Are you planning to settle in Canada or study there? If yes, then this article is best suited for you. This article talks about the IELTS validity for Canada and also answers a few frequently asked questions regarding the IELTS like is IDP IELTS valid in Canada for a student visa? Is IDP IELTS valid for Canada immigration?

Let’s start to answer and clear all doubts regarding the validity of the IELTS score.

IELTS Validity Period

The International English Language Testing System is a 4 part test that was made to measure one’s ability to listen, read, write and speak in English.

The IELTS is co-owned by IDP, British Council and Cambridge English Language Assessment. This test is currently available in over 140 different countries. The validity of the IELTS score is 2 years.

Thus the IELTS certificate has a validity period of 2 years around the globe. So the IELTS score validity for Canada remains the same, which is 2 years.

Canada Immigration

Immigration to Canada requires a certain Canadian Language Benchmark which is also known as CLB. CLB is not a test on its own but is based on tests like IELTS and TEF. CLB is a standard used in the immigration process to elucidate on the different levels of ability to speak, write, read and listen in English.

They will be used in immigration and also if a student wants to study in Canada. A student has to write the IELTS or TEF exam to get their CLB score. There are 12 levels in the standard. It starts from level 1 which is the most basic level and climbs up to level 12 which is the most advanced level.

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Every year more than thousands of students or candidates take the IELTS exam to use in their Canada immigration process. IELTS is one of the four exams that is recognized by the government of Canada for the purpose of immigration.

Now since there are different tests recognized by the government they came up with their own standard of the benchmark where they convert the certain test score into the CLB.

Now let’s look at the conversion table for IELTS marks to the CLB grades.



1 1 1 1 1
2 2 1.5 2 2
3 3 2.5 3 3.5
4 4 3.5 4 4.5
5 4 4 4 5
6 5.5 5 5.5 5.5
7 6 6 6 6
8 6.5 6.5 6.5 7.5
9 7 7 7 8
10 7.5 8 7.5 8.5
11 8 8.5 8 9
12 9 9 9 9

How Long is IELTS Score Valid for Canada Immigration?

The results of an IELTS exam are considered valid by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for two years from the date of issuance of results.

If your IELTS score becomes invalid, you will be removed from the pool. The candidate will not be able to get an ITA for a permanent address.

If a candidate’s exam results become invalid, they will need to sit for the exam once again. The candidate cannot choose which IELTS result to show, they have to show the most recent scores even if your previous attempt is valid.

Is IDP IELTS Valid for Canada Immigration?

Yes, the IDP IELTS is valid for Canada Immigration but your IELTS score will be converted into a CLB grade and thus your immigration will depend on CLB.

There is no test for the CLB as it is just a grading system.

There are three different path systems in the Express Entry system to Canada:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

To apply for permanent residency through the express entry system, one must have a CLB grade of 7 meaning more than grade 6 in all the aspects of the IELTS exam. It almost takes 6 months for the IRCC to process your application, so make sure that your scores remain valid for at least a time period of one year when you apply.

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Student Visa

Do you wonder is IDP IELTS valid in Canada for a student visa? Then the answer is yes, IDP IELTS is valid in Canada for a student visa.

To get a visa for Canada to be able to study requires the candidate to have minimum basic skills in all aspects of English.

For a student who has come for an undergraduate degree, a minimum band of 6 is required and nothing less than 5.5 will be accepted. For a post-graduate degree, the student needs to have a minimum grade of 6.5 with no band being less than 6.

Study Permit

For students to study in Canada, it is compulsory to obtain a study permit. A study permit is not the same as a visa.

This is a permit issued by the IRCC which allows you to study in Canada. You will also need a visa along with this. A study permit allows you to study whereas a visa allows you to enter Canada.

There are certain documents you require in order to acquire a study permit. The documents needed are as follows:

  • Acceptance letter from an educational institution
  • Valid passport and travel documents
  • Proof that you will be able to support yourself or any family member that is travelling with you in Canada
  • You will need to prove you are in good health
  • You will need to prove that you can cover your tuition fees, your living expenses and that you will be returning back to your country after your visa expires.
  • You will also have an interview with the Canadian embassy.

Is IDP IELTS Valid for Canada Immigration?

Yes, the IDP IELTS is valid for Canada immigration. The IDP is one of the owners of the IELTS exam and thus is the official exam of the IELTS.

You need other documents along a IELTS score. Remember that your IELTS score is valid only for 2 years, so ensure that you apply within the time limit or else you will need to rewrite the exam and start the process all over again if your score becomes invalid between the process of getting immigration.


Do you want to travel to Canada to study or to migrate? If yes, learn how to make your immigration process much easier by understanding the basics of IELTS examination requirement for your visa and immigration process.

The validity of the exam is 2 years, whether it is technical or academic. Ensure that your score is valid when you apply for a visa and/or immigration process or else your process will not go through.

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