The speaking segment of the IELTS exam is one of the easiest segments to score higher band scores. If you have a wide knowledge of ongoing things and common topics, this segment won’t cause trouble for you.

This segment consists of a face to face discussion on a topic. It is divided into 3 parts which will check your grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary and fluency.

In this article, you will read about the topic “Describe a piece of art you like”. Read it thoroughly with full concentration to understand the cue card topic well enough. Also, you will find the information about the IELTS speaking course. You must join the best IELTS speaking online course to prepare perfectly. 

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic: Describe a Piece of Art You Like

IELTS Exam Questions for Cue Card Topic

  • What is the piece of art?
  • Where did you see it?
  • Do you know about it?
  • Did you like it? If yes, give reasons

Sample One: Describe a Piece of Art You Like

I’m not exactly fond of art, and I’ve never been to any of the art galleries yet, so it’s not simple for me to speak of a real piece of art. As with this topic, I’d like to talk about a painting that I came across several years ago in a multicultural magazine: a scene of peace. The story has it once upon a time there was a ruler who held a painting competition on the subject of unity.

Question Part Body: Describe a Piece of Art You Like

Hundreds of paintings have been submitted, and in the last round, there have been two of the most exquisite yet distinct drawings. The first one was a view of high sea rocks with a clear sea and a bright sun. The cloud was still standing. It was just so pleasant. The other one was a tree by the cascade. There was a parrot’s nest on the branch. A mourning bird was serving her baby birds in addition to the crashing waterfall. The king has selected the second one.

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Question Part Conclusion: Sample Cue Card Topic

I like this picture because it sends us a clear message that there is no calm and happy place like in the first picture of this life. We have to confront the chaotic life each day. The most crucial thing is that we’ll have to find harmony within the sprawl, or, more specifically, peace within our heart. That’s what I’ve adopted as a mantra for years to come.

IELTS Exam Questions for Cue Card Topic

  • What is the piece of art?
  • Where did you see it?
  • Do you know about it?
  • Did you like it? If yes, give reasons


Sample Two: Describe a Piece of Art You Like

A piece of art that I particularly like is a genius painting by the world-famous artist, Pablo Picasso, and the label of the artwork is “Guernica.” I saw for the first time under one of my country’s leading galleries about 15 years ago, but I wasn’t quite sure how to completely understand and enjoy art at the time. Then, when I started taking the “Spanish” language course and began to understand a bit about the history of Spain in the meantime, the iconic painting began to provide me with a much clearer image.

Question Part Body: Describe a Piece of Art You Like

The artwork is more about the “city of Guernica” that was attacked by Nazi German aircraft during the  Spanish Civil War of 1937. In essence, art has become a very popular emblem of anti-war condemnation by presenting the atrocities and hardships of war in a perfect way. In reality, “Guernica” is regarded to be among the masterpieces of Spain.

Other than depicting a very historic incident so beautifully, what I particularly enjoy about this artwork is that it is full of many metaphors, and yet its main subject, which is about the hardships of both people and animals, has been portrayed very brilliantly. Other than that, the sheer scale of the painting, which is about 11 feet tall and 25 feet wide, can leave you feeling like it coils around you as though you’re engulfed in real-life motion.

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Question Part Conclusion: Describe a Piece of Art You Like

The mastery of a perfect colour combination where a contrasting colour of black and white has been used on the surface of the painting to make the painting look more intense dramatically. This was a surreal moment in my life

 Cue Card Topics for IELTS Exam 2021: Set 1

  • Describe an intelligent person you know
  • Describe a person who helps others in his/her free time
  • Describe an occasion when you wasted your time
  • Describe a long car journey
  • Describe your favourite dress
  • Describe a mistake you made
  • Describe a large company you are interested in
  • Describe a place you visited that is affected by pollution
  • Describe a risk you have taken which had a positive result
  • Describe an exciting book you read

Cue Card Topics for IELTS Exam 2021: Set 2

  • Describe an aquatic animal
  • Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination
  • Describe a special hotel you stayed in
  • Describe a short journey you often take but did not like
  • Describe an exhibition you often visited
  • Describe a person who wears unusual cloth
  • Describe an interesting conversation you had with someone
  • Describe a place you like to visit but do not like to stay there
  • Describe a time when you were in trouble
  • Describe a time you helped someone
  • Describe a part of your city you enjoy spending time
  • Describe a thing you bought and you are happy about it
  • Talk about a toy you liked in your childhood
  • Describe a person who is very extrovert

To write a perfect IELTS speaking cue card topic answer, you must do a quick brainstorming about the points which can be said related to the topic. Always make a proper format in your brain before speaking your answer to the IELTS exam interviewer. Use more vocabulary to try to convince the interviewer that you are good at vocabulary.

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Good luck!!!

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