Looking for more cue card topics for your IELTS preparation? Well, fret not! We have got one for you.

Practice with the topic and brainstorm different ideas for the same topic. This will help you to get ready for any topic given by the interviewer.

For the cue card section of the IELTS exam, we have the topic “Describe a risk you have taken”. Go through the 2 sample answers properly and score a band more than 8.

Describe a Risk You have Taken Cue Card Topic for IELTS Speaking Exam Preparation

Break the topic into these parts:

# What was it?

# Why did you take it?

# What was the result?

# How do you feel about it?

Describe a Risk You Have Taken Sample Answer One for IELTS Speaking Exam

IELTS Speaking Sample Answer: What was It? 

There is a saying that ‘Nothing great comes without risk’ and I wholeheartedly believe in that. There are many situations in a person’s life where he/she has to take risks. Well, there were also many incidents and ups and downs in my life where I had to choose the risky one. I will be talking about one incident which affected my life and turned it over.

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Why Did You Take It?

I was in standard 12th and people say this was the time when students need to choose their career so that it becomes their profession later on. Well, it was a difficult time then. I was a science student but not really interested in the subject as I am interested in Literature. I had written my competitive exams, and the results were quite decent so that I can choose CSE in a government college.

What was The Result?

That is when I had to decide what to choose. Choosing CSE was a wise option because it had a secure profession. My mother had always supported me to choose my interests, but I also wanted to choose something to make her happy. Doing engineering was something that she liked. I had to choose something fast because the offer for CSE was to expire soon. Then, I did what I thought would risk my life. I opted for the long term to help me choose.

How Do You Feel About It?

I was very thankful to myself for choosing the risk because I had thought it through and now I am doing what I am interested in. My mother was the greatest motivation in my risk and she gave me the power to continue what makes me happy. I think taking risks can land you in three things, the same situation, a positive situation or a negative situation. But, as long as one is happy and satisfied with what they choose, they will achieve what they want.

Describe a Risk You have Taken Sample Two for IELTS Speaking Exam Preparation

IELTS Speaking: What was It?

Taking risks can either lead you or bury you. People say a wise person never takes risks, but I want to say that a wise person always takes risks to become successful. Well, all the successful people today have taken risks in life that’s why they are standing there. According to the surveys people even say that only 10 percent of the population can take risks and achieve their dreams and these are the people who change society for the better.

I want to express one situation where I had to take a risk. Well, it was a mental situation but, needed to act fast. It was when I went to a zoo on a school trip.

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Why Did You Take It?

I was usually with my friend’s group and we were walking around, talking, laughing and watching animals. Suddenly we heard cries and shouts from the side of the lion’s cage. The cage was big enough and it had a canal around the forest that the lion was living in.

When we reached there, half jogging and half running, we saw a ten-year-old kid, who had gone in through the barriers and had fallen into the canal which was not too deep. The kid was unconscious and his parents were crying, the father was holding his wife who was trying to jump in. Meanwhile, people were thinking and calling the zoo staff, who informed them that they will be there in 5 minutes. But, there was no time for that, the lion had stopped the child and was now crossing the forest.

What was The Result?

Well, this was a situation where it was risky and I had to act fast. I got an idea, because people had brought a rope, but were not able to reach him. I ran to them and told them that they had to tie the rope around my waist and I would go down and when I held the child they would pull me up. Thankfully, the teachers were not around me and in 10 seconds I was tied to the rope and went down. The lion had sped up, watching me, it was going to jump in the water when they pulled us up.

The risk might have made me lose my life, but I couldn’t stand there watching a life gone. Their parents were more than thankful and people around cheered on me and told me that my parents were lucky to have a child-like me. I felt happy and glad that I helped him and now he is safe. Risks are meant to be taken.

Describe a Risk You have Taken Follow Up Questions 1-2

Q1. What motivates certain people to participate in extreme sports?

It is dependent on the goal. Some people participate in extreme activities for the money, as sports are quite expensive. Sports also feel natural or in a difficult way for some people, and they do that as a passion for others. As a result, there might be a variety of causes.

Q2. Do action movies have a following in your country?

Of course, particularly Indian films. They are very popular among my country’s youth, and events have occurred as a result of others attempting to mimic them.

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Describe a Risk You have Taken Follow Up Questions 3-4

Q3. Do you believe that a leader who enjoys taking chances is a positive thing?

Of course, I believe that a leader should also take risks and difficulties. It’s always thought of as a leadership trait. These leaders are crucial to society because they are always willing to accept responsibility for others.

Q4. Do you believe men and women will create separate risk-taking decisions?

There used to be a difference between men and women when it came to taking risks, but currently, there is no such distinction. Women now appear to be taking greater risks than males at work and at home in order to maintain a balanced life.

IELTS Preparation Tips

# First and foremost, go through the exam pattern of all the sections

# Increase your fluency by daily communication

# Watch series or movies which are English dubbed

# Take mock tests to check your improvements in each section

# Eat healthily and keep good peace of mind on the IELTS exam day

# Listen to English songs and try to recognize the lyrics without googling.

# Read a lot of books

# Keep updated with trending current affairs topics

# Get a course from a reputed IELTS platform like IELTS Ninja

# Get a good sleep the night before the exam

# Dress sophisticatedly on the exam day

# Read a page of the Oxford Dictionary to learn new words

# Keep a smile and a positive attitude before your interviewer

# Avoid finishing your answer with just a word like “yes” or “no”

# Try to give real-life examples to earn some extra points


Follow the basic tips that are given in the section just above. These tips will help you in your IELTS preparation as well as getting extra points in your IELTS exam. We hope that you found the given sample answers helpful. The most basic point to remember about the cue card section is to practice a lot of topics. You must practice the previous years’ topics as well. You might get lucky if the topic gets repeated in your turn.

For more cue card topics you can visit the blog section of IELTS Ninja or just click here.

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