The IELTS reading themes can be on the subject, with significant phrases or concepts that encapsulate the passage’s core meaning being highlighted. You should concentrate on keywords such as names, dates, and so on. It is easier to detect many questions when they are asked at the same time.

As you progress through the exam, the sections grow more challenging, so make sure you leave enough time for the last one. Learn how to answer the questions in the Globalisation IELTS reading answers topic by reading it.

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Globalisation IELTS Reading Answers

Complete the blanks which are given below, with the words A-H.

  1. problems
  2. representation
  3. celebration
  4. features
  5. modifications
  6. fire
  7. eruption
  8. residents

China has faced a large amount of …….as a unique country in the global community. Due to a well-publicised ……. aaaaaaaaa in Jilin and other problems, it was obvious that China was having a difficult time creating a favourable………. of itself. Thus, it makes sense that……demanded by the government were made in preparation for the Olympics. One example of this was having certain………of the country learn English. However, some believe that despite the introduction of Western……..China still wants to embrace its own culture.

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IELTS Reading Answers

vii A
x G
i B
iv E
ii H

IELTS Reading Passage

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It can be argued that all countries in the global community have experienced resounding change throughout history. However, China continues to provide intriguing case studies and examples of social change, due to its fair share of changing government systems that have come into power throughout its rich history. From corrupt dynasties to a People’s Republic, China is not foreign to the concept of modifying its form of government.


Something new that China has begun to investigate, however, is the process of globalization. The concept of globalization is best understood by social scientists as the process by which organizations begin to develop influence on a larger, international scale.

Along with globalization comes the process of modernization, which could pose difficulties for a country heavily rooted in traditions and customs. While there are advantages of becoming more involved in the global community, disadvantages have also arisen, posing challenges to this new change.


In China’s case, the concept of modernization is difficult to balance with its rich traditional history. How does a country that has been known for being quite closed-off from the rest of the world “open up” and branch off into the global community?

Moreover, how should such a country expect its citizens to become accustomed to a new way of life? Scholars have spent time analyzing these questions and projecting possible outcomes based on history and current societal trends. One such scholar is Michael Meyer, the author of The Last Days of Old Beijing, who has been exploring China’s quest towards globalization throughout the past two decades.

The progression of the storyline in The Last Days of Old Beijing, as well as its introduction of characters, both play an important part in the reader’s understanding of China’s progression with globalization.


Although Meyer’s planning of the chapters in his book may have been a mere coincidence, the structure is uncannily connected to China’s progression towards globalization, in that it showcases the country’s initial government structures and finishes with its modern outlook.

For the reader, the book is not only a reminder of China’s history but also serves as a symbol of China’s past merging with the approaching future of modernization. The author examines what, exactly, these intentions of modernization are, and how the country expects its citizens to implement these plans. In addition, a substantial review of the country’s failures and how they unfolded in front of the global community plays an imperative part in assessing China’s ability to transform itself.


China has experienced quite a few setbacks while developing a new image for itself and integrating with the international community. In 2005, for instance, China struggled to balance the economy with its environmental impacts.

An explosion of a chemical factory in Jilin, located in the northeast area of the country caused troubles for not only China’s economy, but also for that of Russia since the chemicals in the Songhua River flowed into the Amur River in Russia.

This is just one example of China’s failure in producing a positive image for itself within the international community. These setbacks, however, should also serve as a reminder to the global community when it comes to understanding the pressure that China has been faced with in terms of managing its reputation over time.

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Perhaps one of the most pivotal and memorable shifts in China’s society occurred in 2007 when the country was faced with a large amount of pressure when hosting the Olympic Games.

When the Chinese government knew that it had been selected to host the Olympics, officials swiftly called for changes in how Beijing operated daily. An analysis of routine activities in the city resulted in attempts to make it appear more accepting and modern to the international community.

This result impacted the global image of China and had an effect on its ordinary citizens who were not affiliated with the Olympic games. Not only were shopping malls, apartments, and roads replacing the hutongs, but English was slowly replacing the Chinese language.

Officials wanted citizens to be familiar with the English language and had high hopes for teaching it to older citizens, police officers, and children, to best, accommodate international guests, athletes, and tourists.


In addition to Meyer’s work and countless other published works, a notable book has dramatically shaped how people can understand China through literature. In the book, City Between Worlds: My Hong Kong, author Leo Ou- fan Lee discusses that “a person (or a whole city) should never be trapped in one identity since all of us now have ‘multiple identities”.

After more than a decade since Beijing hosted the Olympic games, this idea tends to be the overarching theme for present-day China. Although China has introduced Western aspects into their own cultures, such as the English language and the addition of large chain stores such as Wal-Mart, it still wishes to embrace its culture.

IELTS Exam Preparation

Instead of using extensive reading, scanning is a reading technique that allows candidates to locate information or look for questions more quickly. They don’t have to read everything word for word when scanning.

They simply move your eyes in a wavelike motion across the words or look for similar words from the question. They don’t pause to read the finer points and they don’t waste time on irrelevant material. This is an excellent strategy for grasping a text’s core ideas and identifying the information they’ll want to read in greater depth.

Aspirants don’t have time to read all of the details, which is fine because the majority of them aren’t required to correctly answer the questions. The information in the topic sentence is what they truly need to comprehend in each paragraph.


Were aspirants able to answer or comprehend the questions above? Aspirants are doing well in their preparation if they can answer or can understand the questions. If one doesn’t know the answer, one should practise more.

Candidates must visit the IELTS Ninja website if they require additional practice material for the IELTS exam in other categories. They can easily enrol in a course and begin their IELTS preparation from the comfort of their own home.

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