IELTS advantages and disadvantages essays generally make a statement and ask you to write on the benefits and drawbacks.

The issue is that there are two kinds of advantages and disadvantages to essays, and each needs a unique approach. If you react differently, you risk missing a lot of easy points.

In this article, we will learn about IELTS advantage outweigh disadvantage essay questions. To learn how to approach these essays and improve your IELTS exam preparation, start reading now.

IELTS Online Advantages and Disadvantages Essay Section

In the sections below you will learn about the structure of this type of essay, some common queries and a set of sample questions.

Advantages and Disadvantages Essay Structure

Paragraph 1: Introduce the subject and clarify what you would talk about in your article, as is customary. Based on the type of issue, this may or may not require your view.

Paragraph 2: Discuss either the benefits or the drawbacks. If you are questioned for your viewpoint, it is a smart idea to clarify the hand on which you disagree here.

Paragraph 3: Explain the opposing viewpoint, which, if the question calls for your perspective, is the one with which you comply. It makes no difference if the section contains the benefits and which includes the drawbacks if you are not questioned for and do not include your view.

Paragraph 4: Summarize the concepts from paragraphs 2 and 3 and, if applicable, restate your view.

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IELTS Online Query 1

Do the benefits of X outweigh the drawbacks?

For this question, the ‘outweigh,’ it seems that you could clearly pick one or the other, benefits or drawbacks, and concentrate on the side you have selected. Although it is likely based on how you write the article, the topic would seem to mean that there are both benefits and drawbacks, so it would be a smart idea to address both sides. Since this article is also calling for your view, you must make it clear whether you believe the situation mentioned in the question is more favourable than not, or conversely.

IELTS Online Query 2

Is there a greater number of advantages of X than disadvantages? Or, instead, does X have more benefits than drawbacks?

This question is, in essence, the same as the first, or maybe approached in the same manner. They are not simply requesting that you count the benefits and drawbacks and only announce the side with the highest number! The question here is whether you believe the condition outlined in the question, for instance, becoming a celebrity is more right than wrong or more negative than positive. Individuals will have differing perspectives on this, but you are clearly being asked to affirm and defend the arguments for your point of view.

IELTS Online Query 3

What are the advantages and disadvantages of X? Alternatively, what are the benefits and drawbacks of X?

The issue above asks you to discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of the case, but it does not explicitly ask for your opinion, and you are not required to express it. That being said, there will be no punishment for including it, and you are free to do so if it appears more sensible to you. After all, you’re being asked what you think, because neither party has scientifically accurate responses. In all IELTS writing queries, your viewpoint is usually inferred, if not expressly specified.

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IELTS Advantage Outweigh Disadvantage Essay Sample Questions Set 1

# Small enterprises are being phased out and replaced by big multinational corporations. Do the benefits of this outweigh the drawbacks?

# Many of the goods we purchase are manufactured in other countries. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this and express your own view.

# After high school, a growing majority of students attend university rather than college. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this for young people.

IELTS Advantage Outweigh Disadvantage Essay Sample Questions Set 2

# School kids are using computers in greater numbers than ever before. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this and express your own view.

# As countries expand, more fast-food restaurants open in the region, providing locals with greater access to fast food. Do the benefits of this outweigh the drawbacks?

# Many firms want to hire from within their own ranks rather than from outside sources. Do the benefits of this outweigh the drawbacks?

# With the rise of social media, more people are finding their news online rather than via traditional print media. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of those who read news online.


Advantages and disadvantages essay questions are typically on social problems in both positive and negative aspects. You would be simply asked to present both sides of an argument. This form of the question is rather simple, but it does necessitate careful planning in order to reach a high score.

You should be able to achieve the dream band by adopting the IELTS essay writing guidelines, but remember to practise them on a regular basis.

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