The IELTS exam is conducted in two sections: IELTS Academic and IELTS General. For both of these tests, the process is different. The candidates trying to achieve a high band in the test to get admission to the best university in the world must be aware of the differences between the papers and patterns to perform better.

You should prepare adequately for each section. Well, both of these papers have examinations from the four same fields: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Is it compulsory to have the vaccination before giving the IELTS exam? This question might be hitting your mind because the COVID scenario has been challenging and has changed the whole living pattern. Nobody was conscious about wearing any mask regularly alongside the hand sanitizers and multiple other things.

COVID has taught us to have a different perspective towards life and living patterns. So, the IELTS exam also has come up with some changes, in fact, additional features for the candidates to follow. Let’s know about the test procedures related to COVID 19.

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IELTS Test Changes

It is said,

” Health is the greatest wealth”

COVID 19 has affected people across the globe with its harmful effects. Considering the health of the candidates, the IELTS has brought some changes in the test process. If you are worried about the effect of the virus, you need not take any more stress as the organization is here to support you and help keep your work, study, and migration goals on track.

IDP is carrying out the necessary protocols that are told by the WHO to keep you secure and healthy along with pushing you towards your goals. The test centres are available for the candidates to take their test through the computer-based system in which partitions have been done to the rooms and people.

Also, safety measures have been taken care of perfectly. Check out every safety measure for the test.

Is it Compulsory to Have Vaccination Before Giving the IELTS Exam?

Yes, it is important to be vaccinated before going to give the IELTS exam. Due to the COVID 19 disastrous scenario, many countries have paused the IELTS exam but now the countries are starting yet again to provide the opportunities to all the aspirants to move into their choice of country and university.

The candidates are allowed to give the IELTS after getting jabbed with the COVID 19 vaccination. Well, the IELTS cares for your health and safety. This is the reason why the organizing body has several precautionary measures in place at all our test centres during the COVID-19 crisis.

Moreover, the computer-based IELTS has become a convenient option for aspirants. Let’s view more IELTS updates on how you can take the test safely and ways to prepare yourself efficiently during these uncertain times.

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Wearing Mask is Significant

It is extremely essential to wear a mask in the exam centre. Even the computer-delivered test requires your masks on. The test centre staff and examiners are also ordered by the conducting body to wear a face mask to cover their mouth and nose during your IELTS test.

Moreover, they also advise you to bring your mask and wear it throughout your test for your safety. You should not take this lightly as you are allowed to give the test only after following these mandatory steps.

The test center staff may ask you to uncover your face temporarily during security checks. You are advised to take a comfortable mask as you will wear it for a long period.

Hygiene and Hand Sanitizer

The IDP has worked on all the safety steps to ensure your safety and health. They will disinfect all related equipment including many items such as desks, chairs, headphones, keyboards, and other items you will need to complete your IELTS test. Sanitization of each element is done by their team to give you a secure environment. Everyone knows that washing your hands regularly can help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

You are asked to carry a hand sanitizer while going to take the paper. The candidates are asked to wash their hands frequently throughout the test day, from when they arrive, right through to when they finish their test. The staff of the centre will also have an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for you to use throughout the day.

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Distancing Maintenance

Social distancing is the most unique facet that we all learn during the pandemic. The centre staff will follow the social distancing guidelines outlined by the World Health Organisation for your safety. This is to prevent you from any infection around the test centre. The test venues are also giving more personal space for all test takers.

The sitting arrangements as well as the distance between the examiners is kept in mind. This guideline may include partitions to help separate desks in the computer-delivered IELTS test rooms. Smaller numbers are kept per test session.

The organization is following the World Health Organisations’ guidelines very carefully to ensure your safety. This is why all the test venues will run test sessions at a reduced capacity to allow for ample spacing between test takers and the candidates.

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COVID Declaration

To ensure the health and safety of all test-takers as well as the aspirants, the test center asks their candidates to complete a self-declaration form to confirm their health and fitness along with safety to sit in the examination hall and give the test.

You should ensure that you contact your centre of the exam immediately and discuss options to reschedule your test if you experience any of the following suspects. Have a look at the following points to contact your test centre before getting into trouble.

#. If the candidate has been in contact with a person suspected to have been exposed to novel coronavirus.

#. If any of the aspirants are unwell, have a cough or fever, or are showing flu-like symptoms such as shortness of breath or sore throat.

#. If you are doing self-isolation currently.

Therefore, these things must be noticed carefully to secure yourself and others from coming into your contact. You should not decide to give the examination in any of these situations.

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In this article, you must have learned about the processes required before giving the IELTS exam. Along with the IELTS preparation, the candidates must also emphasize these protocols to avoid any hustle at the end moment. The protocols are not difficult.

You are only required to be vaccinated and to carry the basic COVID 19 precautionary things. If you want any other information related to this paper or have any doubt regarding the centres or the question paper, you should visit the IELTS Ninja website.

It is a one-stop destination for all your queries and dilemmas. The articles are available on the IELTS sections, questions related to each section of the exam, preparation tips, experts guidance, several universities of the world along with their courses, and the examination updates.

Also, you can be the best by choosing the expert’s high-quality video lectures in a personalized format. Therefore, hurry up and reach your destination to get the best college and university through the IELTS exam.

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