IELTS is an international exam that helps one to reside, work and study in the world’s prestigious colleges and institutions. One needs to have fluent and standardised English so that one can settle in a foreign country without any communication problem and this is what this test requires.

This article talks about the IELTS letter writing, the general letter writing, letter writing topics for task 1 and questions that will help you to get a band score of 9 and help you boost your overall score so that your dreams come true. Read the full article to know everything about letter writing.

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IELTS Letter Writing Task 1

This should be the structure of your letter for all the types-

#A greeting and introduction (Dear sir/madam, Dear Name)

#The main body with three paragraphs (consisting of passages for each portion of the letter)

A closing and conclusion (Yours Faithfully, Yours sincerely, Best hopes, Kind respects, Love)

IELTS Letter Writing 

General writing task 1 will ask you a question from these 7 topics which have been asked for a long time.

A letter to make an arrangement

A request

An apology

An application or resignation letter

A letter of explanation

An invitation

A letter of complaint

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IELTS General Letter Writing 

Here are some useful phrases which are used in general writing task 1.

How to Start the Letter 

#In formal/semi-formal letters – we have to start the letters with phrases like these –

I am writing to ask/inquire …

I am writing with a quotation to …

I am penning to notify you that …

I would like to convey my suspicion about …

I am writing with respect to …

I am writing in a relationship with …

#Informal Letter – we have to begin the letters with phrases like these –

I’m just writing to consent you know that …

It’s been an extended period since we met each other.

Apologies for not communicating for so long, but I’ve been really occupied …

The Body of the Letter 

For a Complaint 

I am not pleased about I want you to know that
I am depicting to transmit my disappointment with I am composing to transmit my resentment with
I am very much disappointed with I must disagree about
I feel something should be done practically I am writing to you to disagree

Invite or Reply to an Invite 

I am writing you in reply to your proposal With the consideration of your invitation
Please do let me realize if you can come Thank you for your special invite though, unfortunately, I am sorry
I am penning to respond to your special/kind proposal respecting the Do allow me to infer if you can come
It would be fascinating to have you here Please RSVP as quickly as feasible

To Apologise 

I regret to notify you I am penning to apologise
It is with my deepest sadness that I would like to apologise
I completely apologise for I do apologise for any complication effected
I wish that this does not cause you any difficulties I would strongly indicate you assess

To Make Request 

Could you agree / perhaps Please would you assume
Would it be feasible to Would you be kind decent to
Is there any way you could …? I would strongly indicate you assess
(informal) Can you ..? (informal) Will you ..?

For Informal Letters 

hi there/hello/hi name I was gaping if you could assist me.
I’m unhappy to tell you that I should let you recognize that
I expect you’re well It’s been ages since I’ve listened from you
Lots of love Thanks very much

To Conclude 


Thank you very much for your interest.

I expect the dilemma will be settled shortly.

I look ahead to hearing from you.

Thank you very much for your partnership.

If you compel any additional evidence, please do not think twice to reach me.


Expect to hear from you very shortly.

Keep in touch!

If you wish to know anything else, just get in touch with me as quickly as you can.

Thankfulness a lot for your assistance and I wish to hear from you shortly.

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IELTS Letter Writing Sample Topics with Questions 


You are looking for a job which should be full-time. Compose and write down an employment company. You should include these in your letter.

#Introduction and about yourself

#Jot down the sort of employment which you require

#Jot down your experience duration and your qualifications with skills

#Start the letter with: Dear Sir/Mam

One should write more than 150 words and this task can be completed in 20 minutes.


You have planned to visit and tour Europe for your short vacation. You wish to rent a villa there, where you are going to live. Write down a letter to be posted to the tourist information office and include these in your letter.

#Explanation of your requirement

#Inform your date of arriving there

Request for the brochure and the price

#Start the letter with: Dear Mr/Ms

One should write more than 150 words and this task can be completed in 20 minutes.


You have lodged in your friend’s home, while you were in a foreign country for a meeting. But, you had hurriedly left a large brown envelope which had important documents and tapes. Write this letter to your friend and include these in your letter.

#First, thank him/her for the stay

#Tell your friend about the envelope and where you left it

#Ask the friend to mail it by post

#Start your letter with: Dear Name

One should write more than 150 words and this task can be completed in 20 minutes.

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IELTS Letter Writing Samples for Band 9 

You have been planning to study French abroad in a prestigious institution. You need some information and related brochures for the same.  Compose a letter to the institution you want to study in. Include these in your letter.

#Information about the institution

#Your way of living and accommodation

#Mention your requests for food diets

IELTS Letter Writing Sample Topis with Model Answer 

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Beatrice Tris from Ecuador in Brazil. I have previously enrolled as a learner at your institute to pursue a four-week course in Advanced Computer Programming and Data Science along with machine learning starting at the end of December the previous year.

I am writing to you to try to determine my accommodation and living while I’m in Canada. Ideally, I would prefer to stay with a host household because I think that this will also enable me to boost my French. If feasible, I would prefer to stay very near to the institution so I don’t expect to consume plenty of time travelling. Last year, I studied on a Business French course in the USA and dwelled with a host household and really appreciated it very much. I am wishing for the same knowledge in Canada.

I’d really admire it if you could mail me any data you have respecting the numerous accumulation alternatives (especially host families). Specifically, I’d like to infer where the accommodation and living is and how much it amounts to.

I look ahead to hearing from you shortly.

Yours faithfully,

Beatrice Tris

Quick Tips for IELTS Letter Writing 

What are the tips that you should keep in mind to succeed in task 1? Down are some quick tips for you to score more for general writing task 1.

#The task clearly says that you should not spend more than 20 minutes. Adhere to it. The next 40 minutes is very well required for writing task 2.

#The task doesn’t ask for an address, so don’t waste time even thinking about it. Focus on the other parts of the task rather than on this, which is no use.

#Always read the question and the topic thoroughly and understand it. Then, do the valuation on the type of letter, whether it is formal, informal or semi-formal. You can guess it by recipient and purpose.

#See to it that your word count is no less than 150 words. Remember that you will get a penalty if you don’t always write greater than 150 words.


This article covers all the types of letters, its topics and the questions which will be useful for your IELTS writing task 1 and hopefully it gives you a clear idea of how to answer questions and which phrases are to be used. Remember these phrases can help you increase your band score to 9 because every type of letter has its own terminology and language to be used. Don’t be in haste when you are writing the letter or any writing task. This can lead to grammatical errors and also sometimes the language can go wrong. Be calm and focused when you are appearing for the IELTS examination. All the best for your examination.

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