Do you wish to study in foreign universities? Well, then you have to score higher on your IELTS test. To score high you need to do well in each section i.e. reading, writing, listening and speaking. We have talked about each module in different articles on our website.

Today we will try to analyse IELTS general training writing task 1. While IELTS academics is for students aspiring to study in foreign universities, IELTS general training is taken by candidates for immigration and visa purposes.

Let us try to analyse IELTS writing task 1 with the help of a sample topic and its model answers.

IELTS General Training

Test takers generally take the IELTS general training test to get admission below degree level or for work-related purposes. Its test format is similar to IELTS academics. The difference between them is the difficulty. The IELTS general training test is generally easier than academics.

IELTS Writing: General Training

The IELTS writing test assesses the writing skills of the candidates. The total duration of this section is 60 minutes. There are two types of tasks: Task 1 and task 2.

Task 1 includes writing a letter whether formal or informal to request information or explain a situation. The situation that they are given is a common and everyday topic. For example, you can be asked to write a local newspaper about a plan, ask a friend to explain something, and similar topics.

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Different Types of Letters and their Purpose

# Formal Letter: In this type of letter you have to request information, apply for something, complain and give your opinion or suggestions.

# Semi Formal Letter: In this type of letter you have to write a letter to someone whom you know but they are not closely related to you.

# Informal Letter: this kind of letter you are supposed to write to your friends and family.

Sample Topic

Write a letter to your friend asking him to take care of your home when you are away. In your letter, write

# For how long you would be away

# Contact details to reach you

# What activities to take care of at home

Sample Answer One

Dear Sophie,

I hope you are doing well. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your kind action when I was in real need of it, as you are willing to take care of my dog as well as the home for a week when I am out of town.

In case of any problem or need, feel free to contact me at the following numbers anytime. Here are the numbers; 2560234 – landline telephone and 94496478 mobile.

In addition to that, you can find the dog’s food in the last drawer of the kitchen cabinet and I usually feed her the same at 9 am and at noon and night, you may give her the feed named ‘pedigree’ which you can find in the storeroom. Take her out once in the evening at your comfortable timing.

There are some indoor plants, please water them regularly. I have already told the newspaper boy that you will be able to collect newspapers from him. Furthermore, please answer the phone calls on the landline and I have kept a small amount of money near the telephone in an envelope. I hope it will be useful to you this week.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Yours truly,

Rima Kapoor

Sample Answer Two

Dear Sam,

I hope you are doing fine. First of all, thank you for helping me out in this desperate situation. You are indeed an example of “friends in need, a friend indeed”.  I am leaving for my training tomorrow and hence I am writing this letter to inform you of all you need to give attention to.

As you know I have a fish aquarium in my house. Therefore please take care of them. If you have any queries or need my help please contact me on this number: 001-111-123-134. This is the contact number of my training centre as I cannot take my phone every time

Also, my fishes need extra care as they are delicate species. You need to feed them their food. It is kept in their blue box. Also, please the temperature of the water, add salt and their medicine periodically.

I have also kept little money in the envelope near the centre table. Also, k have another request. As you know I love gardening hence I have different plants. I want to water them regularly. There are different waters and they have different requirements. Along with the money I have kept a letter about their water requirement.

Thank you again for the inconvenience and I will make sure to give you treats as soon as I come back.

Yours truly,


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Sample Answer Three

Dear Melissa,

Are you doing fine? Well, I have a request for you. I know it’s a little inconvenient for you but still, it’s really important therefore I am requesting you. Yesterday I got a letter from my father and I need to go back to my hometown. And therefore my house will be idle.

I want you to reside in my house for this period. Don’t worry, I will return in three days. In my absence please take care of my plants and house in this period.

I have different plants in my terrace garden. I want you to water them carefully. First of all, give them water when the soil is slightly dry. Don’t give them water when the soil is wet. Also while watering makes sure to water only roots does not leave as it will lead to leaves diseases. Also, it is the scorching summer heat, therefore, you need to water them twice a day. But water is only in the early morning and late evening.

I know it is a long set of instructions. But as you know I duly care of my plants. I have been growing them for more than 2 years and I don’t want them to wilt away while I am away.

Again sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your help in advance.



Sample Answer Four

Dear Laura,

Thank you for your help. I have asked many friends but they all denied but you volunteer for help. I am grateful to you and I will make sure to return your favour.

If you need any further information from me please contact me on my phone number. I will answer it quickly. Also, I have left important information on the stick notes of the fridge. I have mentioned all important contacts over there.

First of all, please take care of my cat, Sebastian. You know Sebastian is a moody cat. It requires good care and loves otherwise he will leave the house. He is familiar with you which means there won’t be any serious problem. But keep him away from my fishbowl.

He always lurks around them whenever he gets a chance. So just keep the bedroom locked. Also, I have kept his food over the shelves beside the fridge. Feed him twice in his favourite bowl and also give him a bowl of freshwater.

Also, play with him his favourite game. There is a box behind the sofa. This box is full of cat toys. You can use them to play with him. His favourite is yarn ball and laser light.

Besides please water my plants twice a day and take care of the house. I will make sure to bring you a perfect present from my trip.

Again thank you for your kindness.



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How is IELTS General Training Writing Marked?

IELTS writing task 1 is assessed based on four criteria:

# Task achievement

# Coherence and cohesion

# Lexical resource

# Grammatical range and accuracy

#1. Task achievement: This implies that candidates are scored according to how a candidate approaches the question. You are scored higher following how accurate, appropriately and accurately the task is met.

#2. Coherence and cohesion: This implies how you structure your answer. Candidates are given high scores based on how they organize and link their ideas.

#3. Lexical resource: The test takers should use a high range of vocabulary throughout the answer for a higher score.

#4. Grammatical range and accuracy: This implies how accurately and tactfully a candidate uses grammar in their answers.

Preparation Tips for IELTS Writing Task 1

#1. Identify the Letter type: first of all, you need to identify the type of letter you are asked to write. Three types of letters can be asked of you in your writing task 1. It can be formal, semi-formal or informal. According to their type you have to structure your letter.

#2. Purpose of the letter: after this, you have to understand what is the purpose of the letter. That means you have to understand what you are required to write in the letter whether you have to request information, complain, make a recommendation or simply thank a friend.

#3. Opening the letter: the first line of the letter includes addressing the person to whom you are writing the letter. It differs in different types of letters.

# Formal letter: Dear Sir/Mam,

# Semi formal: Dear Mrs Smith or Dear Mr Brown

# Informal: Dear Dianna or Dear Antonio.

#4. Start the Letter Appropriately:

Informal or semi-formal letters as soon as you have addressed the person you need to write why are you writing the letter. Don’t beat around the bush simply get to the point.

For example,

# I want to inform you

# I am writing this letter to request you

While in the informal letter you can greet your friends or have a small friendly talk.

For example,

# How are you? I hope your family is doing well.

# It’s been so long since we had a good conversation.

#5. Ending of the letter: after writing your letter at the end of the letter you need to name yourself. It differs in different types of letters.

For example,

Formal letter

# Your faithfully

Semi-formal letter

#Your sincerely

Informal letter

# Best regards

# Yours dearly

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General Phrases to Use

Please accept my sincere apologies for…

I am very sorry about…

Sorry for…

Asking for help
I’d be grateful if you could…

I would appreciate it if you could…

Could you please…

Asking for information
I am writing to enquire about…

I am writing to find out about…

I would like to know about…

I look forward to hearing from you,

I look forward to seeing you,

I look forward to meeting you,

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with…

I am writing to express my annoyance with…

I’m not happy with…

Expressing satisfaction
I was delighted to learn that…

I was thrilled to hear that…

I was very glad to hear that…

Expressing concern
I am writing to express my concern about…

I was very sorry to learn that…

I heard that…

Giving bad news
I regret to advise you that…

I regret to inform you that…

I am sorry to tell you that…

Giving good news
I am pleased to advise you that…

I am delighted to inform you that…

I am happy to tell you that…

Giving reasons
This is due to…

This is a result of

… This is because…

Making suggestions
Perhaps it would be useful to…

Perhaps it would be possible to…

It might be helpful to…

I am extremely grateful for…


Thank you for…

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To sum it up, we can say that the IELTS general writing task 1 is an easy one. With proper practice and strategy, you can easily score high in this particular one. For more search preparation related articles, tips, and IELTS information visit the IELTS Ninja website. This website contains different customised courses at affordable cost, one on one interaction with experts and many more. Check it out right now.

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