Saskatchewan is an area in the extreme centre of Canada that has a flourishing economy on account of a plenitude of minerals, oil, petroleum gas, and potash. With friendly networks, a sensible average cost for living, a lot of occupations, and more daylight every year than some other Canadian territory. Saskatchewan is a very well known destination for new Canadians to settle. The easiest way to move to Saskatchewan is with a provincial selection inside the Saskatchewan Express Entry Canada migration system.

What is Saskatchewan Express Entry?

Saskatchewan Express Entry is one of the International Skilled Worker surges of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP), a Saskatchewan PNP (Provincial Nominee Program). Applicants from the government Express Entry pool who have high skilled work experience in a job that isn’t recorded on the SINP Excluded Occupation List may present an Expression of Interest to be considered for the stream.Applicants who are effectively assigned through the Saskatchewan Express Entry stream will be invited to present an official application for Canadian permanent residence.

Know about the Eligibility

  • The candidate must be accepted into the CIC Express Entry pool and have a profile number as well as a job seeker validation code.
  • The candidate must have completed education or training at a post-secondary level
  • The candidate must have a score of 60/100 points or higher under the PNP Saskatchewan assessment grid shown above
  • He/She must have an acceptable level of work experience in your field.
  • One must prove the language proficiency level declared in Saskatchewan Express Entry profile with valid language test results from a well known testing agency
  • The applicant must have sufficient funds for settlement as well as a realistic settlement plan as mentioned by Saskatchewan Immigration

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How to Apply for Saskatchewan Express Entry?

To know how to apply for Saskatchewan Express Entry, read the paragraph below

Once you get your invitation to apply through the Expression of Interest system, you must do these:

  • You must follow the guidelines of the application process
  • Complete and then scan and send all the required documents
  • Check out the SINP Important Words and Definitions to be sure you understood everything

If you succeed in getting a nomination from SINP, IRCC will process most of the completed applications in less than 6 months

Boost Your Express Entry Points

To know how to create more express entry points for Saskatchewan, go through the points given below.

  • Keep a broader perspective
  • Get a provincial nomination
  • Get a job offer
  • Hire an employment professional
  • Boost your education
  • Increase your work experience
  • Improve your language proficiency
  • Saskatchewan Express Entry points calculator gives you an idea of your eligibility

How to Apply for PR in Saskatchewan?

To know how to apply for PR in Saskatchewan follow the paragraphs below and get to know about every doubt you have in your mind.

Categories of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program 2018

  • International Skilled Worker Category

To gain eligibility for this category, The applicants must,

  • Score a minimum of 60 points out of 100 on the point assessment section
  • In the past 10 years, have a minimum of 1 year of work experience
  • Have a minimum score of 4.0 on the Canadian Language Benchmark assessment.
  • Works in a regulated trade, proof of appropriate licensure is required.
  • Have a full time permanent employment offer from an employer in Saskatchewan that is either classified as a Type 0, A or B occupation with the NOC classification
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category

This category is designed for foreign nationals who are already living and working in Saskatchewan who want to become permanent residents. The program is divided into,

  • Existing Work Permit Sub-Category
  • Health Profession Sub-Category
  • Hospitality Sector Pilot Project Sub-Category
  • Long-Haul Truck Driver Sub-Category
  • Student Sub-Category

To gain eligibility for this category, The applicants must,

  • Entrepreneur and Farm Category

Farm Owners/ Operators Eligibility
  • Make a good faith deposit of CDN $75,000
  • Can exhibit marketable employment skills
  • With a net worth of CDN $500,000
  • Prove that they are knowledgeable farm operators
  • Necessary visit to Saskatchewan for a minimum of 5 working days and a meeting with an SINP representative
Entrepreneurs Eligibility
  • A minimum net worth of $500,000 CAD
  • Verifying net worth through legal means
  • Minimum 3 years’ worth of entrepreneurial business experience


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