One of the main reasons students choose to study in Canada is the high quality of education. For a student, a degree from a Canadian university is a mark of trust and distinction. Furthermore, Canada is consistently recognised as one of the greatest countries in the world—currently ranking #1 in terms of quality of life.

Want to know about the University of Manitoba courses? Read till the end to find out. This is an established University in Western Canada. Tuition in Canada is relatively inexpensive when compared to schools in other popular study places. And, when the return on investment, as well as the excellent career opportunities, both part-time and full-time, are considered, it is a highly viable option for Indian students.

How to Apply for MS in Canada?

In Canada, an MS is a 1-2 year postgraduate study that can be pursued as an academic or professional degree. An MS in Canada is either a course-based or a thesis-based programme for furthering one’s education in Canada. Some Canadian colleges, however, offer it as a hybrid of the two. Annual tuition for graduate education in Canada ranges from 20,000 CAD to 30,000 CAD. For students from India, the cost of Masters in Canadian universities ranges from 11.11 lakhs to 16.6 lakhs INR.

Admission dates for Canadian institutions offering MS programmes often fall between October and January (may vary with the university). To get admitted to MS programmes in Canada, you must have a four-year bachelor’s degree (65 per cent -86 per cent on average), an IELTS score (6.5 or higher/other equivalents), GRE scores (needed for elite colleges), and LORs.

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Why Should You Study in Canada?

Are you thinking of pursuing your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from the University of Manitoba? You have made a great choice! Let’s find out some of the best reasons why Canada is the ideal place for your studies.

#Presence of World-class Institutions- According to the QS World University Rankings (2020), seven Canadian universities are among the top 200 in the world.

#A master’s degree is available in a variety of disciplines of study, including medical, information technology, engineering and technology, finance, management, business administration, architecture, nursing, design, and so on. So there are several opportunities for specialisation!

#Tuition fee in Canada is among the lowest.

#Immigration in Canada is more welcoming as compared to other institutes.

What are the Important Documents Required for Admission?

Now that you have checked what the University of Manitoba courses are, let’s find out what documents are required for the application process.

#A filled-out entrance application form.

#Academic transcripts and certifications from all educational institutions attended must be certified.

#CV/ Resume.

#Letters of Recommendation or References.

#Samples of personal declarations and writing.

#GRE/ GMAT scores are examples of standardised test scores needed to study in Canada.

#Language skills (English/French).

#Application fee payments are non-refundable.

#Passport copy.

#Lastly, proof of funding.

What is the Cost Of Studying Abroad?

Expenses CAD
TOEFL 220-345
PTE 250
GRE 280
Student Visa 160


Programme Fees in INR

for a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering

for a Master’s Degree in Business Analytics

for a master’s degree in data science (avg)

for M.Arch

for a master’s degree in computer science

for a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

for a Master’s Degree in International Business

for a master’s degree in health administration

1 to 59 lakhs

8-29 Lakhs

14-36 Lakhs

12 lakhs

5-27 Lakhs

36-42 lakhs

14-21 Lakhs

14-21 Lakhs

15-37 lakhs

11 lakhs

Expected Living Expenses 

Books and Materials Accommodation ranges from 750 to 3,750 (plus utilities) 5,100–12,000 Food 2,280

Clothing ranging from 450 to 750

Transportation 728

Entertainment 563

648 Health Insurance

Totals range from 10,519 to 20,719 USD

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Are Scholarships Available?

This University provides several financial prizes and economic assistance to students. The awards are presented to intellectual and athletic performers who have excelled in their respective disciplines. If you are an overseas student looking for scholarships to study in Canada,

Athletic Awards-Awards range in value from 375 USD to full tuition; applicants must be eligible for participation on any recognised Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) university team.

Scholarships for Schulich Leaders-The scholarship is provided in collaboration with The Schulich Foundation.

What are the Courses Offered at the University of Manitoba?

The Institution of Manitoba (U of M) is a public research university that was founded in 1877. Manitoba University was the first institution created in Western Canada and is the biggest and only research-intensive university in the province, providing more than 100 undergraduate degrees, diplomas, and certifications. Professional fields such as medicine, law, and engineering are also included. What are the courses offered in this University? Let’s find out.

While it is most known for its programmes in the faculties of architecture, engineering, medicine, and agriculture. Other programmes at the School of Music, such as Native Studies and Jazz, are excellent.

University of Manitoba: Ranking & IELTS Requirement

Is IELTS / TOEFL acceptable in this University? Yes, it is. The required IELTS score is anywhere between 6.5 – 7. The TOEFL score is 86 and above. Other scores acceptable are PTE: 59, GRE: 308,  GMAT: 560.

The institution covers 676 acres and is divided into three campuses: Bannatyne Campus, Fort Garry Campus, and William Norrie Centre. What is the ranking of the University of Manitoba?

According to Rankings of Universities- ARWU (Shanghai Ranking) 2020 -301-400

According to World University Ranking QS – 601-650

According to US News & World Report 2021- 390

According to THE (Times Higher Education) 2021-351-400

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What Is the IELTS Exam?

This is a test designed to assess one’s command of the English language. It is recognised by higher education institutions and immigration agencies in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

In most Canadian Universities, these are the general requirements during admissions.

#Proof of English language competency is necessary for international students from non-native English-speaking nations. The minimal ELP exam score criteria would vary according to the programme; nevertheless, the usual scores at leading universities offering master’s degrees in Canada are as follows:

TOEFL (iBT): 86 or above

IELTS score: 6.5-7.0

#GMAT scores of at least 550 are necessary.

#GRE minimums are necessary. 140 on the verbal. 150 in quantitative terms.

#Have a minimum GPA of 3.0/4.0 (equal to 65-70%) or an equivalent foreign UG degree in a comparable field of study.

#Where appropriate, 1-3 years of work experience.

How to Apply for Canada from India?

#Research your options and shortlist the Universities that could be your potential place of study.

#Check the study programs offered in these Universities. Does any meet your requirements?

#Standardised tests like IELTS/TOEFL/GRE are accepted in many Universities in Canada. Check which examination you are required to take. Prepare accordingly.

#Financing your studies is an important aspect to take into consideration when making plans to study abroad. Before you begin, make sure you have suggested funds in place.

#Once you have done this relevant research, now apply to the University of your choice.

#Once you receive your acceptance letter, pay the non-refundable deposit to secure your place.

#Once you get your final confirmation letter, you can now apply for a student visa.

What are Your Scopes after You Graduate?

Thinking of living in Canada further? Want to check what viable options are available for you?

#Canada has made provisions to encourage overseas students and graduates to stay, get job experience, and generally contribute to the economy and culture of the country.

#Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) run a Post-Graduate Work Permit Program to retain overseas students. International graduates may apply for an open work visa for up to three years under this scheme.

#Students with study visas may also bring their dependent children to Canada. The youngsters are allowed to stay in Canada for the term of their study visa. Minor children may continue their education in the nation if one of their parent’s works or studies in Canada.

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Want to Apply for PR in Canada?

Students interested in global studies are flocking to Canada for higher education. One of the most significant aspects of obtaining a work visa in Canada is favourable policies. Graduates from top Canadian institutions can get a three-year work visa, which leads to permanent residency. With a long history of attracting highly talented immigrants, around 65 per cent of foreign applicants in Canada are from other countries.

#To be eligible to return to Canada, a student must enrol in a course for at least 8 months.

#The PGWP is a work permit that allows students to work for any firm in Canada.

#Its applicability is determined by the length of the instructional programme. PGWP has a maximum length of three years.

#To be eligible, a student must apply for a post-graduation work visa within 180 days of finishing their programme and receiving their transcripts.


We hope that this article has answered all your queries regarding The University of Manitoba ranking and programs. Studying abroad has always attracted Indian students. This is a good chance for students who not only get to experience the challenges outside their comfort zone but also attain quality education. Canada has always been quite encouraging when it comes to international talents. To retain the best talent, the Canadian government has come up with a flexible immigration system.

Studying in Canada has its advantages. Most of the students start searching for jobs as soon as they graduate. Students from certain fields of study have a bright future in Canada. Now that you have come to know so much about Canada, start your application process soon. We at IELTS Ninja offer IELTS programmes to ensure that you are not left behind in making your goals come true.

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