The difference between types of letters in the general writing task 1 of the IELTS test could simply be the kind of words used in the message.  If you use words like ‘rapid’ and ‘drastic‘ instead of ‘fast‘ and ‘unexpected’ it would not only add weight to your letter but your chances of scoring a higher band go up too.

But did you know this?

Let’s look at the example question topic and a sample answer for understanding this.

What is IELTS General Writing Task 1? 

Aspirants must produce a letter in Task 1 of the General Training Writing test to demonstrate their ability to communicate using English letter-writing norms.

Aspirants will be given a circumstance to write about, such as apologising for skipping a friend’s party, giving advice to a friend about where to go on vacation, complaining to a firm about poor service, or expressing your interest in a new career.

Three bullet points will detail exactly what information you need to include in your message, in addition to being provided with the circumstances. Aspirants may be required to clarify specifics, express likes and dislikes, provide reasoning, or provide comments or recommendations, for example.

How Should the Letters be Written?

In your letter, you must employ the appropriate tone. The tone with which you speak with others reveals the nature of your relationship with them. The tone you use in letters should be clearly stated through a correct salutation and closure, as well as your choice of words or phrasing.

In most cases, letters are written in a formal or informal tone. If the message is addressed to friends, acquaintances, or relatives, and the reason for writing is good, the tone should be conversational. All other letters, as well as any complaints or negative sentiments, should be written in a more formal tone.

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How to Get A 7.5 Band in IELTS General Writing Task 1 2021?

Given below are the grammatical structures that aspirants should keep in mind to get their desired 7.5 band score. 

When Subject+Verb+Object, Subject 1 +Verb 1 + Object 1

When a language dies, it takes with it a whole way of life.

While Subject 1 +Verb 1 + Object 1, Subject+Verb+Object

While some students quit out after a few years of study, others complete academic courses but receive bad grades.


As a result of this, the number of smth/the demand for something has increased/decreased.

Many people migrate from the countryside to cities, resulting in increased demand for housing, food, and services in metropolitan regions.

Subject+Verb+Object, Giving Rise to Something

Advertisements People will have more options for what they wish to buy as a result of this, giving rise to consumer society.

By doing Something, Subject+Verb+Object

Governments can preserve traditions, customs, and behaviours by spending money to protect minority languages.

Subject+Verb+Object and This will +Verb+Object

In Hanoi, the usage of private cars is growing, putting pressure on the city’s infrastructure.

Instead of + Verb-ing + Object, Subject+Verb+Object.

People should take public transportation instead of driving cars.


This enables/ urges/ encourages something/ someone to take action (This will discourage somebody from doing something). 

To cut production costs, cheap labour/ help/ companies are used. This promotes corporate growth.

Compared to Those who (Subject)+Verb+Object, Subject+Verb+Object

University graduates frequently have greater work options than those with only a high school diploma.

If Subject+Verb+Object, Subject+Verb+Object

People would choose to use other modes of transportation such as buses and vehicles if air travel was banned.

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How to Write a Letter?

#Before you start writing the letter, make sure you know what type of message it is. 

#Plan your letter around the type of message you’re writing. Each letter has its own set of vocabulary. 

#Determine the message’s structure based on the type identified. 

#Determine how to begin drafting the letter by determining the appropriate greeting.

#Determine how to close the message by determining the appropriate signoff. 

#Read the question statement carefully, as well as the three bullet points that accompany it. Compose the letter’s body paragraphs in such a way that they address all aspects of the question. 

#Use the appropriate sentence constructions. Pay close attention to the letter’s language (which differs depending on the type of letter) and tone.

#When appropriate, use idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, and reductions. 

#Check for any spelling errors in the letter you’ve written. You’ve been given a grade based on your spelling.

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IELTS General Writing Task 1 Topics for 2021

There are three types of topics that can be given for the letter. 




#To be on the safe side, limit yourself to 160–180 words. 

#It is not necessary to provide an address; 

#Concentrate on your relationship with that person, as it will determine the tone. 

#Concentrate on the letter’s purpose and motivation. 

#Identifying the letter’s purpose. 

#Learn how to properly open, follow up, and close a letter. 

#Use common written expressions. 

#Spell commonly used terms correctly; You must learn and begin practising the right spelling of words such as “sincerely” and “faithfully,” in order to improve your IELTS score. 

#An introduction, problem / current condition, solution/action, and conclusion should all be included in the letter.

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IELTS General Writing Task 1 Samples for 2021 

#Write a letter to your landlord, expressing your dissatisfaction with the loudness in the block of flats he owns. 

Include the following:

Where you live

The problem

What he should do

#You’d like to organise a conference for your company, and you’d like to invite one of your coworkers to give a presentation. 

Compose a letter to your coworker. Include the following in your message: 

Information on the conference 

Why do you want your colleague to deliver the speech? 

What plans do you have for this conference?


#You have an antique object that you believe is valuable and want to sell. Write a letter to an antique business owner. 

In your letter, you say 

Describe how you came upon the store. 

Describe the thing you want to sell and how much you want to get for it.

#You’ve misplaced something on a bus and have contacted customer service for assistance. You were dissatisfied with their reply. Write a letter to the manager of the bus business. 

You should comprise the following in your letter: 

Describe the item you misplaced and why you were dissatisfied with customer service 

Describe the action you want the organisation to take.

Tour and Vacation 

#You took a vacation that was organised by a tour operator. Compliment the tour guide who accompanied you on the journey in a letter to the manager. 

You should comprise the following in your message: 

Describe your vacation in detail, including what the tour guide did that was useful, and how the tour guide might be rewarded by the manager.

#You recently paid a visit to a friend in his or her new residence. Write your pal a note. 

In your letter, you state: 

Tell your friend what you loved about his or her new place, what you did or enjoyed the most during your stay with him or her, and when and where you might meet up again.


#You work in an office and have been dealing with a health issue recently. You believe the problem began as a result of the office’s working circumstances. Send a letter to your boss. 

In your message, you state: 

describe the medical issue 

Explain why you believe it was caused by office conditions and what the manager should do to enhance the office’s working conditions.

#You recently celebrated an important milestone in your personal life, and your coworkers gave you a note and a gift. Make a letter to your coworkers. 

In your message, you state: 

Remind your coworkers of the great occasion you’re commemorating. 

Thank them for the card and present, and explain why you like it and what you plan to do with it.

Public Events 

#You recently attended a public event that you believe your friend would appreciate (for example, an exhibition, festival, or show). To a friend, write a letter. 

In your letter, you state: 

Tell your friend about the event, explain why you think they’ll enjoy it, and invite them to join you at the event.

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Formal Letter Sample with Answer 

Your auto insurance provider has informed you that the amount you must pay in monthly insurance for your vehicle will be increased. This does not make you happy. 

Write your insurance company a message. Explain in your letter 

Why are you writing to them in the first place? 

Why do you believe the insurance premiums should not be raised? 

What you’d like them to accomplish


Dear, Sir/Madame 

Part 1 

I’m writing to you because I recently received mail from you advising me that my car’s insurance rate will increase beginning next month. 

If you check my records, you’ll see that I’ve had my insurance with your company for nearly seven years. I have never been in an accident or had any reason to file a claim on my insurance throughout this time.

Part 2 

I understand that prices must be raised from time to time. However, the increase you propose will result in a 20% increase in the amount I pay each month, which I believe is excessive. 

Part 3 

As a result, I’d like you to respond to me in writing and explain why such an increase is being requested. If you can’t justify it to my satisfaction, I’m afraid I’ll have no choice but to switch my insurance to a different carrier. 

I eagerly await your response. 

Yours faithfully, 


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Informal Letter Sample with Answer 

You’ve been invited to a friend’s engagement party in another nation. You are unable to attend, but you have purchased a gift for him/her. 

Write this friend an email. In your letter, you say 

express your thoughts about the engagement 

Explain why you are unable to attend. 

Inform your friend about the gift you purchased for him or her.


Greetings, Angela. 

Part 1

I’m overjoyed to learn that you and Robert have finally gotten engaged. It seems like only yesterday that you were asking for my opinion on whether or not he was the one for you. I’m looking forward to seeing you in your wedding gown!

Part 2

I know you’re busy planning your engagement party and, of course, getting ready for your wedding, so please forgive me if I add to your stress. I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to attend your engagement party because it falls on the same day as my master’s comprehensive exams. I attempted to reschedule, but my dean informed me that there are no alternative days available this semester.

However, don’t be concerned about your wedding day! I’ve accrued enough vacation time at work to cover it. I’ll send my engagement gift via courier in the interim. It’s the lovely scarf we saw in Milan shortly after discussing your and Robert’s compatibility! 

Part 3

I asked a friend who had just returned from a business trip there to buy it for me. I’m telling you now so you can put it to good use at the party. Consider it a guarantee of a match made in paradise! 

That’s all I’ve got for now. Take photos of everything!



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Semi-Formal Letter Sample with Answer 

You recently completed a course and failed to return a book borrowed from your teacher on time. You want to return the book right now. Write your teacher a letter in which you state: 

What was the title of the book? 

How useful did you find the book? 

Please explain why you were unable to return it on time.


Dear Lily, 

Part 1

I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to express my gratitude for giving me your copy of Practical English Usage and to express how beneficial it has been. Despite the fact that our class concluded last week, I’d like to set up a time to return the book to you.

Part 2

You mentioned this book several times in our English sessions, but I couldn’t find a copy at our local bookstore. So, thank you very much for offering to lend me the book to study from. When you claimed that the book covers every grammar point that many grammar manuals overlook, you were entirely correct. I’ve found a lot of answers to my English questions in this book, thus I consider it a blessing! 

Part 3 

I apologise for not being able to return the book to you before the end of our course; however, my roommate took my backpack on a weekend vacation with him and the book was inside!! Imagine my surprise! Fortunately, he and the book have both returned, and I’d like to return it to you.

Please let me know when you’d like me to drop by the school to deliver the book this week. 

Once again, thank you! 




Hope this example clearly brings out the difference between a well-written letter as guided by top IELTS mentors and a mediocre one. 

Share your thoughts on this article and let us know how your preparation is going for the upcoming IELTS general test? Comment!

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