In speaking test part 2, you have one minute to prepare your cue card, as you are aware (i.e. cue card section). What are your plans for this time? Are you getting the most out of it when it comes to speaking effectively? Read this article to clear up any confusion you may have.

The IELTS Speaking cue card is actually the scariest part for students because they must speak for a long time on a topic. The question that most students have is what to do with the one minute they have to prepare. Preparing topics ahead of time will be extremely beneficial in this situation.

Describe a Course that Impresses You a Lot: IELTS Cue Card

Describe a course that impressed you a lot

You should say:

What the course was about?

Where you took the course?

What you did during the course?

And explain why it impressed you a lot?

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IELTS Speaking Test Sample Answer

College is one of the most memorable and enjoyable periods of a person’s life. Unlike school, college life offers a unique experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives. College life exposes us to a variety of new experiences that we had hoped to have after high school.

Those who have the opportunity to enjoy their college years are fortunate, as many people do not have this opportunity due to their circumstances or financial difficulties. College Life has a different meaning for each individual. While some students spend their college years partying with their friends, others focus on their careers and study diligently.

Where Did You Take the Course?

When it came to my college years, I had the time of my life and had some of the best college days of my life. I was a student at one of Delhi University’s most prestigious colleges. From there, I earned my B.A. (Hons.) in Applied Psychology. Gargi College is one of Delhi University’s most prestigious and best colleges.

It is a beautiful college with many courses in streams such as Commerce, Arts, Science, and Humanities, and it is built over a larger area. It is a girls college with an excellent academic record.

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What the Course Was About?

Applied Psychology, also known as Bachelor of Arts Honours in Applied Psychology, is a psychology course for undergraduates. Applied psychology is the application of psychological theories and principles to solve problems in a variety of fields, including health, mental health, education, business management, ergonomics, product design, and law.

B.A. Hons. Applied Psychology includes the areas of industrial and organisational psychology, clinical psychology, human factors, engineering psychology, forensic psychology, occupational health psychology, as well as many other sectors such as sports psychology, school psychology, and community psychology.

What Did You Do During this Course?

I was terrified when I was accepted into this college because everyone was unfamiliar to me. However, I soon began to enjoy my college experience and made some wonderful friends. I enjoyed every aspect of my college experience and actively participated in its events. I also joined my college’s dance society and competed in a number of dance competitions held at various Delhi University colleges.

One of the best aspects of college life is that you are exposed to new experiences on a daily basis. Along with studying, my friends and I enjoyed a variety of other activities during our college years. We went to a lot of different places, had a lot of new experiences, and learned a lot.

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Explain Why it Impressed You a Lot?

College is a wonderful and important time in a person’s life, and everyone should take advantage of it. College life teaches us a lot and gives us the confidence to face the struggles and challenges that we will face in the future.

Instead of focusing solely on studies, a student should engage in extracurricular activities and socialise as much as possible during his or her college years, as all of these activities contribute to a person’s overall development.

The course wowed me because it caused a paradigm shift in my psychology understanding. I immediately got a job with a sports company after finishing the course.

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Hopefully, after reading this article, you found the sample answer to be useful in preparing and understanding your IELTS speaking. This article has provided you with a description of your course, which is an IELTS speaking test cue card topic. The IELTS cue card session becomes incredibly engaging and entertaining if you have good communication skills.

As a result, you should work on improving your speaking abilities. Before taking the IELTS speaking exam, candidates must practise several cue card themes and create questions from them. While practising, jot down any thoughts or vocabulary words that come to mind. If you are asked about the same topic in the interview, it will be beneficial.

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