The IELTS general writing task is divided into two tasks and writing task 1 asks the aspirants to write letters. The types are again divided into three types-formal, informal and semi-formal. Understanding the type and what the letter aims for the aspirant to write about is a very important step for this task.

Let’s have a structure of how to understand what is the writing task, what is assessed, what are the parameters, what are the topics for 2021 and having a sample to witness how to write a perfect note. Read the article below, so that the structure fits in your mind without any doubts pending.

What is IELTS General Writing Task 1?

In Writing Task 1, test takers are given a scenario and asked to write a personal response in the form of an informal, semi-formal, or formal message of at least 150 words in the assigned answer booklet. The scenarios they are supposed to write about are commonplace and every day.

Some examples: writing to a new job about time management issues, an officer about housing issues, writing to a college accommodation, and so on. writing to a local newspaper about a plan to expand a local airport, and writing to a rental agency about problems with their house’s heating system.

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IELTS General Writing Task 1: Performance Parameters

The writing style used by test takers is determined by who they are writing to (the audience) and how well they are expected to know them. Aspirants must write in a manner that is acceptable for their audience and will assist them in achieving their goals, such as writing to a buddy (casual) or writing to a manager (formal) (semi-formal or formal). There is no need for test-takers to include any addresses at the top of their notes.

Task Achievement

This evaluates how well the response meets the task’s requirements in terms of accuracy, appropriateness, and relevance, using a minimum of 150 words.

General Training Writing Task 1 is a writing task with a largely stable outcome in that each task organizes the context and objective of the letter, as well as the functions that the test taker should encompass to attain this objective.

Coherence and Cohesion

This assesses the message’s overall fluency and clarity: how the response organises and connects information, concepts, and language. The connection of ideas through logical sequencing is referred to as coherence.

Cohesion is the varied and proper use of cohesive devices (such as logical connectors, pronouns, and conjunctions) to aid in the clarification of conceptual and referential ties between and within sentences.

Lexical Resource

This relates to the breadth of vocabulary used by test takers, as well as the accuracy and appropriateness of that language in terms of the job at hand.

Range and Precision of Grammatical Usage

This refers to the range and accuracy with which the test takers used grammar in their sentence composition.

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IELTS General Writing Task 1 Samples

Aspirants must now know that the letters are divided into three types: formal, informal and semiformal. Let’s look at the samples for 2021 so that the aspirants can understand the questions in each type.

IELTS Exam Formal Letter Samples

#Due to an issue at the airport, you missed an overseas flight.

Send an email to the airline. In your message, you state:

Explain what went wrong and caused you to miss your flight.

Describe the impact of missing your flight.

Specify exactly what you want the airline to do.

#You and your family are relocating for employment in another nation, and you want to buy a home there.

Send a note to a real estate agent. In your message, you state:

Tell us about yourself and your family.

Describe the type of lodging you’re looking for.

Indicate your preference for the hotel’s location.

Some More

#You and your pals went out to eat at a restaurant to commemorate a momentous event, and you were extremely disappointed.

Write a note to the manager of the restaurant. In your message, you state:

Explain why the occasion is being commemorated.

Give specifics about your restaurant visit.

Tell the restaurant what you want them to do.

#You’ve signed up for a study abroad programme in another nation. Your lodging was booked by the course provider, and there is a significant problem with it.

Send a message to the course’s instructor. In your message, you state:

Introduce yourself and explain the issue.

Describe the type of lodging you expected to receive.

Request that the supplier resolves the issue.

IELTS Preparation: A Sample Answer for Formal Letter

Write a letter to your new employer. In your message

Explain your situation

Describe your problems

Tell him/her when you think you can start.

You should write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write your own address.


Dear XYZ,

Part 1

I’m writing to apply for the post of Assistant Office Manager, which I’ll start on Monday. However, there is a problem.

Part 2

As you know, I currently work for my uncle’s food-packing company, where I obtained valuable experience, as you recall from my interview. He had to travel to the hospital for surgery, so my aunt is now in charge of both the house and the business. She has requested me to stay on and assist her with the office operations because this is a particularly hectic time of year.

I understand that this will be inconvenient for you, but I sincerely hope that, given the circumstances, you will be willing to allow me to start with you two weeks later than scheduled.

Part 3

I’d want to emphasise that I’m still eager to work with you and that I’ll be getting valuable experience in the meantime.

I eagerly await your response.

Yours sincerely


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IELTS Exam Informal Letter Samples

#You borrowed something from a friend, but it was ruined later on. Make a letter to a buddy.

You should apologise for it and explain how it was destroyed in your message, as well as how you plan to resolve the problem.

#Your friend invited you out on a date. You were unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances. Apologize in writing and suggest a new time and location for the meeting.

You should apologise, explain why you won’t be able to make it, and suggest a new time and place to meet in your message.

Some More

#You recently spent a weekend in your friend’s new home with her/him. Write your pal a note.

Explain what you appreciate about his new place, say what you enjoyed the most during your stay, and suggest when and where you could meet with her/him again.

IELTS Preparation: A Sample Answer for Informal Letter

You want to sell some of your furniture. You think a friend of yours might like to buy it from you.

Write a letter to your friend. In your message

Explain why you are selling

Describe the furniture

Suggest a date when your friend can come and see the furniture

Write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.


Dear XYZ,

Part 1

We’ll be moving to a new house shortly, as you know, and there are a few things I won’t be able to bring with me. Because the new house is a little smaller, I need to sell some of my belongings, and I was hoping you might be interested.

Part 2

I’d like to sell my large dining table in particular. Do you recall the one from the living room? It has wooden legs and a grey glass top, and it seats six people comfortably. It’s accompanied by six matching chairs.

I know you’ve always enjoyed this furniture, so I’d be willing to sell it to you for a reasonable price. I’d rather sell it to you than to someone I don’t know!

Part 3

On Saturday, why don’t you come back and take another look at them? We’ll be here all day, so why don’t we meet together for lunch?

Give me a call and let me know what’s going on.



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IELTS Exam Semi-Formal Letter Samples

#You were unable to attend an important event hosted by your firm.

Send a letter to your boss. In your message, you state:

Apologize for your absence and explain why you were unable to attend.

Please explain why you were unable to attend the other event.

#To go on vacation, you’ll need to take some time off from work.

Write a letter to your immediate supervisor. In your message, you state:

Request time off and explain why you need it.

Please list the dates and hours that you will be unable to work.

Describe how you plan to prepare for or compensate for your absence.

Some More

#You were supposed to move into a rented apartment next week, but owing to an unforeseen problem, you will be unable to do so.

To the property management, write a letter. In your message, you say

Describe the incident.

Describe your issues in detail.

Tell him/her when you expect to be able to move in.

#You applied for a job, were offered the position, but chose not to accept it.

Write a letter to the HR manager you met with during your interview. In your message, you state:

Explain why you are turning down the offer.

Describe why you choose to stay in your current role.

Thank you for your consideration.

IELTS Preparation: A Sample Answer for Semi-Formal Letter

Your neighbours have recently written to you to complain about the noise from your house flat.

Write a letter to your neighbours. In your letter

Explain the reasons for the noise


Describe what action you will take

Write at least 150 words.


Dear XYZ,

Part 1

I hope everything is going well for you. It’s unfortunate that we don’t know each other very well, and I apologise for that. I’m writing in regard to your letter of complaint about the noise from my flat that you sent me yesterday. I apologise for the inconvenience and respectfully request your forgiveness.

Part 2

My wife and I chose to put a few smoke detectors in our apartment out of worry for our safety, especially after witnessing a horrific fire in our neighbourhood recently. We purchased the devices from an online retailer and began installing and testing them on Sunday.

We tested the devices for around 30 minutes to confirm that the fire alarm sound is loud enough for everyone in the house to hear it. Despite the fact that the testing occurred at noon on Sunday, my wife and I are deeply sorry that your child’s nap was disrupted.

Part 3

I sincerely apologise for the incident and ask for your pardon. Please take this box of chocolate as a mark of my sincere apologies for whatever inconvenience this has caused you. Next time, we’ll be more cautious.

Yours sincerely,


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IELTS General Writing Task 1 Topics for 2021

The topics of 2021 can be based on these-




#Letter to a friend


#Letter of hiring

#Letter to editor

#Topics related to tour and accommodation

#Letter to universities

#Topics related to work

#Topics related to sharing your interests

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IELTS Exam Preparation for General Writing Task 1

This test examines the ability to adhere to English letter-writing rules (i.e., what order to place material in, what style to employ, how to start and end a letter), to use language correctly and appropriately, and to organise and link information clearly and cohesively.

Test takers should also be aware that if their response is off-topic or not written as a complete, connected text, they will be penalised for irrelevance (e.g. using bullet points in any part of the note form, or response, etc.). Plagiarism will result in serious consequences for them (i.e. copying from another source).

Now let’s have a look at some preparation tips to write the letter answers.

Grammar: IELTS Preparation

The most common misunderstanding is the use of contractions, which many IELTS candidates are unaware of.

It will assist if you remember that contractions should only be used in informal letters because they are unattractive. As a result, contractions are not permitted in formal letters.

When drafting a formal letter, use more official language, such as “I am writing this letter with relation to…” In a semi-formal letter, write “I am writing this letter concerning…”, whereas in an informal letter, write “I wish to say…”.

The goal should be to learn how to write a letter in the proper style. To get a high exam result, use a range of grammatical phrase forms and structures.

Right Structure: IELTS Preparation

IELTS candidates frequently make the error of condensing all of the points into a single paragraph. It would be ideal if you separated your thoughts into paragraphs.

Your ability to apply effective paragraphing will also be evaluated by the examiner. This is the most commonly used standard structure for IELTS Letter Writing, which you can utilise in the exam as well.

The structure is:


#Opening Statement – Purpose for writing the letter

#Body Paragraph 1 (Describe the first point)

#Body Paragraph 2 (Describe the second point)

#Body Paragraph 3 (Describe the third point)

#Closing statement

#Signing off


Effective Planning: IELTS Preparation

#Examine all of the letter-writing directions that have been provided.

#Determine the type of message you’ll be writing.

#Prepare a list of all the points you’ll include in your message.

#Determine how many paragraphs you’ll need for each point in your message.

#Consider your letter’s opening statement.

#Depending on the type of letter, choose the best writing style and language to employ (both grammar and vocabulary).

#Consider the signing off.

#Make a detailed outline for the substance of each paragraph.

#Begin writing

Vocabulary: IELTS Preparation

When writing an official or informal message, be careful with the language you use.

See the examples below to see the fundamental differences between formal and informal letter writing.

#The meeting is on Thursday; please arrive promptly = We can meet on Thursday. We’ll talk again shortly.

#I’d like you to accept my resignation letter = Come to the concert with me this weekend.

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Fortunately, this article has created the right structure of what, where, when, why and how the aspirants prepare for this task and how can one form their answer. The structure is a little hard when aspirants don’t practise it. Practising a letter everyday is important to get your desired band score. There are many topics available on IELTS Ninja which will help the candidates to practice at home.

Have a look at IELTS Ninja articles and their online courses and mission which are considered as the best online coaching for IELTS. Please feel free to ask any kind of doubts, related to the subject below. All the best!

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