On January 21, 2021, the 174th draw aka the latest Canada express entry draw happened to result in a decrement of CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) minimum points requirement for receiving an ITA.

Canada PR Invite is earned by candidates by achieving the Canada express entry minimum points. Ontario also provides NOIs, as decided by the owner, to eligible applicants with a minimum CRS ranking.

Canada Express Entry is an online method for handling qualified foreign workers’ applications for PR Visa. It consists of 4 steps. Here in this article, you will get to know all about it along with if Canada express draw will fall 350 points. So, read on!

What is Canada Express Entry Draw?

This is an online application management system that seeks to ensure quicker delivery and improved economic performance for permanent residence in Canada.

In this pool, defined as the Expression of Interest, candidates who meet the eligibility requirements will request a profile (EOI).

Under Express Entry rounds of invitations, candidates are ranked under the rigorous rating system, a point-based system called (CRS). From the Express Entry Pool, the highest-ranking profiles are chosen and invited to apply for permanent residency.

Over the years, the federal government issues invitations at regular intervals. The Canadian government holds an Express Entry Draw nearly every two weeks. Per draw has a CRS cut-off score, which reflects the lowest-ranking candidate’s CRS score for permanent residency to obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA).

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Canada Express Draw will Fall 350 Points?

The latest draw took place on 21.1.2021 where the minimum CRS point of the lowest-ranked candidate was 454. In total, 4,626 Invitation to Apply was issued.

This sudden fall in Canada express draw is developing a curiosity among the candidate that if the Canada express draw will fall 350 points? Well, to know this, one has to observe the pattern very well.

This draw started in 2015 and looking at the pattern they have maintained till now, it can be said that after every two weeks, on Wednesdays, this Canada express entry draw takes place hence that is the only time when you will get to know if Canada express draw will fall 350 points.

Canada Express Entry Minimum Points

You would need to qualify by receiving 67 or more points on a 100 point scale system before qualifying for Express Entry. There is a preference criterion that assesses and gives an average score of 100 to candidates participating in Express Entry.

You can apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program if you score over 67 points.

Here’s a List for Canada Express Entry Points Calculation

  • Skills for Dialect (28 points)

To be able to speak in 1 or 2 of the official languages of Canada is very necessary. In the work market there, learning English, French or both benefits you.

  • Educational Curriculum (25 points)

You must get a credential, diploma or degree from a Canadian institution if you have been to school in Canada.

  • Experience at Job (15 points)

You will get points at skill form 0 or skill types A or B in the National Occupational Classification for the number of years you spend doing full-time paying jobs (at least 30 hours per week, or an equivalent amount of part-time [15 hours a week for 24 months]).

Other Points

  • The Age (12 points)

On the day your application is sent, you will get points depending on your age.

  • Arranged Canada Employment (10 points)

When you have a job offer of at least 1 year from a Canadian employer, you can get points. Before you apply to come as a Federal Professional Worker, you must get the job bid.

  • Your Adaptability  (10 points)

For adaptability, you and your spouse or common-law partner who will immigrate with you will gain points. You can receive a maximum for your partner.

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Canada Express Entry Eligibility

An online biography will have to be completed for applicants who are qualifying for the scheme, which may contain different information about themselves, including their talents, language skills, education and prior job experience, among others.

The submission is then sorted into a list of qualified persons. These applicants will be ranked according to their prospects of economic performance, and the top-ranking applicants will receive a formal invitation to apply for permanent residency, along with others who have qualifying work opportunities or provincial/ territorial nominations (which will automatically receive high rankings).

The Process after Canada Express Entry Eligibility

Candidates who do not have a legitimate work offer or a provincial/ territorial appointment must register with the Job Bank of the Government of Canada so that they can be matched to appropriate employers.

For permanent residency applicants, qualifying employers would need to receive a Labor Market Impact Assessment through work and social development in Canada. There is no assurance that applicants who fill out an Express Entry profile will be invited to apply for permanent residency since this will be decided solely by their rating and other criteria (offer of jobs, province) as mentioned above.

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What is the Canada Immigration Express Entry?

Canada Immigration Express Entry is a mechanism used by the Canadian government in its economic immigration services to handle Canadian permanent residency applicants for the filling of labour vacancies.

This immigration scheme, introduced on 1 January 2015, is used to pick and interact with trained and qualified candidates, and it also maintains a pool of skilled workers ready for immigration. This program is planned to promote the express immigration of skilled workers who are most likely to excel economically.

Many qualifying for one of the services operated by Express Entry apply their application and the Canadian government issues letters of invitation via a scoring system to qualified candidates.

Approval of the invitation and constructive evaluators is essential here in the Canada Immigration Express Entry process.

Good assessment on the application by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada would award Canadian permanent resident status to the claimant and to their accompanying family members.


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