Well, everyone thinks of getting success in their respective field. Have you ever thought of getting higher education from the most amazing universities in the world? If yes, you have to work in the right direction to score high in the IELTS exam because by scoring higher you can get admission to the most incredible university and make your future vibrant.

Education is the most important thing in one’s life. It can make you a worthy and valuable person along with increasing your mindfulness and wisdom. Cue cards play an essential role in the IELTS test as here you are asked a familiar topic to discuss.

Let’s grab the most spectacular and quintessential ways of speaking in front of the examiners on the cue card topic to talk about an article that you have read about health. Go through this blog to enhance your skills.

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This examination brings numerous benefits to an individual which include higher studies, skills improvement, personality development, and value in society.

IELTS preparation is needed to get all the required talents and proficiency in English to crack this wonderful test.

During the IELTS preparation phase, you are advised to focus on all the areas of this examination to perform best during the exam. The areas include listening, reading, speaking, and writing. If you want to excel in every sphere, you should go through this article.

This article has explained a healthy talk about an article which you have read about health IELTS cue card topic. Let’s learn all the facts.

Significant Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

Everything being said must have a proper sequence and a perfect way. If you want to get admission to an English-speaking country, you are required to be extremely precise and perfect in speaking English as your native language. IELTS speaking tests your fluency in speaking English. If you want to grow your knowledge about the speaking spheres, have a look below. The points are written to answer the topic: talk about an article which you have read about health IELTS cue card topic.

#. What was the article?

#. When and where did you read it?

#. What did you learn from the article?

#. Explain why you think it is a good or bad article?

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Talk About An Article Which You Have Read About Health: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample One

What was the Article?

The article that I have read about health was on the current food trends and health issues arising due to it. The writer has explained the food advancements in today’s world and how it is affecting the mental and physical health of human beings.

I was scrolling through the discoveries on my phone and read the headline of this amazing article which said,” Health is Wealth”. I couldn’t resist reading that article and clicked on it to dive deep into it. I found enormous learning under it which has helped me a lot.

When and Where did You Read It?

I read this article on my mobile phone a few weeks ago. It was the weekend and I started scrolling the Google discovery on my device. I found this article very catchy and informative. I like reading a lot and this is why whenever something attracts me I start reading it completely. This article has given me tremendous knowledge about health-related notions.

What You Learned from the Article?

The author explained the food trends in the present scenario that people like to eat fast food rather than cooking fresh meals at home. This has given birth to various health diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart attacks, hypertension, etc.

Due to the advancements in technology, people prefer to take a ride instead of walking and have exchanged the available time for exercise with browsing the internet, watching television, and checking their accounts on social media websites. The manual works are transformed into technological operations. The article has given me knowledge about the remedies of a healthy lifestyle along with major requirements of the body in terms of vitamins and proteins.

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Explain Why You Think it is a Good or Bad Article?

I think the article was exponentially beneficial to me as it has explained the intake of meals and health remedies along with providing the optimal requirements of the body. After reading the article, I realized that health is truly the greatest wealth and we must emphasize our health along with working for our dreams.

Talk About An Article Which You Have Read About Health: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample Two

What was the Article?

The article that I have read about health was about the COVID updates. I have read the complete article on the guidelines given by WHO for the Coronavirus. The article has everything related to the spread of the virus and its preventive measures. I needed to read it due to the havoc created by the outbreak of the virus in the whole world.

I read the article and gave updates to my grandmother and parents to let them take all the precautions for the detrimental virus. The article was published in the e-newspaper and I got updated and informed about several significant points after reading that article.

When and Where did You Read It?

Well, I am an avid reader. I love reading articles. I enjoy reading newspapers and magazines by hand or on the internet. This great health information was read by me recently on my mobile phone. I searched for the Coronavirus updates and got this immensely beneficial article on the website. The title of the article was, ” Now or Never “. It felt like an enormous dose of updates and information after reading the complete health article.

Everyone is taking proper precautions to save from this disastrous virus. I have equipped myself with the latest updates to take effective preventive measures for myself and my family.

What You Learned from the Article?

I learned all the beneficial updates from the article. I was searching for the Coronavirus health updates and preventive measures which I got from the article. It was very effective as the most important thing today is to protect yourself from this destructive and hazardous virus.

People are dying because of its spread and others are looking for ventilators and oxygen cylinders. In this time of misery, we must be aware of all the requirements of maintaining our health status. The learnings from the article were guidelines and the current status of vulnerability in the country.

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Explain Why You Think it is A Good or Bad Article?

It was indeed a very good and effective article. I learned all the facts and details from it. Everyone is reaching out for authentic information related to health conditions today. I got such an informative article on one of the best news websites.

The media has worked efficiently for informing the people of the country along with spreading awareness during this difficult time. I learned from the article that health is the most important thing. Everything else comes later in the list but health is on the top to take care of.

Check Out the Follow Up Questions that Might Come in the IELTS Speaking Exam

#1. Why Is it that Different People Want to See Different Magazines?

Everyone has different choices and interests. People prefer to read magazines according to their needs and interests. The people who are interested in sports read sports magazines, such as Sports Today; others who like fashion, read fashion magazines, such as Vogue; people may have interest in film celebrities and entertainment, they like to read the magazines like Filmfare or Stardust. But every information is essential to know.

The most common magazines in my country are Politics-based, Sports-based, and fashion-based. Magazines cater to different ideas. Different people have different tastes in genres. This is the reason that everyone can’t read the same magazine, rather choose unique according to their choices.

#2. Do Folks Like to Read the Information on the World Wide Web?

Sir/ma’am, I believe that young people today have an interest in reading the information on the internet. The Internet is the greatest invention of today’s century. Everything is available on digital gadgets because of the internet. Young people prefer to see information on the World Wide Web as it is easily reachable. Today’s youngsters are tech-savvy.

They are already using the internet to a greater extent as they check for weather updates, news updates, and watch talk shows online on their computers or mobile phones. People today find it easy and comfortable to read e-newspaper or magazines with a few clicks on their device. Therefore, people are using the internet to get information in today’s era.

#3. Do You Feel the People Now are Healthier than People Previously?

Yes, I do feel that people are now healthier than the people before. This is probably because people today have become more conscious of their bodies and fitness. Everyone wants to look good and fit. Health brings activeness and enthusiasm to one’s body and soul. People are becoming aware of their well-being.

The life expectancy has increased greatly over the years which has made it even more evident that today’s people are healthier than before. Education has played a pivotal role in this section. People today know what is suitable for their body and what is not along with the proper food intake quantity. They eat the complete meal with the required elements. Modern medical facilities have also impacted largely on the health status of the people of the nation.

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#4. What Type of Magazines Do Teens Prefer to Read?

Well, it completely depends on the choice of the individuals to select a particular magazine but to answer the question, I believe most teenagers are attracted greatly towards fashion and sports magazines.

Boys mostly read sports magazines to develop their knowledge about the facts of sports and the entire industry and girls highly prefer fashion magazines to know about celebrities and their fashion senses.

Anyone can read any type of magazine. It completely depends on the interest of the human being. Magazines upgrade the reading and speaking skills of an individual along with adding extravaganza knowledge to their brain.

#5. Do People Still Purchase Magazines in Your Own Country?

Yes, people still purchase magazines in my country. Magazines play an important role in building an opinion on a particular topic or scenario by the descriptive analysis on that topic. Although, different people dice towards different magazines a majority of them are interested in buying magazines.

In my country, most of the magazines are purchased by women for their household chores. People buy magazines to access information about different spheres that are specifically tailored according to their likes, class, interests, groups, and perspectives. People also reach out to magazines because they contain the fine details of an event, a personality, or a phenomenon.

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Therefore, this article is shared to let you all grab the art of giving fascinating answers in the test. We believe that the knowledge of delivering answers has been taken by you through both the samples present. If you still have any doubts regarding the procedures, documents, preparation, syllabus, eligibility, or strategies, you can visit the IELTS Ninja website.

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