Alberta is located to the west of Canada and borders the United States. It is the perfect location for young people and families to live and work in Canada. Families enjoy a high family income, well above the Canadian average, and many beautiful landscapes, including the popular Banff National Park, which is the ideal escape from the vibrant street life. There is plenty of promising job opportunities for young people in major industries such as service, construction, hospitality, finance, agriculture, tourism, and in particular, gas and oil. If you are considering for Canada immigration then continue reading as you will learn about essential information like the Alberta immigration program so let’s begin!

How to Immigrate to Alberta?

You can immigrate to Alberta through a pathway called the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP). This program was introduced as the Province is searching for immigrants with the skillset required by the local labour market in the face of a shortage of talented people. In order to fill this gap in skilled labour, the provincial government has a special agreement with Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that enables them to nominate qualified and qualified immigrants for permanent residence in the province.

Through the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, the province is able to identify high-demand immigrants throughout the province and fill the shortage of skilled labor with immigrants with the knowledge and expertise they need. This initiative helps prospective immigrants with the right combination of expertise and experience to receive a Provincial Nomination Certificate.

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How Can You Apply for Alberta PNP?

The Provincial Nomination Program provides two streams through which you can apply for the permanent residentialship. Here are the two ways listed down below:

  • Alberta Opportunity stream- The Alberta Opportunity Stream is intended for temporary foreign workers who either work full-time in Alberta or have a full-time offer of employment from an employer.  Applicants must have a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment or carry one of the accepted LMIA work permits. Applicants must also fulfil other minimum eligibility criteria for residence and type of work permit, occupation, language, education, etc.
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream- The Alberta Express Entry Stream nominates a reduced number of approved candidates from the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada Express Entry System. Applicants who have exhibited strong ties with Alberta or who can support the government’s economic development shall be asked to submit an application. You cannot apply directly to this stream.

What is Canada Immigration Eligibility for Both Streams?

  • For Alberta Opportunity stream, The majority of occupations under the National Occupational Classification skill level 0, A, B, C and D are qualified under the AINP. As far as language requirements are concerned, for NOC 0, A, or B you need a minimum of 5 for each IELTS parts. While for NOC C/D occupation, a minimum of CLB 4 is needed. For education, you need to either have an undergraduate degree or diploma of at least two years minimum. To know more about eligibility regarding AOS click here. 
  • For Alberta Express Entry system, here they choose to send you a notification of interest letter if you Active Express Entry Profile in the Federal Express Entry Pool, Interest in permanently immigrating to Alberta, Job in an occupation that promotes Alberta’s economic growth and development and a minimum score of 300 for the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Will You still get a Notification Letter if You Meet all the Needs?

There is no assurance that if you meet the selection criteria, you will receive a letter of interest or be asked to apply. Notification of Interest letters and applications shall be influenced by the number of potential candidates fulfilling these criteria, the form (occupation or sector) of submissions in AINP processing queues and the number of appointments available.


If you are tempted to go to Alberta or plan to apply for Canada Immigration then you should think of meeting criteria first. One of the main criteria is the language one where you need to have a minimum IELTS CLB score for every NOC level. Basically, focus on meeting all the requirements and then you can rest assured. Hope for the best!

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