You will be asked to write a variety of essays in IELTS Writing Task 2. This includes Opinion Essays, Argumentative Essays, Advantages and Disadvantages Essays, Problem & Answer Essays, and Mixed Essays. The type of essay required must be determined, and your responses must be written accordingly. You are expected to use your skills, experience, and examples when answering.

To be more specific, IELTS Writing Task 2 requires you to write a 250-word essay on a given topic. Not to mention the fact that the task is time-limited. You have 40 minutes to cleverly answer the specific topic with your own language, obviously without any mistakes. This article provides an example of an essay on “Art is considered an important part of a society.”

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society: IELTS Essay Topic

Will you be able to write an essay on art? If you don’t have the idea to approach a topic like that, you must read the section below carefully.

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society Sample 1


Art is widely regarded as an important aspect of society, and works of art often offer important insights into current communities. I am fully in favour of art education playing a significant part in the lives of children. I assume that children should be encouraged to value art as much as they value other topics such as science, math, and so on. This article would address two advantages of combining art education to include a rationale for why prioritising other topics is so beneficial.

Since the movements and methods used in making it include finely tuned motor abilities, one of the main benefits of incorporating art instruction in a school curriculum is that it aids in the learning of motor skills.

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Art is Considered an Important Part of Society IELTS Essay: Body

Swirling a paintbrush, colouring between multiple lines, and erasing minor aspects of a sketch are all examples of this, and they all include particular concentrations and smooth hand motions. Drawing various shapes and chopping papers would not only improve general dexterity, but it would also make children even more concise and effective. Another advantage in delivering art lessons is the production of total trust. Take, for example, the usually egocentric visual arts. To put it another way, when a kid sketches or paints, it is an expression of themselves and how they think. As a result, if teachers and others encourage young people to participate in visual art by complementing their work and showing the images in an exhibition, this type of project is likely to improve children’s morale and personal growth.

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society IELTS Essay: Conclusion

Children must be encouraged to pursue painting as well as academic subjects such as algebra, astronomy, and others. Using detailed perceptions of both subjects, the study of astronomy was made perfectly possible, just as the scale of the earth, our distance from the sun, and the advent of satellites were made perfectly possible. Without it, we wouldn’t have any of our new technological marvels and would have remained uncivilised for all time.

Finally, it is obvious that spare subjects are just as important as art subjects. Furthermore, regardless of the incorporation of a creative approach and determinations, providing art education remains a truly fundamental mission.

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society Sample 2


One of the most contentious issues currently is whether or not art is a necessary subject for school children. In this article, I’ll look at both sides of the debate and then offer my own thoughts on the topic.

On one side of the debate, others contend that the advantages of it as an intellectual topic far outweigh the drawbacks. The primary explanation for this is that it is the transformation of an individual’s creativity into paper; as a result, it assists students in broadening their thinking. It’s also plausible to argue that it serves as a vehicle for shy students to articulate themselves directly.

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Art is Considered an Important Part of Society IELTS Essay: Body

One clear example is when children show their love and feelings towards their parents by using their imagination to create a birthday card, assuming they studied this craft in kindergarten. As a result, it’s easy to see why this viewpoint has gained traction.

Individuals, on the other hand, often contend that it is a waste of time. People also believe this because students are already overburdened with other academic topics, and having a class would add to their workload. Furthermore, there are no career opportunities for art students nowadays; as a result, they choose other vocational subjects. For example, students should choose between science and commerce, all of which have plenty of job opportunities.

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society IELTS Essay: Conclusion

As a result, it can go without saying that this point of view is both plausible and rational.

Both points, in my view, have substance. Overall, however, I agree that it should be an elective subject, bearing in mind that students’ work prospects are paramount.

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society Sample 3


Art is a significant cultural legacy that represents individuality and reflects national characteristics, values, and customs. Despite its relevance, people’s engagement with and participation in it has declined in recent years, as science and technology have taken precedence. There are some reasons for this ignorance that can be found, but there are also some remedies that can be used to change this perspective.

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society IELTS Essay: Body

There are some key explanations for the change in focus and mindset toward technological fields. To begin with, painting is a profession that does not promise a high wage. People are most likely to study high-demand careers such as science, which are more indispensable and in-demand in the community. Second, humans are heavily reliant on technology, as gadgets make everyday activities easier, medical services help to avoid and treat illnesses, and technology, in general, makes our lives easier. People began creating science spheres after seeing the advantages and successes of innovations. Because of these possibilities, people choose technological and business capabilities over creative talent.

Art is Considered an Important Part of Society IELTS Essay: Conclusion

To solve a dilemma, one can engage in a variety of tasks. To continue, the government should fund galleries and art-related subjects in schools to raise public consciousness of the importance of it and to develop creative skills in children. Similarly, sentimental appeals, such as musicals, operas, and plays, will stimulate and inspire a culture to cultivate the arts. Regrettably, due to their busy schedules, people are unable to visit museums and galleries in their free time. As a result, the government will open cultural centres at night and organise festivals, allowing people to visit them on weekends. Those solutions have the potential to strengthen the present situation and change people’s attitudes about it for the better.

To summarise, it is an essential aspect of life that has fallen out of favour. However, the dilemma can be addressed if the government and individuals take the appropriate action.


The IELTS Writing Task 2 is an essential part of the test. To write an excellent essay, you must be well-versed in a wide range of statistics and subjects. This breadth of experience will assist you in easily relating something to the subject in order to bolster your argument. Since there are various types of essays, you must practise one thoroughly in order to achieve a good band score on your IELTS test.

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