Are you planning to appear for the IELTS exam or are appearing for the IELTS exam? If yes, then this article is best suited for you.

This article will provide IELTS general writing task 2 sample questions and also answer a few frequently asked questions about the IELTS exam. So let’s get started.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Questions

In task 2 questions you will be required to write an essay in response to a question. This essay has to be of 250 plus words. The 2nd task has a value of 2/3rd in your writing task score. You should look to spend around 40 minutes in this section. The questions can be an opinion based question, discussion-based question, advantages and disadvantages questions, etc.

The different kinds of questions require different kinds of answers. So you will need to learn answer formation for questions well in hand. Every situation requires a different answering method thus looking to be an all-rounder in the art of answer writing.

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Sample Question

This sample question is just a kind of question that is very general and is best suited for the practice of the student on how to go about such questions, but here are a few questions that are from the previous years.


Many people tend to believe that social media has a negative impact on society and individuals. Do you agree? 

Now let’s answer this question in the next section of the article.

Answer to Sample Question

Social media can be a boon or bane depending on the usage. The fact remains that social media has now reached into the very deep roots of our life. Social media has now started to create changes in society, be it negative or positive. To be able to come to a conclusion on the overall impact is not an easy task.

Social media has been connecting people worldwide. The friendship people have lost over the years due to distance can be brought back in a very instant. Social media has become a very essential part of our life. The impact of social media has been very severe in everyone’s life. Even the younger generation is very much involved in the process.

The impact on individuals surrounds on the basis of ease in communication globally. It has reconnected many lost friendships, has started new friendships, and also has become a public forum for every single matter. You can find groups and pages for the most trivial of things. The impact on society too has been very significant.

Continue Your Answer

It is quite often seen that social media is a very powerful place to talk about issues going on in one’s country. If the issue is very severe, it is seen that the global community is in support and trying to put pressure on the government to do the right thing in many countries. This kind of environment is very important in order to move towards a free and peaceful society, where war is a matter of the past. In recent times, it has been noted that social media has allowed to create a huge impact in battling the ongoing pandemic. It is very easy to spread information about the virus and its prevention through social websites, but remember that every coin has two sides. Even though relevant and important information can be shared, it is seen that false information is spread at a faster rate. Social media platforms like WhatsApp have started a feature to mark a message as a forward so that the reader’s can make the right choice in believing the information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that the sample questions have been answered, let’s look at a few FAQs regarding the IELTS exam.

Q1. Are questions repeated in IELTS writing task 2? 

The answer to this is uncertain. As IELTS papers are not distributed to the students after the exam, there is no official way of confirming if questions are repeated in IELTS writing task 2, but instead of wondering on this aspect students can look to improve their skill for the exam and score higher.

Q2. Do we write questions in IELTS writing task 2?

The answer to this question is no, you are given questions in the exam or a prompt and you will need to answer the question accordingly. There are different types of questions and the method of answering will depend on that.

Q3. What is IELTS writing task 2 question types? 

There are many types of questions that can be asked. As mentioned earlier, opinions, discussion, advantages and disadvantages type questions and etc, are generally asked but again there is no way of predicting the exam paper.


Writing the IELTS exam requires a lot of practice, and the second writing task for the exam holds 2/3rd weightage in the total writing task.

It is very important to score well in this area because of the high weightage. Writing a better answer requires regular practice. Keep practising regularly and look to improve your vocabulary and grammar each time. Your grammar and method of writing the answers are very important.

Improvement will come at a slow pace, but regular practice is the best means to create a positive change for your IELTS exam preparation. Best of luck!

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