Are you unhappy with your IELTS scores? Don’t worry, with the EOR IELTS option you can now re-check and attempt the IELTS again for any section to get your desired score.

Today, in this article, we will discuss some key details regarding the Enquiry on Result such as EOR IELTS fee, application, process, and more. Therefore, take a break and read out this informative article.

EOR IELTS Key Information

What is EOR IELTS?

EOR IELTS or Enquiry on Results is a method by which applicants can recheck their IELTS results and apply for a reattempt of the test if they find that their scores are not as expected.

Key Information Part 1

# You can request an Enquiry on Results, which will result in your IELTS exam being re-marked.

# This request must be made within 6 weeks of your examination date. Your exam will be submitted to British Council headquarters or IDP: IA for re-marking by Expert Examiners.

# You have the option of having one or more sections of your test remarked. However, the cost is the same.

# The necessary fee may be obtained from the IELTS centre. If your result is modified to a higher band rating, you will receive a refund.

Key Information Part 2

# The re-marking is handled by British Council and IDP: IA employees who are qualified Clerical Markers and expert examiners.

# British Council or IDP: Within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving your exam resources, the IA Head Office will inform your test centre of the re-mark outcome.

# Your ultimate result status will be stated in an EOR letter. All questions about the status of your re-mark should be directed to your original exam centre.

# Your exam results cannot be utilised to apply to universities or forwarded to an immigration agency during the commenting period.

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EOR IELTS Application

# This application for EOR must be submitted no later than six weeks following the test date.

# Form of the Original Test Report (TRF).

# A photocopy of your passport.

# A copy of a cheque book page from the account to which the reimbursement will be deposited. Please be aware that the council will arrange for the funds to be sent to your bank account. If you do not have an account, you should give your parents’ bank account information.


You can visit your candidate login tab to submit your EOR online application. After that go to the section “EOR” and select “Apply Now” to fill out the EOR application form online once you’ve logged in to your applicant login section. Physical (offline) applications for EOR are no longer being accepted.

Fees for submitting an EOR application, including all taxes:

# EOR Fee for IELTS: Rs. 11,325 including all taxes

# CD IELTS: Rs. 11,325 including all taxes

# UKVI IELTS: Rs. 10,450 including all taxes

# LIFE SKILLS: Rs. 11,025 including all taxes

If your result is modified to a greater band score, you will get a full refund of the EOR cost.

What are the Latest IELTS EOR Fees for the British Council?

Within 6 weeks after the exam date, Enquiry on Results IELTS applications must be submitted. Candidates must ensure that their application form, money, and original TRF get at the British Council branch before the timeframe. Regardless of whether a complete or partial re-mark of test results is sought, the EOR cost is Rs. 11,325.

How to Apply for EOR IELTS?

It’s uncommon for the IELTS exam checking to go wrong. If, on the other hand, you didn’t get the grade you expected, you can have your test rechecked. An Enquiry on Results is another term for rechecking your results (EOR). Candidates can pick which test parts they want re-stamped and submit a re-denoting application no later than one month after the examination date.

Part 1

The EOR administration generally takes around 21 days from the time the assessment group gets all of the papers. The length of time it takes to administer EOR is determined by a number of parameters, including the number of instances that must be noted. As a result, from start to finish, processing your inquiry on results to demand usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

In the unlikely case that the EOR result is still pending, applicants are generally sent a week-by-week assessment after 28 days. To apply for the enquiry on results option, fill up the application for Enquiry on IELTS Results’ and submit it to the Gurgaon Office with the money.

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Part 2

In the reading and listening sections, only a single word or maybe a single letter is used. When evaluators approve your answers for the first time, there is frequently little question that they are accurate.

A grader is unlikely to change your mark based on poor writing in a paper-based test, irrespective of whether you lost attention on a detail. Thus, contemplating a rescore might occasionally have a detrimental impact if the results you are displeased with are for either listening or reading.

Part 3

Examining your writing and speaking results gets progressively challenging. Different assessors may dispute whether or not your score is correct. It’s unusual for graders to deviate by more than a mark because they all go through intensive training. An applicant may contend that the score should be increased from 6.5 to 7, with the possibility of raising it to 7.5 on rare occasions.

Steps to Apply for EOR IELTS

Step 1

First and foremost, you will have to fill up the IELTS remark form and submit the form here.

Step 2

Now you will have to choose the section which you want to remark on.

Step 3

Make the payment and don’t forget to bring your registration number with you.

Step 4

The EOR may take up to three weeks (21 days) to complete. As soon as the EOR results are ready, you will be notified.

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When Do You Require Your Results?

Re-marking might cause issues if you need to submit your IELTS result to a university or immigration authority soon after your exam.

Firstly, having your exam re-marked might take some time, particularly if you would like more than one section of the test re-marked. The re-marking of your test might take up to 6 weeks.

This implies that you may not receive your re-marked results until after the deadline has passed. (However, ask your local IELTS test centre how lengthy a re-mark process can be: IDP and the British Council can usually accomplish it in a few days to weeks.)

Secondly, your original results are ‘locked’ during the re-marking procedure, and you cannot have them in a file to a college or immigration office. As a result, you will not be able to submit your original results, and you will not have your Test Report Form, which must be returned to your test centre.


As mentioned in the article, EOR IELTS can be beneficial for you if you aren’t satisfied with your IELTS scores. However, there is a cost to it as well. Read the steps and information regarding the processes and other important aspects to be clear about the whole remarking process.

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