a student visa application in Canada looked like this:

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Best SOP Samples for Canada Student Visa Introduction

I, Soumili Roy D/o Sh. Joydev Roy comes from a lower-middle-class family residing in Delhi, India. My father and mother both are into farming. I have a younger sister Ms Niya Roy, who is studying in class VIII in Hem Sheela Model School.

Academic Background and Language Proficiency

I passed Class X from [Name of school] with [CGPA Obtained] CGPA in 2016 and Class XII from [Name of school] with [Percentage obtained] in [Chosen subject/stream].

I love sports and have participated in various sports like basketball, swimming, and Judo. Besides sports, I won laurels in co-curricular activities, that is to say, Painting, Essay Writing, Spell Bee, Public speaking competitions, debates, and quizzes. I also participated and won various competitions for which I obtained Certificates of excellence, merit, or participation in accordance with the achievements.

Visiting the USA for a short period of around 26 days in 2016, I received 23 days of Astronaut training experience from Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, and completed my further training which was offered by HSA tutoring under the aegis of Cambridge University for Commerce subjects such as, Business Organization, Accounts, and Economics.

I completed IELTS in 2018 with an overall band score of 6.5. I also scored 6 each in listening, reading and writing, and 7.5 in the speaking module.

Sample SOP – Why Automotive Business Course?

Being born and initially brought up in India, I developed an admiration for racing cars since my childhood. A coarse blend of automobiles and business is especially something cut out for me, with a business acumen inherited from my father and extreme love for automobiles as an ingrown trait. I am an ardent reader and aspire to build a career with my passion, thus when I came to know about a course in the Automobile business, I plunged for the opportunity.

The Automotive Business study program at Georgian College, abbreviated as the AUBU program is known to offer general business and specialized automotive education, providing me an assiduous knowledge of this industry. The Automotive Business School of Canada did not fail to support me. The automotive industry is appropriate for providing hands-on experience in this industry. I aspire to have my own business in the automobile industry in the market expanding worldwide, for which I cannot ask for a more suitable course than this.

Sample SOP – Why did You Choose Canada?

Experiencing international education in my childhood, I opted for a globally recognized degree program in Canada. The Canadian education system is thoroughly brilliant and ranks amongst the best in the world. Canada is known to be a multicultural country that provides internationally recognized degrees. It is moreover bestowed with the best business and automotive education courses offered by Georgian college with the backing of the Automobile industry. The vast, vibrant features of the country don’t fail to match my tastes. Ifor becoming future-ready, I have concluded to pursue my further education at Georgian College as apparently studying there will provide me with international education and exposure.

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Sample SOP – Financial Status:

My parents are engaged in farming and receive earnings by leasing land and properties owned by our family. The annual income of my family is around $10,000. I have already opened a GIC account with $5,000/- to take care of boarding and lodging expenses for the first six months after my arrival in Canada and submitted my second year’s fee at the college.

Sample SOP – Post Study Opportunities:

India is a growing economy and is a labour-intensive market. In the last five years, the automotive industry in India has seen a boom. Commercial vehicles reported the maximum number of sales followed by two-wheelers and four-wheelers (passenger vehicles) respectively. After the successful completion of the Automotive Business course, I would like to go for a career in the automotive business. As it is there is no dearth of opportunities in this fast-growing field. This field offers a well-paying career after completion of specialized education.

My father has a prosperous and well-established financial status in India, though I am destined to inherit that yet I want to make my career in the automobile industry. I have my roots and family in India and have a dream to do something great for my country after getting a world-class education.

I know that studying in Canada requires a lot of discipline and dedication. I am a law-abiding citizen and a very responsible individual.

I request you to give me an opportunity to study in Canada as that will help me in realizing my dreams.


An SOP is known to be a reflection of your personality which you are required to display before finally enrolling into universities abroad. Needless to mention, there are fewer aspects other than this which determines your final presence in their criteria.

Whether or not you are ready, you should first of all clear the hesitation you might have. That stands as a reason to read above and without a doubt, ask us when needed to. Because, you should feel free to drop us a query, in case we might help you get going further.

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