The TRF is one such form that a candidate requires if he/she has appeared in the IELTS Examination. This sheet of paper is extremely essential for every candidate, for everyone who appears in the IELTS examination because this is the only way to prove to the different universities that you’re applying in to let them know that the scores presented by you in your previous IELTS examination are 100% true and genuine.

So, for this, every single candidate requires a TRF.

So, now let’s move forward to know more details about this form. But before moving forward, let’s get to know what is a TRF in the IELTS & what is a TRF Number in IELTS, how important is it to acquire these documents, and much more.

So, let’s get on a journey along with us to know more about this.

What is TRF in IELTS?

TRF, also popularly known as the Test Report Form is a report that is given to every other candidate who appears in the IELTS examination. Any candidate who has taken the IELTS examination is given the Test Report Form that helps them in listing out the different scores that they have achieved in the examination in the different tests that they appeared in. So, if one needs to check their scores and be sure about presenting a genuine TRF, they can make use of the TRF which is provided by the same examination centre from which the candidate took their exam.

All they need to do is to visit the examination centre in which they appeared for their examination and collect their test report form. Further, to re-check whether the TRF presented by the candidate is genuine or not, the British Council has developed an Online Verification Service that helps one in confirming the true identity of the TRF that a candidate possesses.

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What is Additional TRF in IELTS?

Additional TRF is one such additional report of the Test report form that any candidate who appears in the IELTS examination has to present in front of the Universities and Educational Institutions that they are applying to get into; in order to help them check the true identity of the candidate and to confirm whether the TRF presented by them is original or not.

In case, any candidate is applying to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada or the United kingdom Visas and Immigration {UKVI}, he/she needs to present the authorities with two or more TRFs as proof of their application to the CIC and the UKVI.

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What is Add TRF in IELTS?

Additional TRF or Add TRF is an application form that every candidate has to fill in order to get their TRF in case they have lost the ones they had earlier.

Whenever any candidate appears in the IELTS examination, after the successful completion of the examination and once they have successfully cleared the examination test, all of them are presented with a TRF – which is the Test Report Form that has all their scores in it of the different exams and the various parts of the exams they went through. Once the candidate has successfully cleared the test paper, they are presented with the TRF that lists their marks in it – this form is then submitted to the different universities that they want to get themselves enrolled in.

Lost TRF?

Every year thousands and lakhs of students appear for the test and many out of them lose their TRFs, and even at times, we have seen that people do not even know much about it. But now when you are reading this, you must be clear about everything and all you want to do is know more about it. So, keep reading till the end.

In any case, the candidate has lost their original and the first TRF provided to them by the desired institutions, they have to ask for one more from the same exam centre. This TRF is then valid for a period of two years and they have to keep it with them and present it to their universities within that time period, but after the completion of this time period of two years, this form is no longer valid which results in them appearing for the examination once again.

How to Find IELTS TRF Number?

The IELTS TRF number is provided to all those candidates who appear in the IELTS examination and manage to successfully clear it within a particular time period.

But if in case, somebody loses it, there are different processes that one has to go through to find their TRF number. These are:

#1. Inform the desired institution from which you took your IELTS examination and let them know that your TRF number has been lost by you.

#2. Put a request with them to get another TRF as soon as possible.

#3. In order to get your TRF number, visit that test centre and don’t forget to carry a photocopy of the ID document along with you, similar to the one that you used on the day of the examination.

#4. After following all these steps, just wait for a period of 13 days in order to get your TRF from the IDP IELTS office.

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Hopefully, by now, you must have understood each and everything about this TRF form and the different ways to acquire it. Often, we have seen that candidates who lose their first TRF panic a lot and are feared whether they will be able to get another one for the same or not.

If you have read the article till this then all such doubts of yours must have been cleared and the one tension and fear that you had in your mind regarding the same would not be there anymore.

Don’t worry, we are always here to help you out through everything. So, if you have any doubts regarding the same, just feel free to fill in the comments section with all your queries.

Also, if you want to know more about any such thing, don’t forget to check out our other blogs.

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