The IELTS Writing Task 2 gives you 40 minutes to write an essay on a given statement. You have to write your views regarding the topic. This section is not an easy one. To tackle it, you must have good speed and brainstorming skills. Along with that, you must know how to approach a topic. In this article, you will find the sample answers for the IELTS Writing Task 2 topic “In most of the societies the role of mother and father differs”.

IELTS Writing Task 2: In Most of The Societies The Role of Mother and Father Differs

Check out these 2 sample answers for the topic “In most of the societies the role of mother and father differs”.

In Most of The Societies The Role of Mother and Father Differs: Sample 1

Families are the foundation of any society. Parents have an astonishing, important, and unavoidable role in their children’s growth. Both fathers and mothers have their own personalities and are fully responsible for their children’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

However, the majority of societies continue to believe that their roles are distinct. So, here’s where I’d like to talk about why these discrepancies exist.

In most communities, especially in rural and remote areas, people seem to believe that a mother’s role is limited to giving birth to a child and caring for the child’s schooling, eating, and homework, while a father’s role is limited to bringing money for bread and butter and does not have to do much to care for the child. Women are denied the opportunity to exercise and even receive an education as a result of this.

In Most of The Societies The Role of Mother and Father Differs: Break

The first and most important cause for these disparities is that many people are illiterate, and 60% of the population remains poor. They are oblivious to the positive and negative aspects of life. Second, they adhere to antiquated practises and traditions.

Third, I feel that in these traditional societies, people do not have access to family planning, and the birth rate is high, forcing women to stay at home and care for their children. As a result, she bears the entire weight of a child’s development, while males are left with nothing to do but work and earn money.

Consider how difficult it would be for a father to remember which class his child attends if he were asked. When women go out to work, older folks become sceptical and chastise them because they are narrow-minded.

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In Most of The Societies The Role of Mother and Father Differs: Break

The scenario, nevertheless, will change in the future. In the twenty-first century, we are living in a period of globalisation and westernisation. Western culture has an impact on us. People nowadays are intelligent, literate, well-informed, as well as open-minded. Parents are aware of their responsibilities and collaborate to ensure the child’s complete development.

As a result, things will vastly improve in the future. Parents will make plans for their children’s bright and shining future. And they will be reunited, with the child receiving the father’s affection. Both will work so that they can save for their children’s future, and things are currently only like this in urban regions.

To summarise, there are numerous causes for gender variations in parental roles, but no such inequalities are expected in the future.

In Most of The Societies The Role of Mother and Father Differs: Sample 2

It is clear that parents have a critical role in their children’s growth. However, it is maintained that the responsibilities of dads and mothers in the rearing of their children are distinct. This essay will examine several possible explanations and forecast the future trend.

The manner of conventional thinking is the primary cause of these discrepancies. People typically believe that “men build houses, women build homes,” as they did in former periods. As a result, it is a regular occurrence that while the wage earners, the fathers, go out to work to earn a living, the women are involved in domestic tasks and also care for their children.

The second reason is that there are a large number of uneducated people in poor and emerging countries, particularly among women. Women who lack the necessary skills and expertise become unemployed, causing them to become financially dependent on their spouses.

In Most of The Societies The Role of Mother and Father Differs: Break

Due to equal rights initiatives in the twenty-first century, the situation will improve.

It will become culturally acceptable for men to remain at home and care for their children, as well as for women to obtain qualifications and seek a job.

To create better circumstances for their children’s growth, both fathers and mothers are expected to go out to work to earn cash, share chores, and care for their kids. Finally, as a result of gender equality, men and women’s roles are shifting in modern society.

They have the same opportunity to take on child care obligations as they do to take on outdoor occupations. This trend is thought to be constructive and beneficial to societies.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips and Tricks

Understand The Scoring Pattern

In IELTS writing task 2, this is the first and most important one. 2 pointers: the examiner isn’t interested in how excellent or noble your ideas are. He’ll be graded on the following factors:

The assessor does not consider how brilliant your thoughts are, particularly in writing task 2: He or she will be graded on the following criteria.

# Task achievement

# Coherence and cohesion

# Lexical resource

# Grammar range and accuracy

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40 Minutes Time Utilisation

Experts recommend allocating these valuable 40 minutes in the following manner:


Allow 2-3 minutes to thoroughly read the question. Recognize the type of inquiry that has been posted. Completely comprehend the question. Furthermore, regardless of whether the question is agree/disagree, give your opinion from a neutral perspective. Remember to keep the flow going.


Planning the course of the essay as being one of the main structures that we usually find is all it takes to correctly answer a subject. Remember, it’s critical to identify an acceptable location in the IELTS writing essay’s key concept to describe upsides and downsides with examples, as well as supporting examples. Allow 5 minutes for this, as it will help you organise your thoughts before writing the essay.

Writing and Revising

Keep your head clear and maintain the rough flow you’ve established. Make sure to allow adequate time for a brief revision of your work. It will take you less than 25 minutes to complete both tasks. The expert’s recommendation is to practise keeping track using a timer.

Recognize The Task

Whether you’re composing for IELTS academic or IELTS general, make sure you understand the prompt completely. If you’re writing an opinion essay, remember to include both sides of the argument. If you’re writing a letter, decide whether you want it to be formal or informal.

Make an Outline

An important piece of advice for IELTS writing assignment 2 is to make an outline before you begin writing. It also aids in the presentation of your essay. A good outline can help you save time by allowing you to concentrate on your writing. Furthermore, it aids in the organisation and placement of ideas prior to writing. It can even assist you in concentrating on the language you use rather than the ideas you offer.

Structuring The Paragraphs

One of the most important IELTS essay writing ideas to follow in IELTS writing task 2 is to divide the essay into correctly sized paragraphs. Each paragraph should be four sentences long or shorter, with each phrase containing no more than 20 words.


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