If you are looking for a sooner way out to get the Permanent Residency then you can apply for Canada immigration express entry. Canada Express Entry is a program, which uses an electronic system to manage the application of skilled workers who are wishing to get the PR to live in Canada.

To get the express entry the candidate needs to get a good rank on CRS ( Comprehensive Ranking System). You need to get the application form filled, submit the documents, and get a good rank on CRS which is based on various factors like- age, education qualification, Language certification, and others.

Calculating all the scores on the basis of these factors, the candidates get the invitation where he/she needs to fill the application for permanent residence (APR) and needs to submit it to the IRCC. You have to complete the form with documentation and the payment process.

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What is the Minimum Points required for Canada Express Entry?

If you are looking for the answer to what is the minimum required point for Canada express entry, then here is your answer. You need to score 67 points to be eligible for the process.

To tell you more about  CRS, it is a point-based system that is used by the Canadian government. Through this system, the Canadian government is able to evaluate the candidate’s profile and rank them according to the points that they achieve according to the factors being assessed.

Canada express entry points calculation is done on the basis of work experience, Language skills (IELTS), education, age, and other factors like blood relation. Canadian government carries out this process every two weeks, and they announce the list of the candidates who are eligible for getting the invitation for further APR process.

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Here’s the Detailed Information on Canada Express Entry Eligibility

If you want to qualify for the Canada immigration express entry, then you should be aware of the eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfil, but these eligibility requirements differ according to the programs that you are applying under.

Read on to get acquainted with the programs and their eligibility.

Federal Skilled Workers Program

The candidate applying under this program should have full time or equivalent part-time period work, which is in the same job. The job should be under the skill type 0 or skills lever A or B. Candidates also require language proof of Canadian Language Benchmark 7 specified by CIC. The candidate either needs a Canadian Secondary or postsecondary certificate, degree, or diploma.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Candidates should have full-time work experience of at least 2 years, in performing during skilled trade that is outlined by the National Occupation Classification (NOC). For language eligibility it can be lower than the skilled worker’s program that is for Canadian speaking and listening can be 5 and for reading and writing can be 4.

Canada Experience Class

Under this program, the candidate requires a minimum work experience of 12 months of being a skilled worker in Canada. Candidates need to show proper authorization.it can be a Managerial job, professional job, or technical job. A requirement for language is a minimum of 7 for NOC 0, and for NOC B jobs the Canadian Language benchmark is 5 which is approved by the CIC.

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Canada Express Entry Points Calculator

To give you more detailed knowledge about the Canada express entry points calculator and the calculation process, below listed are the points that are allotted to the various factors. This information is important for you to know as you can have an idea of your score after calculating them.

Language Skills (28 points)

English and French both are Canada’s official languages, so if you test score in both languages you can fetch more points in CRS. It is mandatory that the person is well versed in either language.

Education (25 points)

If you have completed your schooling in Canada, you should submit the certificate for a diploma or degree from a Canadian college or school.

Work Experience (15 points)

#If you have experience of Less than a year then you are given no points

#If you have experience of 1 year then you can get 40 points

#If you have experience of 2 then you can get 53 points

#If you have experience of 3 years then you can get 64 points

#If you have experience of 4 years then you can get 72 points

#If you have experience of 5 years then you can get 80 points

Age (12 points)

You also get the points on the basis of your age.

Arranged Employment in Canada (10 points

You can also get the points if you prove that you have a job offer of at least 1 year from any Canadian employer. It is only applicable if the job offer is before you have applied for Canada under Federal Skilled worker.

Adaptability (10 points)

If your common-law partner or spouse is planning to immigrate to Canada you will be eligible to earn the points for adaptability. Through this factor, you can achieve 10 points that can add up to your CRS score.

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Duration for Canada Express Entry

All the process takes time and a duration that is estimated is between 6 to 12 months, as the government needs to verify and check the documents of the candidate, it takes time. It also takes time for the candidate to check which points that they can claim and then calculating the points that he/ she might get.

This is a long process but it is comparatively less long than the other PR application process. That is why candidates prefer going for Canada Express entry to get the PR sooner as they don’t want to leave the country.

Why does it Take so much Time?

Getting a Canada express entry draw can be considered as a great achievement as following the process given above, it is not as it looks like. You have to make sure that a lot of things are alright and you have to collect the points and submit the proof for all to the government. When you submit them, the government takes time to evaluate it and then give the ranks to the candidates.

The candidate who scores the highest gets the invitation for the further Application for Permanent Residence (APR). The candidate has to complete the application and submit it. After this process, the government takes time for 6-12 months to check all the documents and update the status of the candidate for the PR application.


Hopefully, this article has given you enough information regarding the calculator, calculation process, required time, eligibility criteria etc. So, now that you know everything about it, how are you gearing up for immigration? Check out this amazing program offered by IELTS Ninja and get the best for yourself.

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