Do you agree that the IELTS test can make or break your career? Well, this is a fact as the IELTS test is the biggest opportunity for candidates who want to pursue their dreams in different English-speaking countries. This test gives you the wings to follow your ambitions and fly high in the sky.

You can get the opportunity to study, migrate, and work in the most incredible countries of the world. If you have such dreams, you must do the IELTS preparation passionately and religiously.

This article is here to benefit your preparation as it contains the answer for: the parents should encourage physical activity IELTS writing task 2 answer. You can go through the sample answer to get an understanding of writing the best content to fetch scores. Also, the word limit plays an important role in this section.

So, you must get an idea to complete your thoughts in the given word limit and given time. Your dreams are very close to you, you only need to choose the right direction to move and make them real. So, let’s move ahead to the sample answers for IELTS writing task 2 and score higher marks to achieve the goals.

Read the article till the end to acknowledge all the aspects of the writing section.

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IELTS Writing Task 2

The writing task of the IELTS exam is crucial for the aspirants. The examiners test the skills of writing, grammar, vocabulary, and phrases of the participants. The more systematically and attractively you write the content, the more scores you get. Every candidate would want to achieve their dreams with complete effort.

You should practice highly for this section of IELTS. You must get the essay topics from different authentic platforms and write the content according to the word limit and then check your mistakes and analyze the places where there is a need for improvement. Practice is the key to getting perfect and this is the reason that the candidates must fully focus on practicing on different topics.

You can go through the sample answer given below to get the ideas to write. The writing section of the IELTS exam can be tricky and challenging for you. So, don’t leave any point for the deduction of scores. Let’s go through the sample answers for the IELTS preparation.

Parents Should Encourage Physical Activity IELTS Sample Answer One

The present scenario is the era of competition and success. Everyone wants to enter top colleges and universities to get success. Parents also force their children to study concentratedly to achieve the goal of success. However, this is of utmost importance to encourage the children to indulge in physical activities along with their studies.

Children must give their time to the physical campaign to grow holistically. Well, according to the saying, a healthy body has a healthy mind. Physical activities are essential to make the individual physically strong as well as building many other life-long strengths.

Through physical activities, children learn to have determination, team spirit, confidence, unity, humanity, leadership, attentiveness, and overall development of their body. A strong body is the base of a strong mind and heart. Individuals with a strong mind can perform well in academics as well. Sports bring many advantages to children.

The juveniles’ interpersonal skills, social behaviour, and teamwork improve the most through sports. The children tend to have relationships with different persons that grow them completely as they understand multiple behaviour and perspectives. Moreover, this world requires comprehensive development which is carried out by the candidates.

Parents should encourage their children to indulge in physical activity. It will give them the knowledge of different aspects which will be beneficial for their future. You must do physical activities to develop completely, to grow comprehensively, and to have a strong body and mind.

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Parents Should Encourage Physical Activity IELTS Sample Answer Two

I believe that parents should encourage their children to do physical activities as it gives them life learning other than academics. Both study and physical activities are crucial for the development of the human being. Physical activities work to break the monotony of the study as well as bring physical fitness.

It also gives them the knowledge of cooperation, competitiveness, leadership, and determination. The children must also emphasize analyzing their dreams. You must follow studies or activities according to your passion.

However, you must break the monotony with some physical activities to be fit, strong, and healthy. Education is the basis of life. You learn different cultures, historical values, traditions, knowledge about the world through education but physical activities give you the information that education cannot.

Physical things push you to get the practical knowledge that is essential to inculcate multiple advantageous habits in life. In the end, I would like to say that both academics and physical education are important in the child’s development. Hence, children should focus on both equally to have a balance of learning.

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IELTS Preparation

The IELTS preparation can push you towards success in the IELTS exam. If you want to score high scores in the writing task, you must go through the sample answers thoroughly and practice them to get perfect.

You should focus on each section of the IELTS exam equally to perform better in the test. The examiners test your English skills, so emphasize growing your vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation skills. You should make a timetable to have continuous learning and preparation for the test. Each section should be practised well and focused nicely.

You must also analyze your weaknesses and strengths before the paper to reduce them and give the perfect answers to the examiners.

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Hopefully, this article has helped you with the writing part of the IELTS exam. You must be thinking about the importance of this portion. Well, this section is significant as the scores totally depend on the writing and content. You have to write skillfully on the answer sheet.

The scores of this section are dependent on the content, grammar, and vocabulary skills of the candidates. The candidates must write the sentences correctly with mindfulness and good vocabulary to fetch marks. If you are not sure about the ways to answer the questions in the writing task or if you want to excel in the test with the best guidance, you must visit the IELTS Ninja website.

Many articles related to different essay topics are available on the website that will give you the idea to perform greatly in your examination. Also, the articles related to other sections of the IELTS test such as speaking, reading, and listening are also present to help you with the IELTS preparation. You must choose the best place to get guidance and information.

You can perform extremely well with the most suitable and important knowledge regarding different sections. Moreover, you can also take the expert lectures on this website. The experts explain to you the pattern, syllabus, scores, and preparation tips for the IELTS. You can instantly ask them about any questions to resolve them before the paper.

So, don’t miss this great opportunity, rather take it and use it. For sharing or asking anything, comment below.

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