When you are preparing for any examination it is important for you to research its structure and get all your worries cleared. Let’s start with the IELTS writing section that lasts for 60 minutes. The candidate needs to complete two tasks given in the section. Each task requires the candidate to write a description, argument, opinion, or report. When you are attempting the writing section it is important for you to apply smart tricks to complete the writing section. As you have restricted time within which you need to complete the entire section. In this section, you will get to know IELTS letter writing samples and formal letter writing samples, to make you understand the structure of the letter that you should follow. Make sure that you go through the article thoroughly.

 General IELTS Online Writing Section

For the first task, you have to write at least 150 words on the information provided to you in the form of graphs and pictorial information. In the second task, you need to write at least 250 words. A candidate is expected to write the argument on the topic given to you and make sure that the answer is properly organized. When you are giving the argument make sure that you are supporting it with points. You have to make sure that you complete it in 30-40 minutes. Make sure that you allocate different timings to task 1 and different timings to task 2. Managing time in the IELTS examination is very imperative, as you will not like to lose marks on a stupid mistake of not able to complete the questions that you knew the answer for.

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IELTS Letter Writing Sample- 1

Let’s practice the letter writing on this topic: “You ordered an item from an online store and it has arrived damaged  “

Dear Sir or Madam,

This is to bring to your notice that I ordered a Ceramic cup from your online store, and when I received it I saw it was broken.

I would have appreciated it if your company would have focused more on packaging the product with a little extra care, to avoid such circumstances of product damage. There was no extra wrapping with bubble wrap, I think due to which the ceramic cup that I received was broken. I would like you to arrange the return of the item and exchange the item with a new fresh piece that can be delivered with the extra packaging to avoid the mishap again.

The order number was IIK9087, and it was delivered on 18/10/2021.

To contact me for the courier pick up please email me on this id and I would appreciate If the process can be done within a week due to work urgency.

Kind regards,

 IELTS Letter Writing Sample- 2

I have been a great customer of your internet service for the past one year. But recently the connection to your internet has been intermittent. It is working very slow and is most of the time not stable.

As most of my work and my family member’s work is online, internet access at this point in time is very imperative for all of us. I have informed the customer service department of your company many times through emails and phones. It has been 5 days since I and my family are facing this issue, it is becoming difficult for us to complete the work without internet access. I would like to request you to send an engineer to properly check the reason behind such issues. If any other possibility is there please let us know so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

I hope the issue is resolved as soon as possible.


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Tips to Write the Letter

Following are the tips for you to remember when you are preparing for the letter in the writing section of the IELTS examination. With keeping these tips in mind you can aim for getting a higher band score.

 1. Practice the Letter

Make sure that you keep practicing the structure of the letter many times. Even if you are good at English it doesn’t mean that you will automatically get a good score. You need to understand that you need to practice a lot if you want to get a good band. Practicing with different topics of letters helps you in preparing a wide range of topics. When you are practicing it is important that you analyze the letter you have written and make sure not to repeat those mistakes again. It is crucial to learn from each letter that you write, try to learn from the previous mistakes, and learn how you can improve those mistakes.

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2. Do You have Neat Handwriting?

If you have neat and clean handwriting it can be a plus point for you in pen and paper-based IELTS examination. Neat and clean handwriting gives a great impression to the examiner. But if you don’t have neat and clean handwriting then when you are practicing make sure that you don’t leave this point behind. You have to practice writing in good handwriting, to improve your writing. You can also take feedback from your teacher or mentor who is guiding you for the IELTS examination. Such feedback will help you to improve your writing and perform better in the writing section.

3. Read the Question Properly?

You must be thinking about why it is important to read the question properly? It is important because until and unless you understand each part of the question clearly you will not be able to answer what the examiner wants. If you mix the question up with another question, this jumbling up of your understanding would be clear while you write your answer. This paves your way to a bad score in the IELTS writing section. But as you cannot afford to lose any point in any of the sections it is important to take care of all the points that matter. When you are reading the question make sure you understand the scenario and the topic clearly, it will help you in writing the answer in the right way.

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3 Paragraph Rule in Letter Writing

You need to divide the para into 3 parts, starting with the introduction of why you are writing the letter, what happened because of which you are writing the letter. The second part includes the whole scenario of what went wrong and how it happened. Make sure that you also include the solutions that you think will work. If you have no clue then go on with the third para. In the third part, you have to make a request for the solution for the other party side. For example, if it is about making an exchange for a damaged product, then go for writing a request to exchange the product or making a refund request. These three paras complete one letter. It is important that you practice writing letters in such a structure even when you are practicing.

5.  Both the Task for Writing Section IELTS

The IELTS General Task I letter is worth around 30% of your writing score, so make sure you finish it completely. And if you have to invent a story to justify the situation, keep it short and clear so you don’t run out of time. Be sure to set aside 40 minutes to complete Task 2’s essay, which is worth much more in terms of points. Read the letters to get a sense of the overall flow as well as to learn new vocabulary and phrases. Be sure to only use reputable sources for model responses, such as Good Luck IELTS.

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6. Get Your Great Guide

Having a mentor for the IELTS examination is very important. So make sure that you have a good teacher who is guiding you or if you have enrolled yourself in coaching, you have to focus on whether you are getting personal feedback on your progress. It is one of the imperative points that you have to keep in mind.


If you are planning to move abroad, you have to make sure that you give the IELTS examination, which is widely used by many countries and organizations to assess the English level proficiency of the candidate. In the IELTS examination, there are 4 sections and you have to give practice time to each one of them.

If you have read till this, then probably you already know about the IELTS preparation required for the IELTS writing section. So, do check out the formal letter writing samples mentioned above that will help you pass the examination with flying colours. To prepare even better, do book a free demo class with expert mentors at IELTS Ninja.

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