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IELTS Cue Card: Describe an Important Journey That was Delayed

While answering the cue card topic, you must speak on questions like these

Why was it important?

What caused the delay?

What happened at last?

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Cue Card Topics Sample 1: Describe an Important Journey That was Delayed

Speaking Cue Cards: Why Was It Important?

For a long period of time, I worked in a job that required me to be there for the majority of the day, all day every day. Around the same time, I was attending university, making it impossible for me to have spare time.

When there were vacations, it was a period of hard labour since there were many things that we had to accomplish at my workplace, whenever there was a quiet period at work, the college had test season, assignment deadlines, and course assessments. So I spent 5 years of my life racing from one location to another to satisfy all of my responsibilities, with only one day off per week.

Speaking Cue Cards: What Caused the Delay?

It’s why one of the most significant travels I intended to take was postponed since I never had enough spare time to travel on holiday to my nation’s peninsula, which is famed across the globe for its natural beauty but tragically a location I had never been.

As it was a long-distance excursion, I required a significant number of days off to accomplish it. I had hoped for a longer time and wanted to travel to that lovely island, but I knew that something had to happen in my life for someone like me to be able to do just that. I understood how crucial it was for me to complete my degree program, so I waited with patience, knowing that one day I would graduate and have greater freedom.

Speaking Cue Cards: What Happened at Last?

After 5 years of study, when work got less exciting, I sought another source of money and resigned from my job to take a month-long vacation. Eventually, my desire to see the island became a reality. And I went to see some of the most gorgeous sites and beaches I’ve ever seen in my life as I journeyed through the entire region from the ground up. Even though it took me a considerable time to discover it, I discovered that sometimes it is necessary to give up certain things in order to attain other more significant goals in life.

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Cue Card Topics Sample 2: Describe an Important Journey That was Delayed

Speaking Cue Cards: Why was It Important?

I think that everybody should make opportunities to enjoy new places. My entire family enjoys doing so. We all make plans to travel to different areas once a year. This year, we intend to visit all of Varanasi’s prestigious Hindu sacred sites. We were all overjoyed to be able to come there. We decided to drive the distance. This was in August, and it was a really significant journey for us because we are all quite busy with our jobs most of the time. Only in August does everyone have some spare time to spend with family and friends. Furthermore, my sister was relocating to another country for further studies at the end of August.

We didn’t want to lose out on spending that special time together because my brother will be gone for at least three years. The adventure began at the break of dawn. We first chose to go to “a shrine.”

Speaking Cue Cards: What Caused The Delay?

Our automobile abruptly quit operating 7 kilometres from our destination. And although my father is well-versed in how to manage a car failure, he had a difficult time locating the issue that day. Finally, he researched local mechanics and discovered that a repair shop was very nearby

However, it took an hour to resolve the problem. We learned after about 3 kilometres that there was a building going on and that we would have to take a different route. That meant we’d have to drive for an extra three hours to get to our goal, which was not a smart plan. Before leaving overseas, my brother was determined to seek blessings from the temple. Aside from that, my grandpa wanted to take us there because we could stay linked to our origins.

Speaking Cue Cards: What Happened at Last?

It would have been quite exhausting for my dad to drive if we had continued our trip. That day, nevertheless, we chose to visit an only Hindu sacred site. This decision was unanimously approved. We chose to spend the night because we arrived early in the night. Nonetheless, we were all relieved that we were able to enjoy that day despite the fact that our travel had been delayed.

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Cue Card Topics Sample 3: Describe an Important Journey That was Delayed

Speaking Cue Cards: Why was It Important?

I enjoy travelling. I’ve taken several travels in my life, and they’ve always been completed on time. However, some of our travels are delayed due to traffic. Something similar occurred to me lately, and I’d like to share about it here. Actually, I filed for a passport last month and booked an appointment for passport validation in Patiala because my city lacks a passport confirmation centre. My permission was granted the following day after I submitted my application. As a result, it was critical for me to arrive on time.

 Speaking Cue Cards: What Caused The Delay?

So I planned the trip and boarded the bus at 6:00 a.m., joined by my brother. Everything was going well until, after a short distance, our bus began making a honking sound and abruptly came to a halt. Everybody on the bus was taken aback. We questioned the bus operator, and he replied that the bus motor had broken down. I was perplexed, so we got off the bus and began looking for another transport. The driver of our bus was battling to start the vehicle, and after a 60 minutes of waiting, the driver was successful, and the bus began to run.

Speaking Cue Cards: What Happened at Last?

At 11:30 a.m., we arrived at the Patiala bus station. My appointment, though, was at 12 noon. I was upset and perplexed until my brother advised me to go to the Passport Center. We performed the same thing and explained everything to the supervisor. He advised us to wait for a while, and after half an hour, my verification procedure began, taking me three hours in the passport facility. Finally, the procedure was completed, and I was overjoyed. Overall, It was one of my important travels that was hampered by an unanticipated occurrence.


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